Lola and Kyle break up Young and Restless
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At Jabot, Kyle concludes a staff meeting and tells employees their point person is ‘Lola’. He then corrects to ‘Summer’ and mocks himself. Kyle asks to have Theo sent to his office and learns he’s gone for the day.

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In Society, Lola greets Theo and they sit down together as Summer and Phyllis watch. Summer says this is why she thinks it’s okay to tell Kyle how she feels. At their table, Lola contemplates confronting Summer and Theo talks her out of it. Across the room, Summer tells Phyllis she told Theo about the kiss. Phyllis is dismayed but doubts he told Lola. She advises her daughter to find someplace else to hang out. At the bar, Lindsay admires Mariah’s editing on Tessa’s music video and guarantees she won’t be out of work long. Mariah glances from Summer to Lola – she’s waiting for war to break out. Phyllis leaves and Mariah stops Summer from approaching Lola’s table. Kyle enters, takes in the scene and takes Lola to the kitchen to talk. Mariah tells Summer and Theo they should leave. They do. In the kitchen, Kyle says he wasn’t surprised to find her with Theo. Lola doesn’t think it’s the same as him and Summer, but needs to hear it from him. He doesn’t know. Kyle insists he’s fighting for their marriage, but she needs an explanation for ‘Summer being in his head’. They both get tearful as she urges him to be truthful. Kyle admits Summer asked him questions in San Francisco he didn’t know how to answer. Summer isn’t just in his head…she’s in his heart too. He thought he was over her, but doesn’t believe that anymore. Lola turns away.
Lola and Kyle kitchen discussion Young and Restless

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria calls Billy a liar. He asks, “What did I do now?” as Amanda enters with Nate. Victoria indicates Amanda and replies, “It’s not what you did, it’s who you did.” As Billy insists nothing happened between them, Victoria retorts that she has proof. After Victoria storms out, Billy talks to Amanda alone on the patio. He presumes Victor’s behind this – it’s right out of his playbook. Billy’s sorry she got caught up. Amanda feels for Victoria. Billy goes and Amanda vents to Nate – she came to do a job and now she’s an evil doppelganger who broke up Victoria and Billy. Nate believes she was Billy’s friend. Amanda can’t get over Nate being single. Talk turns to her ex, Ripley. Nate asks what he did to her. Amanda explains it wasn’t physical, it was stalking. Nate urges her not to run anymore. Inside, Summer thinks she and Theo are waiting for the same thing. Theo’s angered when she suggests his interest in Lola is about the chase. If it’s more about Lola than taking Kyle’s wife, she’s misjudged him.
Amanda not okay Young and Restless

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At the ranch, Victoria tells her father she saw Billy. He takes her to do some more boxing and gets her laughing before pulling her into a hug. Victor advises her never to be afraid of being afraid. Victoria will never let anyone hurt her again.

At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis sees Billy enter and confronts him – she’s heard about him cheating with Amanda through the grapevine. She warns if he’s blowing up his life, “Don’t take my friend down with you.” Billy scoffs and doesn’t care what Phyllis believes. He walks away and Amanda enters. Phyllis asks if she’s okay. Amanda appreciates Phyllis’ protectiveness, but she can handle it. Upstairs, Amanda finds Ripley, (played by Christian Keyes), in her suite. He says, “Hello Amanda. It’s been a while.”
Phyllis warns Billy Young and Restless

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Theo returns to Society and peers at the kitchen doors. Inside, Lola never wanted to end up like her mother, but Kyle made her believe they were meant for each other. Kyle, tearful, hates to make her feel like this. Lola admits Theo knows her just as Summer knows him, but she wouldn’t let him in. They agree it’s over – they love and respect each other enough to be honest. Kyle will go to a hotel room. After Kyle leaves, Lola walks out and looks at Theo with tears in her eyes. She says it’s over and asks him not to leave, she needs a friend right now.

Kyle enters the Grand Phoenix and sits. Summer comes in and reaches for his hand.

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