Gloria and Jeffrey are in the pool house, preparing to go to the reading of Katherine's will. She's surprised that he wants to accompany her. He laughs, "Even if all you get is an ashtray, this ought to be one heck of a show!"

Jill welcomes Nikki cordially into the Chancellor home, but sighs dramatically over her presence. Nikki goes in to take a seat, and Jill tells Cane that she expected Nikki to be there today, but she still doesn't like it. He reminds his mother that Nikki was a friend to Kay, but she is her daughter. Jill laments to her son that she treated her mother badly.

Katherine awakens to Murphy saying, "Hello Sunshine!" He tells her he is going to take care of her, just like he promised! He is puzzled that she says she still doesn't remember him, or his place, but blames it on her two-day bender! They see a picture of Victor in the newspaper and she is interested, but doesn't remember. Murphy then notices the huge ring on her finger and laughs, saying she probably got it from a gumball machine! He suggests that she get ready for her shift at the diner, but she can't remember the diner. He says she must have really gotten knocked on the head. He wants to take her to the hospital, but she freaks out, saying, "Everyone is trying to put me in the hospital!" Murphy is so confused, asking, "Who is everybody?!" She says she doesn't understand what's happening to her! Murphy urges her to get some more sleep, and when she's recovered she can return to the boarding house where she lives. Kay lays down, saying to herself, "Boarding house? It doesn't seem right."

In the Abbott living room, John's ghost is visiting with Billy, and asking him if he's ready to alienate his family. Billy says he thought he was ready for that, but now he's not so sure. John asks where his true loyalties lie, since he's pitting Jack against his mother! Billy says he has these two families and he'd like to be a part of them both, but he doesn't fit into either of them. Jack treats him like a kid, and Jill is all about Cane! He says Katherine was the only one who made him feel he belonged there. John encourages him to put down roots and discover what really matters to him - he used to know!

At the Abbott house, in the dining room, Jack rips into Ashley for taking up with Victor again. Traci comes into the room, just as Ashley wryly says she always looks forward to breakfast with the family! Ashley tells Jack that they have been having the same conversation for twenty years! Traci begs for a pleasant breakfast. They call a truce, just as Billy walks in. He says he can't stay - he needs to go to Katherine's will reading. Gloria and Jeffrey pass through the room and ask if he wants to carpool! Jack raises an eyebrow, saying, "You're in Katherine's will too?!" Billy notes that Kay had a great sense of humor. He leaves, and Jack proposes a toast to John. Suddenly, John appears to Traci. He tells her she made all the right choices - especially leaving Genoa City and making a great life for herself. Traci then tells Jack and Ashley that if John were there he would be so proud of them! They discuss Colleen and Abby. Ash says Abby loves London. John's ghost then appears to Ashley. He tells her he is worried about her being involved with Victor again. She admits she's worried too, but notes that he's Abby's father and the man she's loved half of her life. John warns her to be careful, and to do what's best for herself and Abby. Jack wants to discuss the holidays - he wants a full house this year. The girls start talking about their plans, when John appears to Jack. He says he notices that Sharon isn't at the family breakfast - he urges Jack to figure out what he really wants. Traci and Ashley go to leave, and Jack says goodbye, stopping Ash to say that he'll always be there for her, no matter what happens with the mustache!

Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor home and are greeted by Esther. Danny and Gina come in and Gina begs Daniel to try and get Danny to stay for a few more days, but Danny says he can't. Billy comes through the door next and is warmly greeted by Cane. Just as Mitchell Sherman asks everyone to have a seat, Gloria and Jeffrey blow into the room. Jill looks outraged! Mitchell begins to read the will. She leaves Brock 1% of her estate in trust so that he may continue his good works, and he is also named Chairman of the Chancellor Foundation. Danny and Gina get one half of 1% of her estate in cash as her stepchildren, and she leaves Esther enough money to live the rest of her life in comfort as well as her entire 50% ownership of the Chancellor Estate! Esther nearly faints, and Nikki calls for water. Billy smirks at Jill, "Mom, you may be in the market for a new maid!" Jill takes Mitchell aside and says that Katherine must have been drunk when she made the changes, but Mitchell tells her it's ironclad and Katherine was certainly not impaired! He continues the reading of the will, telling Nikki, that as someone who Kay thought of as a daughter, she has been left Katherine's jewelry and her mother's ring - a family heirloom!

Still in the Chancellor living room, Mitchell details how Billy and Cane will receive one-quarter each of her estate. Amber and Daniel are given enough money to fund their respective ventures, and Amber also gets sole rights to Katherine's memoirs! Jill jumps out of her seat in protest, but Mitchell cuts her off, saying that Jill has been left the remainder of the estate, and all but 5% of her Jabot shares. He then turns to Gloria and tells her she has been left a priceless vase that was a gift from John, as well as the remaining 5% of her Jabot shares - in honor of John's memory! Jill turns to Cane in panic, and Jeff and Gloria beam! As they all rise from their seats, Daniel asks Amber if she's going to publish the memoirs, but she says she wonders if she should bring more upset to the family. Danny comes over and says goodbye. Brock wanders over and says he'd like to know more about the memoirs. They all share a laugh. Across the room, Jeff purrs at Gloria that she's never looked hotter than she does right now. Jill comes over and asks what she did to make Katherine give her the shares. Gloria says that Kay genuinely liked her! Billy takes Jill away, telling her that if he had inherited what she just did, he'd be dancing on the table right now! Jill goes after Amber before she can leave - she informs her that she won't have her capitalizing on Katherine's memoirs and if she tries to print it, she'll fight her every step of the way. Amber tells Daniel she's going to make it her life's mission to print them now! Nikki is next to leave, telling Jill that she hopes she doesn't mind Katherine giving her the jewelry. Jill rudely tells her that her life's such a mess, how could she mind. Esther kindly tells Nikki she can still come to the house to visit her. Jill goes back into the living room and notes to Cane that they're very vulnerable without that stock! It then dawns on Jill that she is no longer answering to Katherine and can do whatever she wants!

Gloria and Jeffrey arrive back at the Abbott house and rush up to Jack with a bottle of bubbly. They inform him that Katherine left her the 5% of her stock that she'd asked for! "I did it Jack! Plan's back on!" As the happy couple celebrates, Jack muses to himself, "You don't say?!"

Out in the pool house, Gloria and Jeffrey prepare the celebratory champagne. Suddenly, John appears to Gloria, asking if she's proud of herself for putting one over on his friend. Gloria says she is - Katherine never did anything she didn't want to do, and she feels good about this! She sits down and reaches for her glass as John disappears.

John's ghost goes back into the Abbott house and confronts Jack again. He questions Jack's motives in plotting with Gloria and Jeffrey. Jack defends himself, saying that the business is finally going to be back with the family where it belongs! John disappears.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Billy tells Chloe to go ahead and tell Cane the truth, but she warns that Lily will find out that he's got 'Chloe Cooties'!

Jack tells Ashley that her proxy is the last piece of the puzzle, and then they'll have John's company back!

Cane spots Lily getting a hug from Billy in Crimson Lights!

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