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Mariah arrives at Sharon’s place to celebrate her birthday and is embraced by an enthusiastic Faith, then Sharon, who got her text about Tessa. Mariah assures her she’s alright. At the table, talk turns to Cassie. Sharon presumes she’s watching and is happy they have each other. Faith wonders if Cassie’s prediction about Sharon having another daughter had to do with Mariah, not just her. When Faith heads to the stables, Mariah tells Sharon she’s fine with Tessa going on tour. Sharon wants to spend loads of time together and make memories.

At Crimson Lights, Devon, Elena and Nick greet Nate and ask him to sit. They want him to oversee the medical protocol for the clinic. He says it would be an honor.

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At home, Tessa responds to Tanner’s excited text about going on tour and says it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. She puts the phone down and looks at her unpacked suitcase. Devon arrives and is supportive. Tessa asks him to look out for Mariah. She arrives and Devon gives her a birthday gift as he leaves. Mariah informs Tessa this is the worst birthday ever. Soon the car’s arrived for Tessa, who feels she can’t leave yet. Mariah assures her it’s not goodbye and teases she’s not allowed to come back until she’s a mega superstar. Tessa credits Mariah for believing in her and they kiss. Mariah cries against the door after Tessa’s gone.Tessa Mariah goodbye Young and Restless

In his living room, Billy’s on the phone with his employer and learns there’s no more work just for him right now.

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At Society, Phyllis and Amanda get to know each other. Phyllis asks what Amanda likes outside the courtroom and figures she must be driven. Amanda knows Phyllis isn’t one to be deterred when she sets her sights on something either. Phyllis concedes it’s usually the beginning of a wild adventure, then glances at Abby greeting Chance. They coolly interact and after, Phyllis tells Amanda being her friend will never be boring. She talks about the Abbotts and Newmans frequently needing legal representation. Amanda’s intrigued that Phyllis married into both families. Phyllis mentions Nick, Jack, then Billy. Amanda perks up. At the bar, Chance toasts to his new job with Abby and eyeballs Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda gets a text from Billy and makes an excuse to go meet him. She passes Elena and Nate on her way out. Inside, Phyllis calls someone who owes her a favor. Soon, Abby gets called to an emergency at the hotel and Phyllis asks Chance if she can join him. Chance can see right through her but says she keeps things interesting.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s house and says, “I miss our girl.” She does too. They embrace. They go through photo albums of Cassie. Sharon cries that she should be there, then chastises herself – only happy memories today. Nick mentions his new venture. Sharon is pleased and just hopes tomorrow is better than yesterday. Once alone, Sharon gets a call that her biopsy is tomorrow. Rey comes in and is worried – she’s been acting overwhelmed. He wants to know what’s going on. Sharon just keeps getting reminders how precious time is and takes him upstairs.Sharon embrace Nick Young and Restless

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At the dive bar, Billy apologizes to Amanda for how he handled Sharon at Crimson Lights. She wonders if he’s ashamed of their friendship. He just didn’t want Sharon to wonder. Amanda asks what he’s trying to escape. Billy shrugs, “Myself.” He senses his family’s waiting for him to screw up and Victoria expects him to fit into a mold – he wants to be accepted for who he is, so he can breathe. Amanda feels he’s seeking balance, which isn’t too much to ask. Billy asks to know her better. She got into law after a friend of hers was mugged and created the life she wanted…then she met her soulmate, or so she thought. He became controlling and the relationship deteriorated to the point she put a restraining order on him, and he did the same on her. Billy wants to smack the guy but understands her wanting a fresh start and avoiding romance. They toast to friendship. Billy thinks, “Then why does it feel like I’m crossing a line?”

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