Paul tells Nikki, who is sitting at a table in the GCAC, that he has booked her into a room. Nick is there and tells Paul that Victoria says Victor is planning on staying. Nick walks over to Phyllis and she tells her husband about Brad alerting Heather to Victor's return.

At the Ranch, Michael tells Heather that he will bring Victor down to the station to voluntarily surrender himself, but Heather tells the officer with her to go ahead and arrest him. "No special treatment for the billionaire." Victor tells Heather she is once again moving too fast without having all the facts. She says she's willing to hear his side, but Michael silences him. Victor kisses Ashley and is then led out the door.

Eden and Noah are snuggled up on the sofa and she is chiding him for being so interested in sports. They chat for a moment, before starting to kiss. Sharon and Jack arrive home and Jack takes a call on his cell as Sharon goes inside. Noah has gotten rid of Eden and tries to act natural as he greets his mom. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to placate a frantic Adam on the phone. He tells him to look people in the eye and stick with his story - no matter what! He goes inside, where Sharon is telling Noah that he needs to stay away from Eden. Noah becomes upset, saying that he doesn't get led around by girls - it was his own doing, and she shouldn't blame Eden! Sharon insists that he make some new friends, and Noah leaves the room, saying, "This sucks!" Jack listens, then tells Sharon he supports her and she's a great mother!

Adam and Nick meet in the GCAC. Adam tells him there is no hoax to the diary - he found it, and Victor was stupid to confess to murder in writing. He tells Nick if he's about to go looking for Victor, he might try the county jail! Nick asks if Victor's been arrested and Adam says it won't be long. He calls Victor a petty thug and criminal, saying if he helps put him away in jail so much the better! Nick hauls off and slugs him, knocking him right down into the stairwell.

Brad and Traci sit at the bar area in the GCAC. He rehashes what happened at Jabot, and she tells him he needs something to be passionate about in his life. She then asks how his love life is going. He says he basically doesn't have one. When she probes, he says there was one very special woman, but pursuing her isn't an option. Traci says she hopes that he finds the best woman ever. In a chair nearby, Phyllis listens to Brad's confession, knowing he's talking about Sharon, and narrows her eyes as she thinks.

Nick arrives at the Ranch and finds out from J.T., Victoria, and Ashley that Victor has been taken to the police station. He admits to belting Adam and J.T. says it saves him from doing it. Victoria tells Nick that Victor had already had Estella pack up Nikki's things. Nick heads down to the station. Victoria calls Nikki and tells her that Victor has been arrested.

At the jail, Heather tells Michael that Victor had better get used to jail - he's the walking definition of a flight risk. Victor tells her to listen, then informs her that she was wrong about him killing Ji Min and she lost her job over it, and now, she is wrong again!

At Restless Style, Phyllis thinks back to the kiss she witnessed in Paris. Just then, the phone rings. She answers and is surprised to find a detective from Mexico on the other line looking for Jack Abbott. The man tells her that Jack interviewed him in Mexico about Victor Newman. Phyllis is stunned to hear that Jack visited there! She tells the caller that Jack is no longer with them, and that she is now handling that story! He tells her that Abbott asked about a boating accident, and now that it's become a murder investigation, he could lose his job for having spoken to Jack - he asks that his name not be associated with any article. Phyllis assures him that his name will be kept out of it. After she hangs up, she asks a secretary to bring her all of Jack's expense vouchers! She gets on the computer and starts tracing Jack's actions - she figures out that he was, in fact, in Mexico, and that he lied to Sharon and to everyone. She also discovers that he was at the motel, and that he called and hired an escort (for Frank)!

Still at the GCAC, Nikki tells Paul that Victor has been arrested. They discuss the diary, and she says that not only is something odd about the diary confession, but the fact that Adam produced it is even fishier! She asks Paul to investigate it, and he says she doesn't even need to ask! She also says that Adam likely couldn't have pulled this off without help, and Paul nods knowingly. Victoria and J.T. arrive and Paul leaves Nikki with them to go start his 'project'. Heather comes in and stops to berate Paul for not calling her right after the funeral to tell her that Victor was in town. She accuses him of only caring about Nikki. He says she lost her best friend and he's very concerned about her. Heather informs him that she has no intention of losing this case - for anyone.

