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At the ranch, Victoria thanks Nikki for letting her and the kids stay tonight. Nikki warns Victor will have questions. Victoria couldn’t bear being in the house knowing Billy’s left and isn’t coming back. Nikki thinks it’s the right decision. Victoria still cares about Billy and knows he’s headed for trouble. Victor arrives and presumes Victoria and Billy have parted ways. He’s not surprised Billy disappointed her again. After he gets the story, Victor tells her she deserves better than that guy. Victor has to go out. Later, he returns with boxing equipment and gets Victoria to throw punches until she finally cries. Victor holds her.
Victoria talks to parents Young and Restless

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In a Grand Phoenix hotel suite, Billy takes stock of his situation and asks himself, “Now what?” Downstairs, Abby needles Chance about his date with Phyllis. The redhead appears and Abby snarks, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

At Jabot, Kyle gets a text from Lola that she has to work later. Summer leaves him to wait for Jack after they express wanting each other to be happy. After, Jack shows up and asks if everything’s alright with him and Lola. Kyle exhales. “I think I’m screwing up my marriage.” Kyle explains they’re not connecting. Jack thinks it will pass and asks if this is about Theo. Kyle thinks it’s more about him. Jack asks what Summer had to say. Kyle relays she asked if he was happy, which made him wonder if he’s made a huge mistake. He thinks Lola might be feeling the same way. Jack knows this started during a talk with Summer and worries she’s the sort of old love that doesn’t go away. He wishes Kyle luck as he leaves, then grimaces.
Kyle and Jack talk marriage Young and Restless

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At the dive bar, Billy decides it feels different having nothing to feel guilty about and no one to lie to. He tries to join the poker game, but one of the men kicks his chair away. They square off. When the fight’s over and the police are there, Amanda arrives, and Billy says he was testing his boundaries. She’ll follow him to the station and bail him out.

On Crimson Lights’ patio Summer thinks about the kiss with Kyle.

At Society, Phyllis and Chance joke amicably. Phyllis likes having Chance to herself without Abby and Adam around. He hopes she won’t start fishing about Adam. She’d love to hear his secrets, but didn’t ask him out with an ulterior motive. Chance is unconvinced. They get to sharing stories and Phyllis brings up Vegas. Chance marvels at her tenacity and teases with a story about him and Adam seeing Wayne Newton and eating sliders. Irked, Phyllis gets a text from Summer and says she has to go. He wishes her luck finding out about Vegas…and with her daughter. Phyllis pulls him in for a passionate kiss then pushes him away and leaves him sitting there.
Phyllis kiss Chance Young and Restless

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Phyllis joins Summer at the coffeehouse and announces she was with a guy, but made a dramatic exit. She braces herself to hear what happened with Kyle. Summer says it may take a while. She describes asking Kyle if he was happy and then kissing him. Phyllis learns he kissed her back then pulled away. She warned Summer not to be his second choice and advises to let their marriage blow up on its own. Summer doesn’t think she can do that…not anymore. She has to see where their connection can take them. Phyllis realizes she won’t talk her out of it. Summer doesn’t know her next move, but will know what to do when the time is right. Phyllis supports her either way.

Amanda and Billy arrive in his suite, where she learns he and Victoria broke up. She guesses the bar fight was to punish himself. He admits he got into the bar fight to cover the pain of leaving his kids and his family. The only thing he can do moving forward is to live fully. Amanda decides she had better go. Downstairs, Chance joins Abby, who offers to buy him a nightcap, then asks what happened with Phyllis. Chance says her daughter needed her then asks why they’re talking about Phyllis. Abby grins.
Billy watches Amanda leave Young and Restless

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