Marge's ghost sits in the pew of the church where the service will take place and tells the audience that she is the one in the casket up there at the front of the room. She says she always thought she'd go out in an old pine box, and figures that Murphy probably sprung for the nice one. She wonders who will come to her funeral - she sure would like to say goodbye to the regulars from the diner. She wonders if they'll miss her. She notes that you don't really know who your friends are until you're dead. She then tells the audience that she hopes they all keep coming back, because she's always considered them friends!

As Noah leaves the house, Sharon warns him to call in because she will be checking up on him. Noah snaps at her that he heard her! He leaves, and Jack comes into the room. He tries to talk to her about the situation with Noah, but she tells him that she and Nick are handling it. Jack says Katherine's death has made him see how precious life is - he will do whatever it takes to keep her. Sharon says she's heard it all before. Jack then brings up the fact that Nick was in Paris. Sharon tells him to leave Nick out of it - their problems are due to the fact that he lied to her! He apologizes for hurting her, but she doesn't comment, going over to answer the door. It's Traci and Dina. Jack greets them both and introduces Dina to Sharon. As the women go to freshen up before leaving, the doorbell goes again. Jack answers to find an FBI agent standing there. He tells him it's not a good time, and agrees to come to the D.A.'s office in the morning. Sharon asks who that was, and Jack lies again, saying it was a man who had the wrong house!

Nick and Phyllis get ready for the funeral and he tells her that last night was really good. She says that will teach him to go to Paris with his ex-wife. He says, "Whoa, whoa. I wanted you there - every minute." Phyllis looks him in the eye and says she was only joking - she doesn't doubt their commitment to one another. She watches him as she talks. Phyllis gets Summer settled with the nanny, and Sharon calls to tell Nick about Noah going out and what she said to him. Daniel and Amber arrive and Nick gets off the phone. Phyllis asks if everything is alright with Noah, and Nick says they should get going. Daniel takes Phyllis aside and asks her to go easy on Amber - she's having a very difficult time with Katherine's death. Phyllis nods.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Jill asks Chloe kindly how her grandchild is doing. She calls Billy and Cane over to talk to her and says that they need to talk about the will and the business. They are hesitant, but Jill says it's necessary to face it. She announces that she will step into Katherine's shoes immediately and they will both be her right hands! Billy says, "Oh, so I guess I'm getting a promotion!" Cane says the remark was uncalled for, and Jill jumps in to say that until she gets everything sorted out she won't know the role each of them will play. She vows not to make them feel that they can't live up to her expectations, like Katherine did with her. Suddenly, Brock comes in. Jill runs into his arms, saying she's so glad he made it in time. He greets Billy, telling them that Mac couldn't make it, but sends her love to them all. He meets Cane, and remembers 'Kate', who tells him that she changed her name to Chloe. Brock tells Jill that he just spoke to their mother a week ago, and she sounded fine! Jill sobs that she just wishes she had gotten her to see the neurologist sooner! They leave for the service.

In the GCAC dining room, J.T. and Victoria try to get Nikki to have something to eat. Suddenly, J.T. notices Ashley standing in the doorway. He draws Nikki's attention to her, and Nikki takes a sharp intake of breath, looking expectantly at Ashley. Nikki says she is surprised to see her, and Ash says she wouldn't have missed Katherine's funeral, she was her father's best friend. Nikki asks about Victor, but Ashley is evasive. Nikki asks if he knows about Katherine and whether he is coming to the funeral. Ash warns her to let it go, but Nikki keeps going on about it. Ashley tells her it is none of her concern, and that she should move on.

At the church, Brock, Jill, Esther, and Chloe are at the front near the casket. Esther assures Chloe that Katherine knew she appreciated the things she did for her. Brock wishes he had come home more often, and Jill wishes she had had time to apologize. Just then, Nina comes in and hugs Brock, saying she's sorry for his loss. Jill turns and greets her too. She asks if Philip is with her, but Nina says he's still in Iraq. Esther spots Nina next and embraces her tearfully. Nina spots Cane, and Esther tells her who he is. Nina notes that he's cute, but he's no Philip. As a lightheaded Nikki enters with Nick, Victoria and their families, Marge's ghost appears again. She looks around wondering who all these people are, and why they're not playing the Perry Como music she wanted at her funeral. She spots Esther and realizes that it's not her funeral - it's for Katherine Chancellor!

As they all gather around the casket, including now, Danny Romalotti and Gina Roma, whose father, Rex, was once married to Katherine, Marge wonders what is wrong with all these people that they don't know her from their own kin! She starts putting two and two together and realizes that Katherine must still be out there somewhere. She says that Katherine was there for her when she needed her, and now she'll help her! "Hang on Katherine!" Danny moves over to greet Nina and introduces her as a 'dear friend' to Daniel. "This is someone who knew you when you were little." Nina is stunned to see how Daniel has grown. Paul comes in and hugs Nikki, before greeting Danny and Nina. Nina asks about Cricket, but Paul says she's in Europe. Amber walks up to the casket and tells Katherine that she's a little angry with her - she wasn't supposed to go yet and leave her alone. Daniel comes over and puts his arm around her and kisses her hair.

Nikki approaches the casket and winds up being the last one standing there crying when everyone else takes a seat. Jill approaches her and says she is laying it on a little thick - upstaging her yet again where her mother is concerned! Nikki says she doesn't know where this is coming from, but she doesn't appreciate it, especially today! Jill tersely tells her to wring out her hanky and sit down. At the back of the church, Jack and his family arrive. Ashley also comes in, stopping to greet her sister, brother and Dina, who she is surprised to see. Sharon excuses herself, saying she needs to speak with Nick. As Sharon approaches Nick, Phyllis flashes back in her mind to the kiss that she saw them share!

Billy approaches Jack and tells him that he got the big speech this morning. Jack says, "Let me guess, Chairman of the Board." Billy confirms it, adding that he feels Jabot should be back with the Abbotts. Sharon tells Nick that Jack is really upset about them seeing one another in Paris. Nick says it's not like they're keeping a secret, but Sharon notes that they weren't exactly transparent either, and all she can think about is Paris. Nick says it was just a kiss, but Sharon shushes him. Phyllis watches wide-eyed, then suddenly turns to talk to Amber. She says having a broken heart really hurts, noting that Amber obviously really loved Katherine. Amber tells her that Katherine was the only one who took her seriously. Phyllis slightly insults Amber, but quickly backtracks, saying it's a bad day for her too. Phyllis tells her that she is her son's girlfriend, and they are kind of stuck with one another. She suggests a truce and they agree on it.

Mitchell Sherman arrives and Jill introduces him to Billy and Cane. Sherman says that he has scheduled a reading of the will, and that Katherine made some recent changes to it! Jill is concerned, but he won't tell her exactly what is different. Jack beckons Ashley to come and sit with him, but she gives him a funny look and goes to sit alone at the front. Dina thinks it's because of her. Just then, Nikki tells Nick she feels that she's going to be sick. As she stands up in the pew and turns toward the door, Victor appears in the doorway! He strides past Nikki and his children and joins Ashley in the front pew! Nikki nearly faints, and Jack scowls.

Out by the bridge where the car went through the guardrail, Marge's ghost frantically searches for Katherine. When she finally locates her, she is face-down in the ravine and unresponsive. Marge fades away, and Katherine suddenly moves her hand!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

As Victoria and Nick watch their father, Ashley whispers to Victor that he's being stared at!

Brock loses his composure as he gives the eulogy at his mother's funeral.

Murphy finds Katherine and thinks it's Marge. He gets her to wake up!

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