Amanda's admission to Billy Young and Restless
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At the dive bar, Billy goes on about his life, then Amanda reveals she was an orphan and grew up in foster homes. Amanda reflects that she has it figured out professionally, but personally, that’s another story. She muses about those who hide monsters inside – she doesn’t let people get too close. Billy takes a call from Victoria, who wants to meet him. He says that won’t work but he’ll see her at home later, where he left a surprise. Amanda leaves despite him gesturing for her to wait. Billy disconnects and is invited to play poker. He declines, then mentally pats himself on the back.

At Jabot, Summer’s exhausted from working on the marketing plan. Kyle laughs as she suggests exercise and holds up his hands for her to feign boxing. They get back to work since she has nothing exciting to do with her evenings. Summer grabs his phone to video call Lola.

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At Society, Lola asks Theo why he’s always working there. He jokes, then reveals he’s working on emojis for work – ‘Jabojis’. They discuss inspiration and Theo muses they have more in common than she thought. Lola looks at his ‘Jabojis’ and thinks they’re great. Theo sees Lola as ambitious as he is, but she questions him turning down Paris. Theo is hoping to prove somebody wrong. Lola gets a call from Summer on Kyle’s phone and suggests she convince her tired husband to come home. Lola can’t leave and shows him the busy restaurant. He sees Theo.Lola Theo taste test young and restless After disconnecting, Lola feeds Theo and knows he wants to impress Kyle. Theo agrees to be her taste-tester and raves about her dishes. He labels it her ‘Experimenu’ and invites her to trademark it. Lola will make his favorite dishes just for him; it will be their little secret. Elsewhere, Nate tells Abby they’re still friends. Abby contradicts that they’re friendly; she can’t change what happened but wants to be real friends. They rehash faking Victor’s death and make amends. Later, alone at the bar, Amanda takes a call but no one’s on the line. She looks around nervously.

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At Jabot, Kyle disconnects from Lola and Summer asks if everything’s okay. Kyle, frowning, just wants to work. Summer apologizes for making the phone call. He wonders if she misses Theo, who is at Society. Summer says, “Nope.” Later, they joke about Summer’s unique way of getting what she wants. Kyle turns serious – she’s invaluable and means more than she knows…to Jabot. She asks if he wants to go home. He’s exactly where he needs to be.

At the penthouse, Devon apologizes to Elena for making her life hell lately. He thinks she deserves to be with somebody better. Devon declares things are going to change starting now; he doesn’t want to do anything more to push her away. Talk turns to Amanda. Devon understands why she spoke to her. Elena points out she doesn’t have to be their enemy, and tells Devon she wants all of him, even the parts he thinks he needs to hide. They kiss and she leaves for work. Devon pulls out the dossier on Amanda. While on the phone he learns she had a fiancé Ripley Turner and they filed restraining orders on one another. He thanks the person on the phone for doing a great job.

At Crimson Lights, Elena discusses a medical case with Nate, who feels she’s not getting enough sleep and warns not to let her personal life shake her confidence. He stresses the need to separate her duties and supporting the man she loves. Devon knows what he’s doing and it will all work out.

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Billy looking miserable hugging Victoria Young and RestlessAt home, Victoria opens her card from Billy urging her to treat herself until he gets back. He arrives and she kisses him thanks for the wine and chocolate. He’s a perfect husband…for her. She wants to show him how happy he makes her. Billy stares as they embrace. Victoria talks about how he’s transformed and adds, “With a little hard work I knew we’d uncover the real you.”

Abby’s surprised to see Devon so late at the hotel. He admires the décor and will spruce up the GCAC. He fishes to find out if Amanda’s still staying there. Abby assumes he’s hoping she’s left. They hug and Abby walks off. On his phone, Devon contemplates a search for ‘Ripley Turner’.

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