Devon dreams of kissing Hilary Young and Restless
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At home, Victoria and Billy discuss their night during the storm. She relays she was locked in her office, and he says he was out for a drink. She kisses him and leaves the room. Billy wonders why he didn’t tell her everything and is hiding things for no reason. He ponders not feeling normal – Amanda and the bar did that for him. He can’t understand his guilt. Victoria reappears to kiss him, then goes to work. Billy adds the task of figuring out who he is and what he wants to do to his meager to-do list, then deletes it and exits.

At Society, Nate’s pleased to run into Amanda, who feels bad about the flak he’s taking for spending time with her. They sit and discuss Devon’s disappointment about Katherine’s inheritance and Elena’s reaction to her. Amanda feels there’s more to it than just her involvement in the case. They chat about sleepless nights and agree they are both ‘type As’. Amanda smiles at Billy Young and RestlessThey wish each other a peaceful day and Nate leaves. Amanda moves to the bar and Billy shows up. They joke about upgrading their surroundings and agree it was fun riding out the storm together. He buys her a coffee and they chat until Billy gets a text to pick up Katie. Amanda’s left smiling.

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At the penthouse, Elena learns Devon’s been up half the night trying to help Tucker’s employees manage a crisis in his absence. Devon won't relax Young and RestlessHe feels responsible to protect his name and reputation. Devon gets ready to go into work. Elena worries about him burning out, but he refuses to stay home and relax. She asks about Cane and learns he emailed offering the money he put in a trust for the twins. He won’t take him up on it. Elena feels he’s been so busy their relationship has suffered. They agree to talk about it later. She leaves, looking despondent.Hilary and Devon in dream Young and Restless Devon takes a call from Cane and they figure Colin is paying people to give false leads. He disconnects and wearily closes his eyes on the sofa, where he dreams he’s with Hilary and her death was just a nightmare. They kiss and he awakens with a start as Hilary turns into Amanda.

Summer kisses Theo at Crimson Lights and is stunned to learn he wants to move out of his hotel and assumes he wants to live together. Theo assures her he was just meaning he’d have a bigger place with closets, but asks if it has crossed her mind. Theo move out of hotel Young and RestlessSummer thinks living together would be a lot more togetherness and has to get going. Once alone, Theo seems downcast. Later, on the patio, Elena joins Nate and the topic turns quickly to his protectiveness of Amanda. Nate argues she’s a good person and questions why Elena can’t seem to forgive her when she’s not nearly as upset with Cane. Elena wants her away from Devon; she’s a constant reminder of what he lost. Nate tries to reassure her everything will be fine. She’s surprised to get a call from Devon wanting to have lunch.

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At Grand Phoenix, Victoria and Abby discuss the thefts. Abby feels it was a huge mistake partnering with Phyllis. She had hoped to prove to their father that she was capable of running a business. Abby trust her instincts Young and RestlessVikki clucks she just has to break this streak of bad luck. Abby sensed something was off with Simon Black and wonders what it’s going to take for her to trust her instincts. Victoria feels she was meant to be in the hospitality industry; she’s gifted at it. They embrace. Talk turns to Victoria loving life as CEO but wishing she had more balance and more time with Billy. Abby urges her to carve out some time. Vikki will…at some point.

At Jabot, Theo stuns Summer by declining her invitations to lunch and dinner. He references her reluctance for too much togetherness and his need to make a good impression at work. Theo suggests it might be good for both of them to cool it. Summer marvels that he’s breaking up with her. Theo feels they never discuss important things; she’s been distant, and they could both do with space. Summer agrees it might be smart career-wise for him. Theo mentions Kyle before leaving.

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Devon tells Elena she’s his top priority when they meet at Society. She beams.

At home, Victoria asks about Billy’s day. He says, “It was good.” She has to run.

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