The Abbott family at Christmas 2019 Young and Restless
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At the Abbott house, Ashley thanks Traci for the chocolates on her pillow. They recap her and Jack making up. They’re disappointed not to have Dina with them tonight, but agree a restaurant would be overwhelming. They discuss her meeting with Theo and laugh over his and Kyle’s tension.

At home, Billy completes a work call and wants to get the deal done. He texts Amanda that he’s home overnight. Jack enters and startles him. “Come on, we’re going to dinner.” Billy protests but Jack won’t take no for an answer. Billy promises he’ll be there. Amanda texts asking him to get Thai food with her. Billy leaves Victoria a voicemail, then texts Amanda he’ll meet her to play cards later.

Kyle thoughtful Young and RestlessAt Society, Abby assures Lola the Abbotts will be fine with having dinner there. Lola teases about Kyle being the cute busboy. They kiss. Lola mentions Theo having other plans tonight and Kyle asks how she knows. She relays they’ve been texting and advises Kyle to have some sympathy – the guy’s alone on Christmas.

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Fen apologizes Young and RestlessAt Crimson Lights, Michael’s looking forward to seeing the Abbotts but Lauren’s down. She perks up when they get a call from Fen. Suddenly, he appears in the doorway. Lauren embraces him. Fen relays he’s moved into a halfway house. Lauren’s emotional as Fen admits his relapse was bad. He wants forgiveness for letting them down. Michael’s proud he got help, and Lauren agrees.

Traci and Ashley arrive at Society and Abby updates her mother on getting rid of Phyllis and Chance helping her. Jack enters and greets everyone, then announces Billy’s coming.Jack and Ashley toast Young and Restless Kyle offers to extend an invitation to Theo, but Jack won’t pressure him. Lola’s impressed. Ashley asks Jack if Billy knows she’s going to be there – she worries he left Jabot because of her, but Jack reassures her. Michael, Lauren and Fen arrive. Ashley talks Paris with Lauren, while Jack and Michael step aside, and Fen congratulates Lola and Kyle on getting hitched. Billy looks in from outside, then walks in and chortles, “Sorry for being late!” Lauren and Michael recall Christmases past as Fen colors in embarrassment. Billy congratulates him on completing rehab. Fen muses he couldn’t trust himself anymore, which seems to strike a chord. Jack gathers everyone for a toast of thanks for all they have to be grateful for. Jack toasts the family Young and RestlessHe mentions Dina slipping away and the loss of Neil. As dinner ends, Billy completes his work deal, while Kyle answers questions about being co-CEO. Talk turns to Theo and Lauren recalls having to learn to work with Jill. Traci surprises everyone with a copy of her new novel as the gathering breaks up. Ash asks Abby about Chance – he’s in California visiting Nina. Abby admits she likes him. Michael tells Billy that Kevin and Chloe are at home with Esther and Bella. Billy goes after Amanda texts again, followed by the Baldwins. Outside, Fen gifts his parents with a compass to symbolize them being there to guide him. “You saved my life.” They express their love.

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Lola Kyle gifts Young and RestlessAt home, Kyle, shirtless, jokes with Lola about past gift disasters before she opens her Best Restaurants book, complete with a voucher to travel to any of them. Kyle’s gift from Lola is a framed photo of a night sky in Idaho including their star – she booked a cabin there for them.

At home, Billy tells Victoria, by phone, he’s hitting the hay. He contemplates Amanda’s text but plays solitaire alone.

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At the Abbott house, Jack, Ashley and Traci show Dina the Christmas tree – all the gifts underneath are for her. After she opens presents, Jack reads The Night Before Christmas to applause and Traci sings Come All Ye Faithful. Dina remembers and starts singing. The Abbotts marvel as they all join in the chorus and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

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