Michael and Lauren arrive at the coffeehouse to pick up Kevin and Jana for the funeral, but they explain that they can't go - they have a burst pipe in the basement. Michael and Lauren leave, and Kevin tells his wife that he's really bummed that they can't go - Mrs. Chancellor was such a sweet lady!

Heather meets Adam out on the patio. She tells him that the guy he met at his interview, Frank Ellis, was brought in for kiting checks. She tells him they won't be cutting him a deal unless he's got something really juicy to offer! She goes on to tell him that Frank claims to have something big to spill, but then again, they always do! When Heather goes to check on their coffee, Adam leaves Jack a message to call him - they have a huge problem! Inside, Heather and Kevin discuss Katherine, and Adam comes in wondering where the coffee is. Kevin starts asking Heather questions about how wills work, and what would happen if there was money unaccounted for. Heather says any cash would rightfully belong to the next of kin. Heather and Adam wish him luck with the flooded basement and head to the Athletic Club. Kevin kneels down and opens the safe. Jana comes in with some containers of water to make coffee. She asks how they are going to afford to fix this mess. Kevin tells her they'll get the money - somewhere. The plumber comes in and tells them he had to cut off the water and they need to close. Kevin appears to be thinking hard. Jana wants to go pay her respects to Katherine's family and Kevin agrees. She leaves the room and he opens the safe once again, taking out a wad of bills from Kay's bag.

In the ravine, Murphy happens along and finds Katherine, who he assumes is Marge. He begins trying to get her to come around. He realizes that she is alive, and she begins to come to. He asks what happened, and she finally speaks. "Who are you?" she asks blearily. She asks if she knows him, and he replies, "It's me, Murphy." He wants to take her to a hospital, but she protests. He helps her to her feet and they make their way out of the ravine. He takes her home, but at the door, she stops and asks where they are. "This is not my home! Where are we?!"

At Katherine's funeral, Victor has just caused a sensation by walking in and sitting down next to Ashley. She tells Victor that everyone is staring and he says, "Let them." The organ music begins and Danny asks Nina why she's not sitting with the Chancellors. Nina laughs, saying she'll stick with the people who like her, noting Jill will never forgive her for marrying Philip. Amber whispers to Daniel that his mother asked her to call a truce, and Jack glowers at the back of Victor's head! Brock goes to the front of the church to deliver the eulogy. He tells them they are there to celebrate the life of this most extraordinary woman. His voice breaks, but he continues, saying that she was a loving mother, great friend, she supported charities and would roll up her sleeves and serve food to the poor. He describes other things she did for the community. He calls her a 'classy lady' and an 'angel on Earth', who is now an angel in heaven. Dina asks Traci where Colleen is, but Traci says she wasn't feeling well. Dina complains that she wanted to see her, but Traci informs her mother that she could see her anytime. Jack asks Traci if she knew Victor was coming - she says she had no idea. Brad, whispers from behind Jack, "This ought to be good." Jack grits his teeth. Just then, Liz Foster, the woman who raised Jill, arrives and Jill jumps up to embrace her. Outside the door, Gloria and Jeff come in, with her complaining that they're late, and him cursing the parking!

Brock continues the service by leading the guests in The Lord's Prayer. Victoria and Nick and their families whisper about Victor's return and wonder if he'll be arrested when the funeral ends. Michael and Lauren arrive and take a pew behind Neil, who tells Michael not to fall out of his seat, but Victor's there - sitting next to Ashley Abbott! Jeffrey smirks, saying, "Who says there's no good theater in this town!" As Brock keeps telling about "the Duchess", Lily watches Cane, and Ashley turns in her seat to look at Jack. He gives her an incredulous look!

Liz Foster gets up to speak about Katherine at the funeral. She says next to Brock, she knew Katherine longer than anyone there. She notes how she kept house for her long ago, and she never treated her like a second-class citizen. She explains that Katherine had character in spades. Everyone who met her had a chance to prove their mettle or fall flat on their face. Billy gets up next, he says he grew up not realizing that Katherine was his grandmother, but she was the wisest woman he ever met. Cane gets up and says from the moment he met Katherine she embraced him, and their time together was too short, but it made him a better person. Amber speaks next, and says it's hard for her to make friends because she is pushy and loud, but Katherine accepted her for who she was, and in spite of the age difference, they were kindred souls. She says Katherine is the woman she wants to be someday. Esther moves to the front next and says she doesn't even know how to express what Katherine meant to her. She tells a funny story about how Katherine made her drive once, and she side-swiped two cars. Mrs. C took her in her arms and told her everyone makes mistakes. Esther sobs as she says, "I'm going to miss that wonderful woman. I love you Mrs. C!"

Jill is next to speak at the funeral. She speaks of their complicated relationship. She says that despite their differences, they loved each other. She says she made a mistake in thinking that she'd always be there, and she would always have a chance to apologize. She says she hopes that she is looking down on her right now and hearing her words. Jill then reads a poem. Brock returns to the front, and as he speaks, everyone in the church thinks private thoughts and prays for different things. Many of them wish for those who have already passed to take care of Katherine, some wish for strength to deal with their personal situations, Traci wishes Ashley luck with Victor, and Jeffrey checks Dina out! Devon and Ana sing Amazing Grace as everyone lines up to place a rose on the casket and say goodbye. Victor files out holding Ashley's hand without acknowledging anyone. Nikki collapses across the casket and is led away by Paul. Michael approaches Nicholas and asks where Victor went. Nick tells him that he's already gone. "He had a car waiting."

Heather and Adam arrive at the GCAC, where they take a table and he orders champagne, saying, "Only the best for my baby! As they toast, she warns him to hold onto that book advance - the Newmans are bound to challenge the validity of the diary. He blows off her concerns, saying that after all the Newmans put him through, he'll spend the money as he pleases!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Paul that all of her things are at the Ranch. "What if Victor goes back there?!"

Brad runs into Heather and Adam at the GCAC and informs them that Victor is back in town!

At the Ranch, Victor's family tells him that Adam is the one who says he found the diary at the Ranch!

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