Nick gets to the jail and is let in to see Victor. He tells him that he looks a lot better than the last time he saw him. Victor apologizes for everything, and Nick asks if he needs anything. Victor says Michael is working on getting him out of there. He says he understands that Nick and Victoria have been trying to find evidence to exonerate him. Nick says that they know him - he couldn't have done this. Victor notices Nick's sore hand and asks him about it. Nick doesn't respond, but Victor says, "You hit him for me, didn't you?" A flash of a smile crosses Nick's face, and father and son bond a little over it!

Michael finds Adam at Crimson Lights. He overhears him making arrangements to leave town. Adam says he is leaving to get a job elsewhere, and Heather will join him after she's put Victor away for life. Michael smirks, saying, "You kids. You dream big." He tells Adam that Victor wants to see him, but Adam snorts that Victor can't merely summon him at will! Michael indicates the two heavies he's brought with him, and says, "Yes he can."

Noah comes downstairs at the Abbott Mansion, and begins talking to Jack, asking him to try and get Sharon to back off on Eden. Jack tells him that he didn't give Sharon enough time to get used to the idea, that's all. They get to talking about Sharon and Jack, with Noah saying he knows there's something wrong between them. Jack says that the problem is with him, not his mother. Sharon wanders into the foyer and listens, unseen. Jack tells Noah that when a woman has as much love to give as Sharon does, you have to step up, not just barely meet expectations. He tells Noah he's a terrific kid, and that he could take a lesson or two from him. Noah leaves the room, and Sharon comes out and tells Jack he's a great stepfather. He puts on some music and asks her to dance. She agrees.

At the jail, Michael tells Adam that Victor has a legal right to confront his accuser. Adam looks mighty nervous as he opens the door and goes in. Victor tells him that he's been waiting for him. He informs him that Hope would turn over in her grave if she knew how he's acting. Adam counters that when he came to town, his family treated him terribly, and when it didn't work out, he not only took away Newman, but everything. Victor tells him that he has no one to blame but himself. They discuss the diary, and Adam tells him that he found it, and it's his handwriting. Victor tells him there was no diary, and for Adam never to call him 'Dad' again - that he is dead to him. Adam smirks, saying, "Everyone's dead to you." Victor leans in and says that he'll crush him like a cockroach, and he'll never know when it's coming! Adam is shaken when he leaves.

Nick turns up at Restless Style, and fills Phyllis in on seeing Victor at the jail. He says they've finally reconnected, and now he might have to spend the rest of his life in jail. Phyllis says they'll see to it that that doesn't happen. She asks him to go warm up the car, then finishes printing some stuff off, before following him.

Brad sits drinking alone at the GCAC bar. He is thinking about Sharon. He imagines telling her that the way she feels when she sees Nick with Phyllis, is the way he feels when he sees her with Jack. He pictures telling her how much he loves her! Ashley wanders in and sees Nikki. She tells her that Victor is back here with the people who love him, thanks to her, but warns that he still blames her for Sabrina's death.

Michael goes back to Crimson Lights and meets up with Lauren and Eden. Lauren tells him that she is wondering what will happen to her if Lowell is convicted. Eden blurts that she knows Michael doesn't like her, and wouldn't want to keep her. Michael tells her he's not giving up on her, but nice try to get out of this clan. He says she'd have to listen to them, of course, but everything else will take care of itself. Lauren notices her necklace, and is taken aback when Eden says Noah found it and gave it back to her today after class!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill wonders to Cane what changes Katherine made in her will. Just then, Gloria and Jeffrey walk in!

Murphy tells Katherine that he's going to take care of her like he promised. She looks confused.

Mitchell Sherman reads the will..."I also honor John's memory by leaving Gloria..."

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