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Jack joins Traci in the Abbott living room. She announces that Ashley’s arriving early, then shows him the completed family memoir. She asks him to read it first and let her know what he thinks. Jack will treasure every sentence. Traci leaves, and Jack reads the preface about the book being a labor of love. He tears up reading, “We are the Abbotts…and this is our story.”

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Jack John flashback Young and RestlessNext, Jack reads about John vowing to be the best father possible after his marriage to Dina ended, and how they sought his approval. He recalls telling his father he’s coming back to Jabot. Jack reads on about Dina returning over the years and recalls one of her visits, in which she wanted to remarry John and be a mother again. Dina Jack flashback Young and RestlessHe remembers there were too many people against the reunion and flashes to Jill saying she moved in with John and mockingly calling his ‘son’. The book talks about John’s devotion until his dying day. Jack remembers promising his father in the hospital that he’ll look out for the family and Dina saying she loved him after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

As Jack reads on, the memoir talks about Jabot being John’s ‘first born’ and that it’s still alive today. Jack flashes back to Victor making trouble at the company, arguing with the board of directors about decisions, and recalls telling Ashley she cannot be CEO because she’s not a blood Abbott. The book says John would approve of them now running Jabot together.

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The next excerpt remarks on how the Abbott and Newman families are intertwined and the rivalry between Jack and Victor. Jack Victor flashback Young and RestlessJack recalls a past interaction between them in which Victor offered Jack his father’s company in exchange for Nikki and the children. He also remembers when Victor had a heart attack during a clash, and when he through the CEO chair through a window during one of their fights and told Victor to take a seat. The book notes they’ve mellowed toward one another recently.

The memoir turns to love affairs and Jack remembers proposing to Nikki when they were younger, then the two of them tearfully discussing their baby who didn’t make it. Jack confronts Phyllis Young and RestlessHis heart was transplanted into another infant named John. Jack’s thoughts turn to Phyllis, and how he was drawn to her again and again. He flashes to her flirting with him in the office in the early days, and to an argument they had in the hospital about trying to have a baby when it would put her life at risk. He also recalls an intense confrontation about Phyllis cheating with Nick, and telling ‘Red’ he couldn’t beat his addiction without her.

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Traci, Billy and Ashley arrive, and Jack says he’s been mesmerized by the memoir. Traci urges him to read more. Jack does, and remembers giving Kyle his grandfather’s cufflinks and reads on tearfully about the Abbotts knowing there is always a way back to each other. He recalls making up with Billy as he lay trapped in the rubble of The Underground collapse, and Traci crying about John calling Ashley ‘My Beauty’…it was something she carried with her. Jack also flashes to apologizing to Ashley for the blood Abbott clause and admitting he was afraid to compete with her. The siblings credit their big brother Jack with having courage when it counts. Jack reads, “Thus our story will live on, not just in these pages, but in our traditions, our memories, and our hearts.” They all wipe away tears and agree they need to celebrate. Jack has to do something first… Soon, Abby, Dina, and Kyle have joined them and Jack speaks about Traci’s dedication and creativity in writing the book. They applaud. Traci gets them to clap for her co-writer as well.Jack's toast to the Abbotts Young and Restless Jack tears up, he’s learned so much from the experience. He looks at them all and feels their shared connection. “You are part of me, part of who I am, and that’s never going to change.” He’s grateful for every moment in the past and every moment ahead. Jack toasts to all of the Abbotts, those to come and those in the past. He chokes up, but smiles as everyone says, “Cheers!”

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