At the GCAC, Jack leaves numerous messages for Ashley on her cellphone. Sharon, Traci, and Dina all discuss it with him. He points out that Ash was the only one not surprised when Victor walked into the funeral. Jack wishes he'd go back where he came from! Sharon looks ticked off when he says this.

Paul, Nikki, Nick, Victoria, J.T., and Phyllis discuss the return of Victor with Ashley. They wonder why he would risk being arrested and Nikki says she wouldn't be surprised if he's already on a plane - with Ashley! Suddenly, Nikki worries about whether or not Victor has gone back to the Ranch - all of her things are there! Victoria says she and J.T. will go check it out, and Nick points out to Phyllis that his mother is hanging in by a thread! Paul takes Nikki to sit down. She tells him that she thought Ashley might be the one to get through to Victor - and it's killing her that she was right!

Victor and Ashley have arrived at the Ranch, where he tells her that he listened when she told him he should be with his family - and that's her now! They embrace. Stella appears, telling Victor that Nikki brought her back - she's been living there. Victor tells Stella to stay, and to get the rest of the staff back. Before she leaves, he also asks her to pack 'Mrs. Newman's' things!

Jill thanks Gina for arranging the reception at the GCAC. Esther, Danny, Liz and Brock all discuss how much Katherine would have liked the service. Billy, Cane, Chloe, Amber and Daniel join in the conversation too. They joke about how wild she could be at times and share a laugh. Neil, Karen, and Lily arrive and pay their respects. Jill thanks them for coming. Billy asks Brock why he called her 'the Duchess', and Brock explains that that's the way he always saw her. Liz agrees that she had a regal bearing. Neil takes Lily aside and asks if she's okay - she's been very quiet. Lily notes that it's just a sad day. Neil is joined by Karen and they tell Lily that they're engaged. She congratulates them happily. Nearby, Brock introduces Cane to Nina. Cane tells her that he's the 'other' son - Jill will always consider Philip her son as well. He says he'd like to meet her son sometime, and she says he'd love that too. They agree to meet to chat later.

At Murphy's place, Katherine tells him she doesn't remember seeing that house before. He tells her that he'll make her some coffee. He informs her that she was drinking like a fish the night before. Katherine is puzzled and gathers herself to leave. He asks where she's going to go! He directs her to go in and take a shower and change out of her clothes. She is unsteady on her feet, and Murphy says he's never seen her this bad. He tells her that the bottom drawer is for her things, and she goes into the other room. She comes out freshly showered and dressed and Murphy tells her he's made her favorite - pork and beans! She complains of not feeling herself and having cobwebs in her head. Murphy assumes it's the drinking.

Kevin and Jana arrive at the reception and are greeted by Amber and Daniel. They say they wish they hadn't missed the funeral, but they had to deal with the flood. After they move away, Amber tells Daniel that she thinks Kevin really missed the service because he felt guilty about something! Michael and Lauren are nearby, and he says he is surprised that the Newmans came here instead of going to look for Victor. He tells Lauren he'd better go, and lets her know not to wait up!

Victoria arrives at the Ranch and falls into her father's embrace. She says there is so much she wants to say to him, but first warns him that the authorities are after him. She then apologizes for what she did to him and Sabrina, saying that she understands why he pushed her away. Victor tells her not to worry her pretty head about it anymore. He notes that they both loved Sabrina. J.T. then tells Victor that there are some things that he should be doing. Just as Victor is asking what that is, Michael turns up at the door. Victor informs him that he is there to stay and now Michael will have to prove his accusers wrong! Victor tells Michael that there is no diary, and is stunned to hear that Adam was the one who said he found it and sold it to the publisher.

Brad arrives at the GCAC as Heather and Adam are on their way out. He stops them and says, "Guess who's back in town?" Heather notes that she doesn't have time for guessing games, but Brad silences her by saying, "Victor Newman." She thanks him profusely, and he tells her he is just doing his civic duty! Heather runs over to Paul and asks if he knew about Victor and why he didn't tell her. Paul tries to answer, but she rushes out.

