Elena confronts Devon Young and Restless
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Mariah arrives at Jabot and spots Summer – she was afraid she might run into her and asks if Kyle’s there. Summer offers to deliver her gift for her, but Mariah won’t hand it over. She snarks about Summer’s boyfriend and learns that she and Theo broke up. Summer deals with Mariah Young and RestlessMariah’s instantly concerned about Kyle – a single Summer is a dangerous Summer. The blonde feels insulted and thinks Mariah’s insulting Kyle as well with her implications. Mariah accuses Summer of using Theo to make Kyle jealous. Summer, taken aback, reminds the redhead she has feelings and is not living her life for her entertainment.

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In the Grand Phoenix, Chance is stunned at the jewelry spilling from Abby’s purse. She protests that contrary to how it looks, she’s not a thief. She crushes the jewels to prove they’re fake – it was all a sham. The only thing real was her plan to get rid of Phyllis, which worked. Chance marvels that Abby hired actors to play the victims. Abby relays that involving him was a gamble, but he gave her the proof she needed.Chance busts Abby Young and Restless She wonders if he’ll arrest her for her clever subterfuge. Chance muses that filing a false police report is a felony. Abby never actually called them. She’ll make it up to him for lying if he’ll let her. Chance bursts her bubble – he saw through her from the start; it’s why he came back early, but he concedes she has the makings of a great outlaw. Abby’s mollified and wants to toast to them making a great team. She asks him to become the head of security. He’ll think about it.

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At Society, Devon sees Amanda, who closes her laptop when he approaches. Devon threatens to hire an investigator since she’s clearly hiding something. Elena arrives and takes in the scene as Devon insists she wants his money and Amanda denies having it. She wonders if she needs to find a restraining order and will await his inevitable apology. She’s meeting someone and asks him to leave. He sees Elena in the doorway and follows her as she takes off. Phyllis arrives and joins Amanda to discuss Abby’s wrongful dismissal.Amanda turns Phyllis down Young and Restless Amanda warns it’s an uphill battle and could take years. Phyllis explains her co-workers are trying to get rid of her. Amanda’s reluctant to take the case…because she doesn’t want another high-profile case – Phyllis is a lightning rod for trouble. Phyllis, shaken, leaves saying she’ll take care of it herself. Amanda gets back on her laptop and phones someone to says she’s worried ‘he’ may have found the tracker and destroyed it.

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Devon catches up with Elena at Crimson Lights. She’s upset he said he’d be at work and instead she saw him with Amanda. Devon complains Colin took money from the people he was going to help and he can’t understand Elena acting like he should just get over it. Elena admits Nate made her see she was being too hard on Amanda and asks if Devon’s attracted to her. Devon hotly denies it. Elena feels if he’s not, then he’s obsessed. Devon insists she’s nothing like Hilary and suggests Elena wants out of the relationship. Elena argues he’s pulling away, not her. He must decide if he wants her, or to stay in his past anger. Later, Mariah finds Devon despondent and assures him he didn’t do anything wrong. Devon can’t let go of one of the people who scammed him looking like Hilary. He’s relieved that Mariah agrees with him about Amanda. Mariah urges him to tell Elena what she means to him.

Phyllis arrives at Jabot to hear Summer talking up Kyle on the phone. Summer learns Phyllis was fired and turned away by a lawyer. She insists she’s not a bad person as Summer grimaces about her mother’s ‘greatest hits’, like running down Christine with a car. Phyllis upset at Jabot Young and RestlessSummer tries to joke but Phyllis gets choked up. Summer realizes this has really thrown her for a loop. She worries how people see her mother. Phyllis reminds her not everyone is born an Abbott or Newman; she plays the cards that were dealt. Summer sees she’s doubling down and is disappointed. Phyllis turns the topic to Kyle – she knows Summer’s still in love with him. Summer’s only interested in a working relationship with him. Phyllis hugs her.

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Elena joins Amanda at Society and admits she has been unfair to her. Amanda understands getting swept up. Elena is willing to believe her, and asks to start fresh. Amanda accepts. Elena noticed she was upset, and Amanda alludes to loose ends back home. Elena passes Devon as she goes, and explains she was having a civil conversation – he should try it. Meanwhile, Amanda sees the tracker is back on and is relieved.

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