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Tessa and Mariah canoodle outside of Society before entering. They notice a huge bag of abandoned gifts. Theo arrives as Tessa discovers no one knows who they belong to. They’re determined to find out and Theo remarks they’re appointing themselves Christmas Day elves. Mariah Tessa puzzle over gifts Young and RestlessThey muse about fingerprints until Theo suggests checking the tags. The girls wonder why he’s alone on Christmas. He’s between get-togethers and finds a ‘Newman Enterprises’ label on the bag. They puzzle over why the presents are there and decide to take them to the ranch. Tessa worries Theo’s alone, so Mariah invites him along. He insists he has plans later and declines. Once alone, Theo looks a little sad.

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At the penthouse, Connor cradles a freezing kitten they found in the park as Adam and Chelsea assure their son they’ll save him. Adam suggests the emergency vet, but Connor doesn’t want to take ‘Oliver’ out in the cold again. While Connor’s getting a saucer of milk, Adam and Chelsea worry the kitten won’t make it. When he returns, they assure him whatever happens, they’re proud. Connor protests the cat won’t die. Suddenly, Oliver awakens. Connor wants to donate his allowance to sick animals when they go to the vet. He runs off and Chelsea thinks he’s turned a corner. She’s glad she stayed. Adam doesn’t know how they’d have got through this without her. Adam agrees to keep Oliver as they leave for the vet.

At the hospital, Nate asks Elena if she’s changed her mind about Amanda. She’s still convinced she shouldn’t be trusted. Nate thinks she and Devon are wrong.

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At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin arrive talking about their great Christmas with Bella. Chloe says it’s only going to get better as a groaning Santa appears and sulks beside them. Santa is down because he looks forward to Christmas all year, then suddenly it’s over until next year.Chloe Kevin coffeehouse Young and Restless Kevin steps out and Santa comments on them being so in love. Chloe learns he’s divorced – she knows what it’s like to feel lonely. Kevin returns with a gang of kids to cheer Santa. Later, Santa’s grateful and Kevin suggests he volunteer at the children’s center. After ‘Frank’ walks off, Chloe has one more gift for Kevin. On the patio, Chloe presents Kevin with baby shoes. He gasps, “Are you saying…?” Chloe nods and they kiss. Kevin marvels, “Merry Christmas to us.” He tells everyone in the coffeehouse they’re having a baby.

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At the ranch, Nikki calls out to Victor, then enters with a baby in a bassinette. They coo over the baby girl found in the stables and Victor decides to call Nate.

At the hospital, Nate asks Elena to come to the ranch with him – he could use her help.

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Nate and Elena arrive at the ranch, where Nikki doesn’t want to turn the baby into children’s services on Christmas Day. She’s checked over – there are no signs of neglect. Nikki wants to find the mother. Victor gets a call and says, “Bring her in.” A woman was found on the property. She enters and tells the baby, “I’m here now.” Nikki promises the woman they only want to help. She explains ‘Joy’s’ father isn’t in the picture and they’ve been living in an abandoned car. She figured they could give her a better life but leaving her broke her heart.Nikki Victor find baby Young and Restless She wasn’t leaving the property, she was coming back for her. Nikki and Victor assure her they will help through New Hope. Later, Mariah and Tessa arrive with the found bag of gifts. Victor informs them they’re meant for the children on the pediatric ward at the hospital. They offer to deliver them. Tessa worries they should invite Theo, but Mariah reminds her he had a party to get to. After, Elena gives the baby’s mother, Sasha, her number and she and Nate decide things won’t be awkward between them any longer. Nikki kisses Victor and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

At Society, Theo sits alone.

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