Theo accused by Summer Young and Restless
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At home, Lola and Kyle finish decorating their tree and Kyle shares Jabot’s holiday sales are strong. He complains Theo tried to take credit, then backtracks. Talk turns to house-hunting, missing Miami, and being together for Christmas. Kyle lights the tree and talks about missing his mother, then while eating cookies, he complains about Theo wanting to makeover Mrs. Claus. Lola wonders why they’re discussing him again.

Summer joins Theo at Society and he complains about Kyle trying to sabotage him. Summer’s dismissive. Theo accuses her of taking his side again…he thinks it’s because she’s pining for her ex. Summer denies it and insists Kyle wouldn’t sabotage him at Jabot. Theo grumbles about smart women falling for Kyle and Summer realizes he means Lola. “You want Lola.” He insists they’re buddies. Summer and Theo argue and Summer accuses Theo of wanting Kyle’s whole life – it’s sad. She suggests he focus on his job and consider what he really wants, then walks off.

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Devon Elena holiday plans Young and RestlessAt the penthouse, Devon learns Elena has time off on the holidays, including New Year’s Eve. He’ll firm up their holiday plans and make her wildest dreams come true. Devon wants to go to London. Elena lights up and kisses him. She can’t believe it’s really happening. They book the trip together.

Paul gives Chance advice Young and RestlessPaul and Chance meet on Crimson Lights patio. Paul teases about missing out on the fun of dropping from ceilings. Chance wants to ask about private investigating and admits working undercover has taken a toll on his relationships. Paul wonders if he’s ready to put down roots – he has a history of getting antsy…and getting out of Genoa City.

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Jack Billy concern Young and RestlessJack arrives at Billy’s house as he concludes a work call and is happy for him. Billy feels freer to figure out who he is without Jabot. Jack wants to plan Christmas. Billy relays they’re going to Telluride. Jack’s disappointed, but thinks it’s great they’re having family time – he’s been concerned about him. Billy becomes defensive. Jack asks about therapy. Billy’s therapist is away but he’s talking to someone. Jack’s relieved. As he goes, Billy thinks about being a mess inside.

Nick spots Phyllis at Grand Phoenix and asks if she’s seen Chelsea. Phyllis replies, “Have you checked Adam’s?” Nick shakes his head and she jokes about being on the naughty list. She proposes she spend Christmas Day with Summer, but Nick acknowledges she’s an adult but wants to split time. Nick talks with Phyllis Young and RestlessHe wonders why she’s being so nice. Phyllis knows he’s going through a hard time and cares about him. They banter. Nick suggests that he, Phyllis and Summer spend time together on the holidays. She presumes he means at the Newmans, but agrees. Nick laughs, “What have we just done?” Soon, Chelsea shows up and Phyllis walks off. Nick and Chelsea are pleased they got time together and Nick asks about spending Christmas with the boys. Chelsea asks about including Adam, and points out he invited Phyllis. Nick caves so the boys can be together and so he gets to spend Christmas with her.

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Phyllis joins Billy inside Crimson Lights and updates him on Abby firing her. Billy gives her credit for standing her ground – she drives the train of her own life. Phyllis muses, “Sometimes off the track.” Billy relays it’s a compliment. She detects envy and asks if he’s okay. Billy shares his consulting gig and Phyllis irritates him by saying he’s too good for that. She doesn’t want to make him feel bad. “You do you, Billy Abbott.” Billy walks off thinking he doesn’t know who the real Billy Abbott is anymore. Phyllis spots Chance seeing Paul off and asks him, “What was that tete-a-tete about?” Chance says it’s none of her business and leaves. Phyllis loves a challenge.

At home, Lola gets a text from Theo, eating at Society. She glances at Kyle and puts the phone down.

At Society, Theo waits for a response from Lola. Summer watches.

At the dive bar, Billy joins a poker game, then moves away afterward.

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