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Jack and Traci welcome Theo to the Abbott house and update him a bit on holiday traditions. Theo notes it’s just the three of them and asks about Kyle. Traci gracefully explains they didn’t want him to feel overwhelmed. Theo presents traditional family treats. Traci takes them and Jack learns Theo’s meeting to close the big deal went well. Jack’s pleased and is confident he and Kyle can find a way to co-exist at Jabot. Traci returns with tea and they present Theo with a copy of the Abbott family history – it’s their story and now it’s his too. Theo shares what Christmas was like growing up with his parents and admires the ornaments on the Abbott tree. Traci acknowledges the family differences but says passing on traditions is what matters. They invite Theo to spend Christmas Day with them. Theo asks to play it by ear. Traci just wants him to know he’s welcome. The trio eats Theo’s holiday treats and toast to family traditions, old and new.

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Kyle arrives home covered in pine needles and tree sap. Lola enthuses about their first tree, which is in the hall. She opens the door to find it’s enormous…and stuck. Lola cracks up.Lola Kyle tree Young and Restless Later, they’ve got cookies from the oven and the tree in the door. Lola has a surprise as gifts came from Jack and Celeste, who apparently plotted together. The gifts are ornaments from their childhood along with a new ornament for their first Christmas as husband and wife. They hang the new ornament on the tree and kiss. After making love, Kyle says this will be the best Christmas ever. They profess their love and kiss.

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At Society, Phyllis wishes Summer a happy birthday then announces it to the whole venue. Phyllis celebrate Summer's birthday Young and RestlessOver wine, Phyllis counsels Summer about her career. Summer reiterates she’s in a good place with Kyle and she and Theo have reached an understanding. When Phyllis references a ‘dagger to the heart’, Summer questions her. Phyllis admits she’s thinking of the ghosts of Christmases past when she was happier. Summer learns Adam’s no longer her friend and agrees friends are over-rated. Phyllis promises she’ll get everything she wants. Summer reveals she decorated a tree in Phyllis’ suite. Her mother thanks her and they laugh about her staying there to drive Abby nuts. Summer opens her birthday gift – beautiful earrings.Summer reads text Young and Restless While Phyllis checks on dessert, Summer reads birthday texts from Jack, who mentions a special delivery, Theo, and Kyle. Over dessert Phyllis had flown in from a bakery in Paris, mother and daughter share more laughs and Phyllis tears up – she’s still the best early Christmas present she ever got.

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At the Newman ranch, Nick and Victoria are with Victor and Nikki for a pre-Christmas celebration since Victoria will be away. They laugh about the kids and Nick looks forward to seeing Faith on the holiday. Billy enters the room as Victoria enthuses about putting all the things haunting them to rest. The group chats about the upcoming trip to Telluride and how great it will be to see Reed. Talk turns to Billy’s new consulting job. Victoria grins at Billy Young and RestlessVictoria grins that things are coming together for all of them. Billy raises his glass. As Victor grills him, Billy gets a text from Amanda and excuses himself to check the kids. Victor goes with him. Nikki and Vikki learn Nick spent time with Chelsea last night but she’s staying at Adam’s. He’s still hopeful about their future. Billy returns with Victor, who speaks about the family overcoming turbulent times, Victoria continuing the legacy at Newman Enterprises and how proud he is of Nick’s New Hope. Nikki gives him joy and is the reason he looks forward to the future. He plays her favorite Christmas song and they dance.

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