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At the ranch, Connor goes to the stables and Nikki tells Adam she’s sorry the boy’s going through a rough time. Nikki relays Victor’s not there and asks the reason for the visit. Adam just wanted Connor to have some fun while he and Chelsea figure out what to do. Nikki demands to know what’s going on,Adam talks to Nikki Young and Restless and Adam reveals the school administration requested that Connor not return after the holiday break. Nikki’s outraged. Adam doesn’t want them to intervene with Walnut Grove but laments they’ve worked hard with Connor, so this feels like a kick in the gut. Nikki feels Victor will want to lend Adam an ear. Adam thanks her and leaves.

Sharon serves Amanda a coffee at Crimson Lights and thanks her for helping out with the Thanksgiving dinner. Chelsea interrupts to tell Sharon things went from bad to so much worse. They move to a booth and discuss the principal asking Connor not to return. Sharon doesn’t think she’d do it lightly,Chelsea updates Sharon Young and Restless but Chelsea feels it’s not fair and worries how they’ll tell Connor. She wonders if they can legally fight this. Sharon knows someone who can advise her and introduces her to Amanda, who’s on the patio. Chelsea begins filling her in. Amanda goes over the facts and recommends she look into other schools or even home school. It may be time for a change. Inside, Sharon tells Rey she can’t leave early but teases him with a kiss as Mariah walks in. They discuss Faith, but awkwardness ensues when Mariah asks about Christmas plans. Sharon and Rey realize they both want to celebrate the holiday together.

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At Grand Phoenix, Abby leaves the hotel in an employee’s hands as Chance arrives for their date.

Nick spots Phyllis at Society’s bar and she needles about him being without Chelsea again. Nick notes she was fired and is furious with Abby and asks, “What are you doing here?”Nick questions Phyllis Young and Restless Phyllis insists she’s not there to tangle with Abby or sabotage her restaurant. Nick’s fairly confident Abby had good reason to let her go and suggests she find a new interest. Phyllis doesn’t need a job, she needs a throne. Nick believes she can land on her feet without resorting to dirty tricks and gives her a pep talk. She appreciates it and returns the favor. Adam arrives as they tease one another. He makes note, then steps outside to text Phyllis to meet at his place. Phyllis makes an excuse and leaves. Chance Abby kiss Young and RestlessSoon, Chance and Abby arrive and greet Nick, who takes a call from Nikki summoning him to the ranch. At their table, Abby and Chance admire one another, then discuss Katherine and his next career move. He’ll figure it out, but is happy to live in the moment for now. Chance wants to go elsewhere for dessert and drinks, and asks before kissing her.

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At Adam’s place, he has a proposition for Phyllis that will guarantee they’ll both get what they want. Adam feels Chelsea’s torn between him and Nick and it’s stressing her out. He just wants Phyllis to pursue her heart’s desire – Nick. Phyllis wonders if he wants her to seduce her ex-husband. Adam feels it’s her chance to make things right. Phyllis tells him to go to hell and hollers at him for treating her like a minion. Adam restates his case and accuses her of circling Nick for weeks. He wonders if she’s afraid of being turned down – what’s the real problem here? Phyllis replies, “You.” Adam thought they were partners in crime. Phyllis feels he has no respect for her and warns he just made a really big mistake; one he’ll regret.

At the ranch, Nick’s grateful to Nikki for bringing him up to speed on Connor. Before Nick can go see him, Nikki warns him Adam was talking about him, Chelsea and Connor as a family – he didn’t seem to be manipulating. She senses he’s hoping to reset the clock. Nick reveals he told Chelsea he’s not sure how much longer he can do this. Nikki urges him to do something soon as Chelsea arrives. She rebuffs Nick’s request to spend time together but will let him see Connor.

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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse with Connor, who goes upstairs. She updates Adam on asking Sharon and Amanda Sinclair for help – she feels withdrawing Connor from Walnut Grove may not be the worst idea. They can figure out what’s best for their son. Adam agrees; they will, together.

Phyllis returns to Society, where Nick’s left his credit card. She tells the hostess she came to tell that man about his brother…she could blow things up, but she’ll take the high road…for now. After, Nick notices her walking away.

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