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Billy arrives at the ranch to see Victoria and the kids. Victor informs him that won’t be happening. He tells Billy this is the last time he’ll step foot on the property and hollers at him for breaking his daughter’s heart again. He spots Billy’s black eye and asks if he came for before ordering him off the premises.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s distracted as Nick talks about the gala. Nick knows what the pain of a break-up looks like and relays Chelsea and Adam may move to Paris. Victoria’s all for it. Nick wonders if Billy might leave too. Victoria’s having trouble mustering enthusiasm for the gala. Nick gives her a pep talk. Billy arrives, so Nick leaves. Victoria snarks about his barfight and Amanda. He wants to see the kids and complains Victor wouldn’t let him. Victoria points out he has a black eye, so he agrees to wait.
Victoria, Billy wants to see kids Young and Restless

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In the penthouse, Devon concludes a call with Elena to head to a board meeting at Hamilton-Winters – he has tough decisions to make today.

At Grand Phoenix, Chance wants another date with Abby, who suggests they go skating right now. Later, they warm up in a suite by kissing, then start undressing to make love. After sex, Abby calls her employees to say she’s at a dentist appointment. She and Chance compare scars and share their most embarrassing moments. Abby hides when Chance gets room service – the employees have sent up a toothbrush; they’re busted. They start making love again.
Chance and Abby in bed Young and Restless

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis makes small talk with Sharon, who calls her out for being polite because she knows she has breast cancer. Phyllis, stunned, says she knew something was going on, but she didn’t know that…until now. They sit and Sharon wants Phyllis to treat her normally. Phyllis tells her she’s a great mom. Sharon makes a face. Phyllis orders her to get her coffee or she’ll go elsewhere and needles, “Your life would be boring without me.” Sharon smiles.
Sharon confirms breast cancer Phyllis Young and Restless

At Society, Mariah gets a tour update from Tessa on video chat. Tessa senses something’s going on with her. Mariah insists she’s fine as Tanner jumps in the call. Mariah disconnects after they express their love. At the bar, Mariah confides in Lindsay that not talking about her ‘friend’ is getting harder. Lindsay offers to listen if needed. Devon arrives with bad news for Mariah – he’s closing down Power Communications. Mariah’s bewildered but Devon explains the company can’t sustain itself long-term. Mariah works to take it in stride. After Devon goes, Mariah orders a stiff drink.
Mariah bad news Young and Restless

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On the plane, Tanner asks Tessa if everything’s okay. She thinks being apart is getting to Mariah. Tanner thinks he can cheer her up – his label wants to sign her. Tessa’s flattered. She asks if he’s hoping they’ll reconnect. Tanner respects her relationship and their friendship. Tessa won’t fire Marian and Devon but will hear his people out.

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At Nick’s house, Phyllis updates him she knows the truth about Sharon. They’ve a complicated relationship, but this is different. Phyllis muses it’s always been her job to be the thorn in Sharon’s side, and vice-versa, but suddenly that seems petty and beneath them. Nick nods, noting her compassion. Phyllis feels it’s a wake-up call and laments going after Chance to bug Abby and distract herself from her own life – it can all change in a minute. She asks Nick for assurance Sharon will beat this. Nick says she has great doctors and a positive attitude. Phyllis looks forward to being a thorn in her side again. Nick agrees that will be a great day.
Nick talks cancer with Phyllis Young and Restless

At home, Sharon takes a call – she’s forgotten her hair appointment and apologizes while glancing at her cancer treatment records. After, she puts a scarf on her head as she looks in the mirror.

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At the ranch, Victor offers to help Victoria break the news to the children. She declines. He urges her not to put it off and tells her what Billy’s done goes beyond what she thought. Victor informs her Billy and Amanda visited a hotel repeatedly – he has the receipts to prove it. Victoria wanted to believe they were just friends and feels naïve.

In his suite, Billy takes a call from Victoria, who wants to meet to let him know what’s going to happen with the kids.

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