Danny tells Gina that her food is terrific and Amber and Daniel agree. Nina strolls over and says she used to live on it! She mentions how shocked she was that Gina's restaurant burned down. Amber asks where Nina lives, and she says she is a screenwriter in L.A. Danny and Amber toot Daniel's horn by sharing with Nina that he's a talented artist. They all discuss Philip being in the army, and Gina hugs Nina. Next to them, Jill stands with Liz, and they thank Jana and Kevin for stopping by. Liz then tells Jill that she's so glad that she told Jill the truth, and that she and Katherine had time together.

Sharon approaches Lauren and they discuss what happened with the kids in Paris. Sharon points out that Noah has been getting into trouble since he's been hanging out with Eden. Lauren is offended when Sharon suggests they cool their friendship for awhile. Lauren points out that it was Sharon's son who got arrested, so perhaps she's right and the kids should be kept apart! With that, Lauren walks away! Sharon rejoins Traci and Jack, where Dina is saying her goodbyes - she rerouted her flight to attend the funeral, but must now go. She warns her kids to try and thwart an Ashley and Victor reunion. Adam comes over and hisses at Jack that they have to do something - fast! Jack hushes him as Sharon walks up and asks what they're talking about. Jack makes something up.

Noah and Eden meet at the Abbott Mansion and Noah says his parents would kill him if they knew he was with her there. Eden mocks him. He then surprises her by giving her back her necklace - the one that was torn from her neck in the cemetery. She lifts her hair and he puts it on for her. She embraces him and thanks him. He tells her that if he's ever not grounded again they should go to a movie or something. Eden agrees.

Nina sits with Esther at the bar and asks if she's going to retire now. Esther says she can't think past today. Nina says it's not like Jill will throw her stuff out on the lawn, and Esther replies, "Wanna' bet?!" Traci and Lauren catch up nearby, and Lauren shows her a picture of Fen. Traci laughs, saying that this may be the most pleasant conversation they've ever had! Lauren feels bad, taking responsibility for treating her cruelly when they were kids. She says she was like the girls in the movie, "Mean Girls!" They agree that Katherine was an amazing woman, and Lauren says she likes to think that she's a better person now, but she couldn't believe that until she looked Traci in the eye and apologized to her. Traci says Katherine would be proud of her, and they hug. Phyllis is also at the bar when Brad approaches. He smirks and says, "So, Big Daddy's home!" Phyllis listens to what he has to say, and quickly realizes that he's given Victor to the cops! As she looks for Nick to fill him in, she sees him speaking with Sharon, who is recounting the conversation with Lauren. Nick tells her they will have to get together with Michael and Lauren and discuss it again. They hug, and Phyllis's eyes grow wide. Phyllis watches as Sharon moves away from Nick and is approached by Brad, who asks how she's doing. Brad then embraces Sharon as Phyllis shakes her head in disbelief. Nick goes over to Paul and Nikki, and suggests that they get Nikki home.

Still at the reception, Cane is approached by Lily who tells him that his speech at the funeral was wonderful. She assures him that time does heal things, but he replies, "Not always." Chloe stands with Billy watching them talk and says, "Oh great. Another reason for us to feel like crap."

Gloria and Jeffrey are now at the GCAC and approach Jack. He asks if they got Katherine to sign over the stock. When his question is met with silence, he tells them their association is over - their chances of getting Jabot back now is as dead as Katherine! Jill and Liz are speaking with Mitchell Sherman nearby, and Billy walks up and asks if he'll give them a hint about the will. Mitchell says he'll see them later and leaves. On his way out, he stops to tell Gloria that Katherine has put her in the will. Jeffrey is puzzled, and Gloria notes it's probably another reprimand from beyond the grave.

Back at the Ranch, Victor and Michael continue to discuss the case, and Michael credits Victoria and Nick of having been all over it from the beginning. Just then, the doorbell rings. It's Heather. Victor says, "Come in Ms. Stevens. I've been expecting you."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

A detective from Mexico calls Restless Style and gets Phyllis. He tells her that a Mr. Abbott interviewed him for a story...

Victoria tells Nikki that Victor was just arrested!

Adam arrives to see Victor behind bars. Victor tells him he's been waiting for him.

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