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At the penthouse, Devon and Elena discuss Chance’s contention that the police have done everything they can do, and Colin’s arrest. Chance and Amanda arrive with more information and are followed by Cane. Chance relays that Colin confessed that Tucker and David Sherman never forged a will – Colin bragged to Simon Black, who flipped. They all lament that Colin has hidden the money. Chance exits and Devon invites Cane to tell them why he shouldn’t be locked up with his lying, thieving father. Cane swears he’s innocent and would never disrespect Katherine. Devon complains about him playing the victim. Cane swears losing Lily changed him, but Devon’s unconvinced but Elena believes him. Devon wants justice. So does Cane. Amanda excuses herself and Devon wonders if she’s off to get her cut. Amanda insists she’s a victim too – she thought it was a legitimate case. Devon thinks she and Cane are working together. Amanda can’t understand why Devon doesn’t believe her. Elena snaps she should look in the mirror – if she was a decent person, she’d have left town! Amanda warns, “Back off, Elena.” Devon intervenes and wonders what Lily will think. Elena reveals she warned Nate away from cold-hearted bitch, Amanda, and Amanda alludes to Elena wanting Devon’s money. Elena asks, “Are you calling me a gold-digger?” Amanda sniffs, “If the shovel fits.” Cane says blaming each other isn’t the solution. In the spirit of the holiday, he’ll give them something to be thankful for – he’ll track down the money and return it to the person Katherine wanted to have it.

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In Adam’s penthouse, Connor tells Adam and Chelsea that the monster is not gone – he’s inside of him trying to eat him up. Adam calls Sharon for help. She soon arrives and wants to talk to the boy alone. Once Chelsea and Adam are gone, Connor shares his fear of the monster with Sharon.

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer watch Theo talk to his team – he asks them to come up with a custom Jabot emoji. Summer thinks it’s a cool idea. Kyle wonder if it’s Theo’s. Summer complains he’s constantly trashing on him. Kyle whines that Theo’s all flash, no substance. Theo joins them and hands Kyle his report for input. Later, Theo senses Summer’s concerned he won’t take his job seriously. He shares some ideas she thinks are really good. Theo says she sounds surprised and wonders if his boss is doubting him…or his girlfriend.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis updates Abby that the female guests can’t even give a description of the missing jewelry. Abby crabs about how much she has to do since Chelsea hasn’t been around and wonders why Phyllis’ security system went down at the moment the jewelry was stolen. They bicker. Phyllis thinks the women may have done something to the camera and there was no crime at all – it’s sketchy. Phyllis needles Chance Young and RestlessAbby retorts the only sketchy thing around there is Phyllis. She offers to buy her out, but Phyllis isn’t going anywhere. Chance enters as they insult one another. Phyllis spots Chance and needles him about knowing something that could hurt him. She singsongs, “You and Adam in Vegas.” Chance smirks that she’s bluffing. Talk turns to her security software – he has experts who can figure out what she did. Meanwhile, Chelsea arrives, and Abby fills her in on the robbery. Chelsea gets a text from Sharon and leaves. Abby gets a call that another room was robbed. Phyllis gets in the loop and realizes she’s not joking – they’ll call the police.

At Society, Adam’s surprised to see Chance, who alludes to what happened in Vegas being a game-changer – he owes him. Adam shrugs, “We helped each other out.” Chance wants to buy him a drink, but Adam doesn’t want to remember Nevada or talk about it again. He gets a text to go home. In the kitchen, Kyle vents to Lola about Theo pretending to be a marketing genius – if he hurts his family’s company, Kyle will make him pay. Lola advises if Theo’s not up for the job everyone will know soon enough. Kyle will back off.

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Adam and Chelsea move in Young and RestlessAt the penthouse, Sharon tells Chelsea and Adam that Connor’s suffering PTSD. He could benefit from intense therapy and possibly medication temporarily to lessen anxiety. Sharon goes and Adam thinks they should go a step further than Sharon suggested. Chelsea gapes – does he want to put their son in a mental facility? Adam argues he needs more than love – they need to be committed to helping him. He says she needs to move in and asks who comes first – Nick or her son?

Chance returns to the Grand Phoenix and Abby tells him there was another robbery. He jokes she should consider another line of work, then offers to stick around and help her out. Chance takes a call from Colin. Chance wonders how he got access to a phone. Colin laughs that they forgot to lock his cuffs and he’s on the lam. He has a plane to catch and disconnects.

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