Nick feels grim Young and Restless
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At the penthouse, Adam urges Connor to talk about his latest nightmare. Connor wants his mom to come over, but Adam wants to get through this as a team. Connor dreamt about something big and scary chasing him, and now his stomach hurts. Adam suggests Sharon but Connor wants his mom and agonizes over his stomach pain.

At Nick’s place, he has a delivery from an office supply place but didn’t order anything. Chelsea tries to stop him from opening it, so he assumes it’s from her. She cringes as he reveals a sign that says Nick Newman, Councilman and expresses her regrets. Nick will continue to do good through New Hope. Chelsea must go to the hotel, but they have some time alone first. They’re about to kiss when Adam calls about Connor’s stomach pain. Chelsea tells Nick she’ll go stay there tonight since he’ll be away.

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At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Victoria he has a therapy appointment and is trying to figure out what to do with his life. They joke and kiss. Later, Nick joins Victoria and they catch up on the latest with Billy and Chelsea. Talk turns to Thanksgiving. Nick relays Chelsea’s been staying at Adam’s. Vikki’s sorry – he has every reason to be upset.

At Society, Lola notices Theo brushing up on Jabot. He tells her running their social media is right in his wheelhouse but admits it’s a big deal and he’s nervous. Lola thinks it’s adorable and feels he will crush it. She wishes him luck as he goes.

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Kyle greets Summer at Jabot and tells her she’s earned the title Vice-President of Marketing. He’s not as thrilled about being COO. Summer reveals Theo is doing homework she assigned. Kyle skeptically recalls he vowed to keep an open mind. After, Theo arrives and wants to expense lunch with Summer, but she warns he has to follow the rules. He was just having fun. Kyle listens as Theo brags he’ll silence the doubters and rolls his eyes. He welcomes Theo to Jabot and reminds him he has more than one boss. Theo says he’s studied the organizational chart and Kyle tells him to stop sucking up. Theo makes a presentation to his new team and it goes over well.Summer awkward hug Theo Young and Restless Summer takes him on a tour and Kyle finds Theo’s motivational speech online. He moans, “I should have known…” Summer rejoins Kyle and is dismayed he has issues. Kyle complains he spouted clichés and insists he’s all smoke and mirrors. Summer teases she doesn’t like Kyle today. He apologizes, then leaves. In the hall, Theo catches up with Summer and is happy with his first day. She smiles awkwardly as he hugs her repeatedly.

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In her office, Billy’s therapist learns he quit his executive job. He recalls her saying if he’s always blaming someone else it’s time to look in the mirror. Billy can see the bigger picture now and what drives him. He knows something else is out there for him. The doctor thinks he’s looking for a quick fix, which doesn’t exist. She explains he needs to look at the mistakes of his past and understand each one. She asks, “Do you even like yourself, Billy?” He realizes she thinks he has low self-esteem. The therapist talks about self-sabotaging due to feeling unworthy of respect. Billy sighs. She warns the pattern won’t change until he finds the root cause. Billy tears up.

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Chelsea arrives at the penthouse to find out Connor’s pain has gone since seeing the doctor. Alone, Adam tells Chelsea the kid’s dreams are getting more intense – he’s stuck in panic mode.Chelsea tells Adam and Connor staying Young and Restless They both have reasons to feel guilty and elect to continue working with Sharon. Adam adds the doctor recommended Connor’s parents provide a united front. He promises he has no agenda. Chelsea suggests she stay for a few days when Connor reappears. He’s thrilled. After, Chelsea relays she’s updated Nick. Connor feels the monsters can’t get him if they’re all together.

Kyle joins Lola at Society and she gushes about how cute it was that Theo hoped to make a good first impression.

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At Newman Enterprises, Billy shows up to canoodle with Victoria, but she has to take a conference call. He walks to the elevator looking lost.

At the coffeehouse, Nick looks at Chelsea’s contact information on his phone and gets a grim expression before leaving.

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