At Neil's place, he and Karen are about to share their news with Devon and Roxanne, when Tyra and Ana come in. When Karen announces to all that she and Neil are engaged to be married, Tyra looks disappointed. Tyra congratulates them, however, and Lily speaks up and says she needs to get going. Devon spills that she has a date with a guy she met online. They all warn her to be careful, and she says that she has arranged to meet him at a very public bookstore!

In the pool house, Gloria tells Jeff that Jack wants Jabot as badly as they do - everything will work out. As Jeff leaves the room, Michael arrives. He has a paper for her to sign in which she recants her statement against Lowell. He tells her that there is a good chance of getting the charges dropped. Gloria, however, says she now has her public image to consider - she won't be recanting!

Jack tells Ashley, at the Abbott Mansion, that now is the time to move to take back Jabot for their family! When Ashley leaves the room, Gloria and Jeff arrive, and speak to Jack about Jabot. He reminds Gloria that she will have the title, but he will actually be in charge. Ashley comes back into the room and Gloria grabs a hold of her, telling her excitedly all about the stock and their plan, ending by calling her 'partner'. They head out, as Jack looks guilty, and Ashley turns to him, saying, "No way in hell!" Jack tries to convince her that he is just wrangling to get his hands on the stock that they have, but Ashley is adamant - she won't do business with them. Jack says it's their only hope for getting Jabot back into the Abbott family! They discuss John and what it would mean to him, and Ash says he's not playing fair! Jack says Cane Ashby, 'Aussie bartender extraordinaire', taking his dad's seat makes him sick! Ashley decides, ultimately, that she'll help. "Bring Jabot back into the family. I'll give you my proxy."

Behind the bar at Crimson Lights, Kevin eyes the safe with Katherine's money in it. Jana comes over and says she is going out. Amber and Daniel come in and share the news that Katherine's will was read and Amber got enough money to pursue her creative designs. Kevin is excited. "Wow! You're rich now!"

Billy sits on the patio at Crimson Lights with Chloe and Cane, saying he has to get away from all the black and long faces. Cane excuses himself, and Billy asks her to tell Cane he has to leave. Chloe complains, but Billy tells her she got the 'good' guy and she should be quiet. Billy leaves to meet Lily at the bookstore, and when Cane comes back, Chloe suggests they head to the bookstore as well.

Still at the counter, Amber points out to Daniel that all signs point to Kevin being up to something - he was complaining about being broke and now he's buying a car! Just then, Gloria and Jeff walk into the coffeehouse and Gloria marches up to her son, telling him that thanks to him, she's now got everything she ever wanted! Amber becomes very upset, hissing at Daniel that there obviously was a conspiracy! Daniel tries to tell her otherwise - that Kevin had nothing to do with Katherine's accident! Gloria and Jeff sit down with Kevin and fill him in on the upturn in fortunes. She tells him he'll be rewarded with lots of zeros! After Kevin leaves the table, Jeff warns Gloria not to try and cut him out of the action! Jana comes back and notices that Kevin is sporting a 'knowing' smile. He denies that anything is up, but Amber walks over and points out to Jana that Gloria is awfully happy too - and she says it was all due to Kevin's help! Jana looks uncomfortably at her in-laws. Kevin heads out onto the patio with his laptop and Daniel follows to question him about how he can suddenly afford a new vehicle. Kevin says he's merely using credit, but Daniel presses him. Kevin says he's offended, and Daniel apologizes. Jana then speaks to Kevin, asking him what's going on. He tells her that Gloria is just grateful for the help he gave Katherine on her computer. Jana again warns that she doesn't want the things that money can buy, but Kevin says he wants to give her the world. Daniel goes back to Amber and says she needs to chill out about Kevin and money, but she follows Kevin when he meets the guy selling the vehicle!

Michael meets with Lowell and tells him things look pretty good. Lowell eagerly says that everything will be fine, especially once Gloria recants! Michael looks uncomfortable as they sit down with the prosecutor. Michael presents the evidence he has in Lowell's favor, but the prosecutor isn't convinced. Lowell urges Michael to tell him about Gloria, so he does. The prosecutor says that if she can convince him she's telling the truth now, he'll reconsider pressing charges! Michael sighs, and in the face of Lowell's excitement, tells him that they can't count on Gloria! Lowell is surprised to hear that Gloria has said she won't recant, but thinks she'll come around. Michael isn't so sure. Lowell is taken back to his cell.

At the bookstore, Lily, Devon and Roxanne plot how she will recognize 'Sonny'. Lily says she'll text him to meet her in the literary section. Devon and Roxanne go to another part of the store, while outside the door, Billy gets the text to meet in the literary section. He heads there, but Roxanne recognizes him as the guy who threw the Hallowe'en party. She grabs him and drags him off to see Devon. As he extricates himself from that situation, Chloe and Cane come in. Chloe bumps right into him and Billy becomes upset. "Not this time, Chloe!" He warns that if she doesn't stop ticking him off, he'll tell Cane about them! Chloe smirks, saying that if he does, then Lily will know he's got 'Chloe cooties' and she'll have nothing to do with him! As Billy moves away to find Lily, he realizes with misery, that Lily is now talking to Cane. Lily assumes Cane is 'Sonny' and smiles as she greets him. He asks what she is doing there, and she realizes that it's a coincidence. She sighs, and tells him he needs to go as she's meeting someone there. Cane moves away, and Billy approaches. Lily says to him, "What are you doing here?" He asks if she's there to meet the online guy. She nods, and he says maybe the guy saw her talking to Cane and left. He says it would have been pretty obvious that she's in love with him. Lily admits that she doesn't want to be in love with him anymore! Billy gives her a hug - and Cane's head pops around the corner, registering shock at the scene in front of him!

Tyra and Neil are working at Indigo. She tells him that she really is happy for him and Karen, then gazes at him with adoration as he goes over the books. They finish up and head back to Neil's place. Tyra sits down to talk to Karen, thanking her for watching Ana. Karen asks about the police officer, but Tyra says she doesn't know where that's going. Tyra and Ana leave, and Neil and Karen begin getting passionate on the couch!

Gloria and Jeff arrive at the Abbott Mansion, just as Jack is promising Ashley that he will look after Gloria and everything else. Gloria and Jeffrey are in a celebratory mood, and Ashley tries to play along by complimenting Gloria on her blouse. Jack and Ashley decline an invitation to join the Bardwells for champagne, though.

Amber comes back to the coffeehouse after following Kevin outside. She tells Daniel she has something to tell him, but before she can continue, Kevin comes in and asks for everyone's attention. He then presents his smiling wife with a new Vespa!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis turns up on Jack's doorstep telling him that she just ran into his wife - and she was with Nick!

Nick tells Sharon that he hasn't stopped thinking about the kiss in Paris either!

Ashley calls Nikki and tells her that Victor would really like to see her!

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