Abby bans Phyllis from hotel Young and Restless
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Chance arrives at the Grand Phoenix and has interesting information for Abby.

Devon joins Nick at Social to discuss New Hope. Devon reflects on how purpose distracts from your own life. Nick and Devon compare notes on their personal lives. Devon touches on the missing money and Amanda, then learns Chelsea moved into Adam’s place. He wonders how long Nick can go on like this.

Chelsea and Connor finish homework at the penthouse as Adam appears and relays that Sharon’s on her way over. Connor goes upstairs, but listens as they discuss doing whatever is necessary to help him get better.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis takes a call from Abby, who has a situation that needs her immediate attention at the hotel.Adam talks to Chelsea about darkness Young and Restless On the patio, Chelsea and Adam arrive and talk about Connor’s ‘monster’. Adam worries it’s the darkness inside him – inherited from him and Victor. Chelsea is doubtful and feels Adam only reacted and responded to Victor. She knows he loves Connor and promises they’ll make him better. She has an idea. They leave and return after a time for brownies. Chelsea looks forward to having good old-fashioned family fun.

At the penthouse, Sharon questions Connor about the monster. He explains he’s figured out how to keep the monster away. Sharon’s curious. Connor reveals he chants ‘Can’t beat three. Mom and Dad and me’. Sharon asks, “And that works?” Connor nods. He doesn’t need her to come around anymore. When Chelsea and Adam return. Sharon relays Connor told her being with them is the best medicine. She goes and Connor’s thrilled to learn they’re going to hang out, watch sports, and eat junk food. Later, Chelsea and Adam are hopeful their son’s turned a corner but feel he should still see Sharon. On the stairs, Connor whispers, “Sharon go away. Can’t beat three. Mom and Dad and me.”

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At Grand Phoenix, Abby disconnects from Phyllis and tells Chance that Satan’s Sister is on her way. They discuss her spying and Abby’s plan to fire her. Chance would love to see it but has to go. Soon, Phyllis arrives. Abby tells her she’s the problem and accuses her of using the security system to spy on her, Chelsea and everyone else. Phyllis guesses this came from Chance and reminds her it’s her job as head of security – she did nothing wrong. Abby feels she was gathering information to use against people – she’s banning her from the building and her life. “Take your lack of conscience and get the hell out of here.” Phyllis reminds her she has a suite upstairs and this hotel was her baby. Abby snaps that she and Chance have the goods on her. Phyllis reacts to Abby's banishment Young and RestlessPhyllis mocks her ‘glow’ when she talks about him and snarks about her track record with men. Abby counters that Phyllis has blown up every relationship she’s been in. Phyllis walks out, noting she’ll be back. Chance returns and Abby updates him that Phyllis no longer works there. They discuss the robberies. Chance notes they were never caught on camera and it appears it could be an inside job. He has a few theories on who it might be. Abby teases him for holding out and asks him out. He’d love to have a drink with her and will return soon. Later, Chance enters and bumps into Abby. Her purse contents spill – it’s the stolen jewelry. He says the drink will have to wait.

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Phyllis spots Nick at Society and complains his sister fired her. Nick’s sure she had cause. Phyllis won’t take it lying down and recaps that Grand Phoenix was her baby. Nick has his own stuff to deal with. Phyllis will listen; she cares about him. Nick confides he believes Adam’s using Connor’s issues to get closer to Chelsea.Nick sports a grim look Young and Restless Phyllis agrees he’s interfering, and she knows it hurts, but is he sure he’s not better off without her? Nick defends Chelsea and thinks Phyllis is being manipulated by Adam too. Phyllis denies it and says Chelsea isn’t either – she’s choosing to live with him and isn’t making Nick a priority. She points out history’s repeating itself with Chelsea’s deceit. Nick adds, “Like Adam.” Phyllis advises him to get out before it costs him more. He walks out, leaving Phyllis exhaling at the tension.

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