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Mariah arrives at Sharon’s where she’s poring over cancer brochures. Sharon remarks that fighting cancer’s like a full-time job. Mariah offers to look after Crimson Lights, but Sharon nixes the idea and reveals she’ll shut the coffee house down for a few weeks for a refresh. Mariah suggests she use one of Nick’s contractors, but Sharon warns if you ask him for a sip of water you get a fire hydrant.

At the ranch, Nikki questions Nick about the time he’s spending at Sharon’s lately. Nick says it’s to do with Faith, then asks about the anniversary gala. Nikki’s going to London – it’s a surprise for the gala. She’s meeting an artist and hopes to get a dress in Paris. Nick will help with planning while she’s gone. She snarks it will give him less time with Sharon. Nick reminds her Sharon’s dating a cop. Nikki will drop it…for now. Nick asks her to leave Sharon alone.
Nikki questions Nick Young and Restless

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At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Phyllis trade barbs over Phyllis landing a date with Chance. Phyllis walks off and Chance approaches Abby. He suggests he remove himself from the equation, but Abby insists he go on the date with Phyllis – she’s not threatened. Phyllis reappears in a teeny silk robe complaining there’s no water in her room. Chance cringes as Abby says, “Poor you.” She suggests Phyllis wait in her room. Phyllis invites Chance up to check out her plumbing. Chance opts out, and will see her later. Abby tells Phyllis the cold water is back on and predicts Chance will see what a disaster she is on their date. Phyllis walks over to eavesdrop on Chance’s call about the missing ‘target’. Chance disconnects and she questions him. Chance doesn’t want to discuss boring work stuff. Phyllis agrees – she can think of more interesting things to do. Abby comes upon their flirting session and frowns.
Abby concerned about Phyllis Young and Restless

At Jabot, Theo needles Summer about her trip with Kyle. She mocks him for his twisted fantasy about them ending up back together. Summer gives him tasks, and he thinks she’s trying to keep him from digging about the trip. He asks how far down memory lane she and Kyle went. Summer counters by asking what he did while they were gone and figures he was putting on his misunderstood bad boy act at Society. Theo reveals he told Lola that she should cut Summer some slack, and rants that Lola’s his only friend – she’s kind and authentic. Summer moans, “Oh my God, you really are into her.” Theo offers Summer sex and she declines.

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Kyle arrives at Society and Lola walks into his arms. Kyle updates her on the successful deal, and Lola asks why he hasn’t mentioned Summer. Kyle says she was invaluable. Lola worries about what went wrong between them, and Kyle asks her to get away early so they can talk. Lola agrees. They’re about to leave when Arturo calls to say her mom was in a car accident and broke her ankle. Kyle assures her their talk can wait.

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s place and tells her and Mariah he researched specialists last night. She thinks it’s incredible but she’s happy with her doctors. Nick just wanted to give her options. After he leaves, she expresses frustration to Mariah about constantly being attended to.

Nick and Mariah arrive at Society and discuss Sharon. Mariah was thinking of moving in but realizes she’d be a nuisance. Sharon doesn’t want to be seen as a victim – they should all give her space. Nick senses Sharon said he was going overboard and thanks Mariah – he doesn’t want to be a burden. Mariah teases she’ll keep him in line.

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At Jabot, Summer happens upon Kyle in his office and asks why he’s not with Lola. Kyle says something came up – they’re going to clear the air later. Summer asks if he’ll tell her she kissed him. Kyle just wants his marriage back on track. Theo arrives outside the door and hears Kyle say it’s best for everyone if they forget what happened in San Francisco. Summer agrees they should never talk about it again.

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