Summer learns Kyle's divorcing Lola Young and Restless
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At Crimson Lights, Nate upbraids Billy for putting Amanda in the line of fire with Victoria – she deserves better. Billy complains someone lied to Victoria. He wants to call Amanda, but Nate urges him to leave her alone. Billy states it’s none of his business. Nate warns him not to drag her down with him.

In Amanda’s suite, Ripley wants to forget everything that happened in Madison for a few minutes to talk. Amanda threatens to call the cops. Ripley pleads for 10 minutes and recalls how in love they once were. Amanda hisses that he’s stalking her! He feels they have unfinished business, but Amanda’s been done with him for a long time. Ripley gets her to admit their early days were special and explains he’s taken anger management classes and therapy. Amanda asks what he’s hoping for as Billy knocks. Amanda quickly opens the door. She tells Ripley to get out and Billy backs her up. Once Ripley’s gone, a distressed Amanda tells Billy that was her ex and he holds her. Amanda explains Ripley’s a charmer, but describes how he took control of her life. When she broke it off, he began relentlessly stalking her. Billy’s supportive and suggests she have him arrested. Later, Rey’s there and assures Amanda they’ll get Ripley. Once he leaves, Billy encourages Amanda to get some rest – he’ll keep one eye on her and one on the door. He sits in a chair as she sleeps.
Ripley confronts Amanda Young and Restless

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Outside Society, Jack spots Lola leaning on Theo’s shoulder. Inside, Lola decides to head home to her empty apartment. She declines Theo’s offer of a ride, but will call if she needs him. After, Jack confronts Theo. “What the hell are you doing?” Theo explains Lola was upset – Jack should to talk to Kyle about it. Jack suspects Theo was taking advantage, but Theo asks what he was supposed to do; she needed a friend. Jack looks at Theo and sees himself thirty years ago. He warns him to be careful. Jack feels a connection to Theo and wants this to work out for him. Once alone, Jack leaves Kyle a message to call him – he doesn’t want him to make any mistakes he can’t undo.

At Grand Phoenix, Kyle explains to Summer that he’s getting a divorce. Summer learns he and Lola both knew the truth – they don’t belong together because there’s someone else he’s never gotten over. She feels kissing him probably didn’t help things, but Kyle insists Lola knew he wasn’t over her. Kyle goes up to a suite. Someone knocks. “Room service!” It’s Summer, who’s brought him a few things. She admits she hoped his marriage would break up and doesn’t want to apologize for wanting him. Kyle marvels she’s been in his heart all this time. He stops her from leaving to thank her. They start kissing and undressing as they fall onto the bed to make love.

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At Crimson Lights patio, Mariah finds Lola alone. She explains Kyle’s at the Grand Phoenix and they’re done. Mariah assures her she’s not alone and will go upstairs with her.

In Lola’s apartment, Mariah wants to blame Summer, but Lola thinks Kyle really loves her. Mariah thought Kyle and Lola were meant to be. Lola thinks they wanted to believe it too. She refuses to love someone who can’t love her back 100%, as her mom did. Mariah will help pack Kyle’s stuff. After, Mariah tells Lola she can’t ever be with Theo – he can’t be trusted. Lola sees his faults but he’s more than his worst qualities. Mariah thinks he’s using her to get to Kyle. Lola enlightens her that Summer and Kyle kissed. Mariah sighs but maintains Theo’s bad. Lola kind of likes it. They laugh as Mariah says she’s doomed. Lola misses Kyle but isn’t sure if she actually misses him or what they could have been.
Mariah supports Lola Young and Restless

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At Jabot, Theo looks at a photo of Kyle and Lola.

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