Cane glares at Colin Young and Restless
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At Society, Devon’s disappointed that Nick dropped out of the race for city council. Talk turns to Devon giving away his inheritance. He shares that it turns out he may have been scammed. Nick gets up to speed on the details involving Chance and asks if he believes Cane was behind this. Devon says Jill suspected Colin and caught up to him in the Maldives. He wanted to go but Elena disagreed with it, and he still has a lot to be grateful for. Nick senses he’s bothered by more than the money. Devon wonders what it says about him that he allowed himself to be tricked – he feels like an idiot. Nick assures him he’s smart and honest – nothing anyone did changes that.

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In the Maldives, Jill asks how Colin’s paying for the place. Colin grimaces – she probably doesn’t want to know. They are laughing together when Chance shows up. Jill tells him this is a huge misunderstanding – he’s made a very long trip for nothing; all Colin did was right a wrong. Chance informs them there’s no way David Sherman and Tucker McCall made the changes and Cane doesn’t deserve a penny of Katherine’s money. Cane appears and gawps, “What?” as Colin looks shifty. Chance informs Colin he’s screwed as Cane intervenes that the new will was authenticated. Chance says experts can be bought – he encourages Colin to confess. Colin blurts, “It was Cane’s idea.” Jill gapes and Cane looks angry. He says his father’s trying to save his own butt as Chance calls Colin names. Jill questions Cane Young and RestlessColin insists Cane had reasons for hiring Amanda Sinclair. Jill gasps – was he plotting all this time to punish Devon? Cane wouldn’t do that – he’s the victim! Colin decides he’ll give them proof – Jill asked where he got the money to pay for this place and reveals he removed the money from Cane’s account. With that, he tosses his glass at them and runs. Chance and Cane bring him back as Jill hollers. Cane will do whatever it takes to get justice for Devon and clear his name.

Chelsea feels guilty Young and RestlessIn Adam’s penthouse, Chelsea has rearranged things back to how they were when she lived there. He’s fine with it. She’s just trying to keep busy and keep her mind off Simon Black. Talk turns to Connor going back to school. Adam’s glad they’re doing this together. Chelsea worries that her being there won’t be enough. Adam questions her about Nick, but she’s focused on a plan for Connor at school. She feels guilty but Adam reassures her.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Abby rants to Chloe about Phyllis, as two excited older women appear – they’ve picked the place hoping to get caught up in drama as it’s now infamous from the news. They’re in town for the cosplay convention and will be wearing real jewels, which they have in a case.Abby asks Chloe about Chance Young and Restless Abby says their room has a safe and recommends they dine at Society. The women take their case of jewels into the elevator. Abby wishes she had Chance’s expertise and Chloe notices she keeps bringing him up. Abby asks Chloe about him. Chloe recalls they were engaged and he’s honest and trustworthy. Abby wonders if there’s a bad boy lurking within him. Chloe thinks she’ll be disappointed.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam and Chelsea are stunned the principal asked them to pull Connor out and homeschool him. Chelsea wonders if she was concerned about Connor or the school, and worries he’ll feel isolated. Sharon appears and advises them to prioritize Connor’s emotional needs over schoolwork. Adam reveals they’ve put their differences aside for their son’s sake. Adam and Sharon talk Young and RestlessSharon feels things will get better. Chelsea takes a call from Nick and tells him she and Adam have a lot to figure out and will handle it together. Meanwhile, Sharon and Adam enthuse about her connection with Connor. He thinks she’ll make an amazing therapist and wants her to continue. Chelsea rejoins them. Sharon says, “Stay strong,” and walks off. Adam addresses Chelsea’s guilt. She needs to stop beating herself up. They both need to do better.

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At the Grand Phoenix, the two female guests have returned from Society. One is at the bar with Chloe and Abby when the other exits the elevator shouting, “We’ve been robbed!” Abby and Chloe learn the jewelry is gone, but the women won’t let them call the police – they lied to their husbands about where they are.

Sharon finds Nick at Society – she’s sorry he had to drop out of the political race when he did nothing wrong. Nick’s going to focus on New Hope and helping Chelsea get through this. Sharon thinks she and Adam are committed to putting Connor first.

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