Adam touches sleeping Chelsea Young and Restless
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At the dive bar, Billy sees a severe weather warning on his phone as Amanda notes, “I guess we’re both sticking around.” She joins him and thanks him for his help with the creepy guy. He orders doubles and the lights go out. Billy suggests they hunker down and ride it out. Amanda thinks he seems lost.Billy questions Amanda Young and Restless Billy muses he took a wrong turn…he’s taken plenty in his life. He likes being there because it’s anonymous with no expectations. Amanda feels they both came to the right place. Billy confides he sometimes feels he’s playing a role in his life and admits he doesn’t know what makes him happy.

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At Newman, Victoria arranges for the private jet to be ready Christmas Eve. Rey arrives to update her on the Newman warehouse theft. He remarks on the terrible weather as the power goes off. They discover they’ve become locked in. Rey works on the door with a paperclip. Vikki thinks he’s handy and he tells a story about taking an air conditioner apart with Arturo. He then randomly apologizes for arresting her. Victoria hasn’t heard back from maintenance and tries whacking the door with her high heel. It opens and they high-five. Victoria pours a drink and Rey tells her she’s cool.

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Phyllis arrives at Nick’s place needing to talk to Chelsea because her business partners are trying to screw her over. Nick explains she’s at Adam’s. Phyllis rants, “She might as well move in there!” Nick looks downcast. Phyllis apologizes. The lights go out. Phyllis throws up her hands and pours a drink. Once Nick’s checked on Christian, he rejoins Phyllis. They bicker when he alludes to her relationship with Adam, but he stops her from leaving in the storm. They play a video game on their phones and Nick asks if she really believes he’s always judging her. Phyllis feels it’s a miracle they’re civil and can laugh together. She thinks he’s too good for politics – he’s so forgiving of everyone…except her. Talk turns to how well they know one another. Phyllis describes him using compliments but says his jokes aren’t funny. Nick looks at Phyllis Young and RestlessShe turns serious about his lifelong struggle with being a Newman and recalls he harbors a fantasy of being a professional baseball player. Nick then describes Phyllis, who can be a bitch but deep down craves love and respect. She’s a fighter. Phyllis gets choked up at someone ‘getting’ her. She recalls the hardships she’s suffered but reflects that whatever she has, it’s all hers. Nick imagines being in a constant fight is tiring. She’s glad she didn’t alienate him entirely and asks if he ever thinks of them…together. Nick replies, “Sometimes.” When it was working it was fierce and intense…and special. They joke about it being a comet or a bomb.

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The wind howls outside as Chelsea enters Adam’s penthouse. He’s irritated to hear Nick gave her a hard time about moving in. Chelsea relays he doesn’t trust him. Adam sneers at his brother thinking he’d use Connor’s pain to get her into bed. The power goes out and Connor yells from upstairs. They bring him down and Connor declares the monster is in the house. Adam and Chelsea get him back to sleep upstairs, then discuss the situation in the living room. Adam recalls happier times and wonders how they got here. Chelsea is scared by Connor’s pain.Connor talks about the monster Young and Restless Adam wishes he had an answer. Chelsea feels they’re stuck. Adam feels responsible for creating chaos his whole life. Chelsea assures him he’s changed, but Adam argues the darkness is still there. Chelsea says Connor adores him regardless and promises he’s a better dad than Victor in many ways. Adam thanks her. Chelsea admits she’s thought about what could have been too. They believe Connor saved them…now they have to save him. After the lights come on, Adam dims them again. He watches Chelsea sleeping on the sofa, and tucks her hair behind her ear.

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At Nick’s, Phyllis is about to touch his back when the power comes on. She dons her jacket and says goodnight. Nick was glad for the walk down memory lane. He watches her leave and looks thoughtful.

At the dive bar, the lights come on and Billy tells Amanda to look him up next time she wants to ride out a storm. She just might do that.

At home, Victoria texts Billy to see if he’s still with Jack. Billy arrives and embraces her. He’s glad to be home.

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