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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki informs Victoria that Billy was in a barfight and his lawyer, Amanda, bailed him out. Victoria learns Victor’s been having Billy followed. Nikki produces a shot of Amanda and Billy together. Victoria remarks on the convenience of Billy taking a room at the hotel where she stays. Nikki advises her daughter to look after herself. Victoria urges her to take her trip; she’s fine.
Victoria looks at photo Young and Restless

On Crimson Lights patio, Amanda updates Billy no one will be pressing charges against him and advises him to keep his distance from the bar. Billy wants her to stay but she’s anxious to go. He asks if he’s screwed up their friendship. She insists she’s just in professional mode, but Billy wants to clear the air. He feels he sent mixed signals. Amanda understands he’s not looking to get into a relationship anymore than she is, and says she’ll be in touch.

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Lola arrives at the apartment to find Kyle working from home. She suggests they take a ‘break’, but he has too much work. Lola remarks he’s never turned her down before. After napping, Lola tells Kyle he’s been different since he returned from San Francisco – it’s so obvious something happened. She’s certain it can’t be worse than what she’s thinking right now. Kyle denies sex with Summer but admits there was a kiss – Summer kissed him. Lola notes he kept it secret – if it was a simple as him rejecting her, he wouldn’t feel guilty. She asks him to be honest and threatens to go to Summer. Things turn heated as she accuses Kyle of enjoying Summer’s attention. He hollers that Lola should admit Theo’s in her head as much as Summer’s in his. Lola, stung by the inadvertent confession, walks out.

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At Jabot, Summer complains to Theo about an influencer’s post. He deletes it. Summer rants about him spending too much time mooning over Lola. Theo turns the tables – he knows about San Francisco. Later, Jack’s taken aback when Billy enters his office sporting a black eye and declaring he’s had an epiphany – he must live as his authentic self. Jack learns Victoria’s not on board and that Billy’s moved out and asks if he’s gambling again. Billy replies, “Not in any serious way.” Jack suggests a meeting, but Billy informs him that’s not happening. Their relationship won’t be like that anymore – Jack needs to accept it. Jack rants about Billy’s new life surrounding chaos. Billy needs to find himself. Jack snarks he’ll be there when that doesn’t work out.

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At Society, Theo needles Summer about her dirty little secret with Kyle – he overheard them talking. Summer seethes – it was just an intense conversation. Theo knows there’s more. Summer admits there was a kiss. Theo gawps – Kyle’s playing them both! Summer rants about what a bad idea it would be to go to Lola. Theo thinks she wants him to blow this wide open but feels he won’t have to – Kyle will do it on his own. They trade insults. Summer’s convinced he’s got feelings for Kyle’s wife. Theo tells her to believe what she wants – she will anyway. Later, Lola arrives and asks if Theo knows what happened in San Francisco. Theo knows Summer and Kyle closed a deal. Lola snaps that he’s a terrible liar.
Summer warns Theo Young and Restless

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At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria thanks Amanda for meeting her. Amanda’s gratified for the chance to talk. Victoria questions her and learns she and Billy met in December during the blackout. She accuses Amanda of convincing Billy to embrace his addictions. Amanda’s puzzled. Victoria enlightens her on his gambling problem. Amanda was just a friend who listened. Victoria calls her an enabler. Amanda told Billy he should be talking to Victoria and insists he only reached out to her the other night as his lawyer. Victoria’s unconvinced. Amanda repeats she has no romantic interest in Billy – she hopes they can reconcile. Victoria won’t waste one more minute of her life on him and hopes Amanda’s smart enough to stay away too.
Amanda meets with Victoria Young and Restless

At Jabot, Summer tells Kyle they know everything they need to know about ‘this deal’ and need to move forward. “It’s the only choice.”

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