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Chelsea arrives at Grand Phoenix as Abby confronts Phyllis about the security system. She thinks Phyllis had backdoor access to devices and wiped the system to cover her tracks. Phyllis denies it, but Abby’s convinced she would use their personal information to get back at them. Phyllis thinks Abby’s losing her mind and suggests she praise her since her technology saved the day. Abby helped the police too. Phyllis agrees, then points out Chelsea was the reason behind the hostage situation. Abby won’t give Chelsea a free pass. Abby fires Phyllis Young and RestlessChelsea apologizes and protests that her son is paying the price, isn’t that enough? Abby tells her to take the day and she leaves. Phyllis starts to go, but Abby complains Chelsea endangered the hotel inadvertently, but Phyllis’ move was calculated. She tells Phyllis she’s fired. Phyllis retorts, “Don’t push me, Abby.” She can’t fire her and has no proof to back up her claims. After, Abby leaves Chance a message thanking him for saving her hotel.

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Nick visits Simon Young and RestlessAt the prison, Nick visits a snarky Simon Black and informs him his business with Chelsea is over. Nick intones that Simon will deal with him from this point forward and will leave Chelsea and her son alone; if Simon goes after anyone he cares about, he’ll use the Newman resources to stop him. Simon insists he’s done with it. Nick says for his sake, he hopes so.

Billy visits Victoria at Newman Enterprises and updates her on his epiphany. He knows what he needs to do… After she hears she thinks it’s big and asks if he has any doubts. Billy doesn’t…it just feels right. She kisses him and wishes him luck.

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At the Abbott residence, Jack is pleased with the progress Traci’s made on the memoir. She thinks they’ll be done in days. She’ll move onto another project and asks what he’ll do. Jack has no idea. Traci’s surprised – she thought he’d return to Jabot. Jack wonders why she’d jump to that conclusion. She replies Kyle and Billy are locked in a power struggle, which can’t be good for the company. Billy arrives and teases Traci about his parts in the book as she leaves. Billy advises Jack that he can’t continue at Jabot as is. Jack assumes he wants him to reduce Kyle’s responsibilities, but Billy reveals he’s had an epiphany and heading a cosmetics firm isn’t what he wants anymore – he resigns; effective immediately. Jack is floored. Billy insists this isn’t a rash decision – he convinced himself his heart’s desire was to sit in the big chair and right his previous screw-up, but he doesn’t feel fulfilled.Billy resigns Young and Restless He credits therapy with showing him that carrying the family legacy is not what he wants. “All I can do is be myself.” Jack is proud and is clearly moved as Billy smiles about finding himself. Later, Jack fills Traci in, and she says, “Good for him.” She can relate, but realizes Jack’s still processing. Jack gets a text and grits, “First Billy, now this. I don’t believe it!” He reveals Ashley is making plans for Theo who accepted her job in Paris. Traci knows it’s a lot and asks what he’ll do about this latest challenge.

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At home, Nick assures Chelsea that Simon’s not a threat anymore – he paid him a visit this morning. Chelsea learns Simon had a guy posted outside they’re house but he’s gone now. They embrace. She wants to get back to how things were before this, but Nick feels they need to look at what’s going on with them and deal with it head-on. She assumes he’s angry. He’s also scared and confused. Nick loves her but they have trust issues. They agree to be transparent and are about to kiss when Connor calls – he had a nightmare during his nap. Nick says she should go.

At Newman, Billy tells Victoria he feels a weight’s been lifted and Jack was supportive. She wants to know what’s next – what are his plans? Billy honestly doesn’t know, but that’s kind of the point. He doesn’t want to be in big business and will spend time with the kids. She loves it. Billy wants to celebrate with her, then he and Jack will make Kyle the happiest guy alive.

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In the jail visiting room, Simon gets a phone and calls his lawyer. He wants a meeting with the Feds – he has information they may find useful…regarding Colin Atkinson.

Nick joins Phyllis at Society’s bar. She says drinks are on her.

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