Sharon at mammogram appointment Young and Restless

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At Society, Devon brings Nick up to date on New Hope and Nick feels the new project will be great for both of them. Nick talks up Christian then reveals he and Chelsea split up. Phyllis appears and gasps, “What? Chelsea dumped you?” Devon takes off and Phyllis learns that Nick broke up with Chelsea, who is now with Adam. She’s proud of him for not letting her jerk him around anymore. Nick thinks it makes sense feelings were rekindled. Phyllis doesn’t think Chelsea won. Nick agrees things with Adam probably won’t end well. Phyllis goes on about Adam not being a good guy and says Chelsea doesn’t deserve Nick. They reminisce about partnering on Restless Style and putting Katy Perry on the cover. As they discuss children, Phyllis thinks he’s an amazing role model and father figure – he’s an incredible person. Nick relays tomorrow is Cassie’s birthday and after a while, thanks Phyllis for letting him talk about her. He asks about Phyllis and learns she still wants the Grand Phoenix and is getting along better with Summer. Nick thinks she’s smart, beautiful and fun. Phyllis plans to be more fun. Nick snorts that really fun Phyllis is dangerous. She takes it as a compliment. They grin at each other.

Nick tells Phyllis about his break up Young and Restless

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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse with the rest of her things from Nick’s house.Adam hopes she has no further doubts about moving in there. Walnut Grove’s principal calls and Adam sets up a meeting to discuss what’s best for Connor. Chelsea hugs him. She admires his fierce protectiveness – he’s the man she fell in love with. They’ve missed each other. Chelsea balks at putting herself and Connor through pain again. Adam promises they can build a life together. Upstairs, they kiss, begin undressing, and make love.

Adam and Chelsea make love Young and Restless

At Crimson Lights, Rey questions Sharon after noticing her talking to herself. She rambles on about the things she has to accomplish. Rey’s sorry he’s been so busy. She kisses him earnestly and he asks if she’s okay.She wishes they could freeze this moment in time. Mariah arrives as Rey’s exiting and spots Sharon rubbing her temples. Mariah updates her on Tanner being at the apartment. She’s snarking about GC Buzz when Devon appears. Sharon takes off. On the patio, Devon tells Mariah that Tanner Watts’ people reached out about Tessa. Mariah’s giving her space to decide what to do and reveals Tessa was married to Tanner. Devon reassures her. Inside, Rey returns and asks Mariah if Sharon seems okay to her. Mariah thinks he’s a good guy.

Mariah updates Sharon Young and Restless

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At home, Tessa seems to be turning down Tanner’s offer to go on tour over the phone. She assures him it’s not because of Mariah and warns him not to come over there. Later, Mariah arrives to a candlelit dinner as Tessa teases, “Did you forget about your birthday tomorrow?” Mariah asks about Tanner and learns Tessa’s going on tour with him. Tessa wouldn’t go if she thought it would break them.She never loved Tanner and didn’t know what love was until she met Mariah. Mariah assures her she’s okay with it – she wants this for her. They kiss. Mariah’s unconcerned about being apart because they share one heart. After making love, Tessa gifts Mariah with a diary filled with writing. It’s Tessa’s. She acknowledges taking Mariah’s journal was a violation – she wants her to know her soul in the same way.

Tessa smiles at Mariah Young and Restless

In the doctor’s office, Sharon is anxious and learns the mammogram was inconclusive as to whether the lump in her breast is fluid or solid. Sharon undergoes an ultrasound and is told the radiologist will be in soon. Sharon gets a text from Rey hoping she’s having a good day. The doctor appears and Sharon’s brain goes fuzzy as he informs her the lump in her breast is solid. He recommends a biopsy and consultation with her oncologist.

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By a payphone, Sharon stands holding the paperwork for her biopsy.

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