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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis watches Chance then approaches. She informs him the GCPD are questioning Chelsea about Simon Black, then he asks for Abby. His phone rings and she overhears him talking about a flight to the Maldives. He walks off as Abby appears. Nate enters and she feels terrible about him facing the loss of his medical license. Amanda joins them and takes Nate aside to strategize, but catches him looking at Abby and leads him out. Chance signals Abby as Phyllis sidles up and muses, “Hmm, the Maldives.” Phyllis taunts Chance Young and RestlessShe taunts if she had this security set-up in Vegas she’d know more about his connection to Adam. Chance wants to know her endgame. After, Phyllis informs Abby he’s going to the Maldives. She wonders if it has to do with Simon Black and warns they can’t believe anything Chelsea tells them. Abby finds Chance, who assures her he has a team watching the hotel, and he may take her offer of a room as it’s crowded at the Chancellor house.

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At Society, Kyle lunches with Mariah and talks to her about his issues with Billy. He wants Mariah’s take since Lola doesn’t deal with this sort of thing on the job. Talk turns to Theo. Kyle laments he’s not going anywhere. Switching back to Billy, Mariah advises Kyle to give him the benefit of the doubt. Kyle concedes they’ve been a good team in the past and Billy’s the only other one who sees Theo as a threat. Mariah advises Kyle Young and RestlessMariah learns Summer gets where Kyle is coming from and accuses him of not seeing what’s happening. Summer acts sweet then he’ll wake up and she’ll have ruined his marriage. Mariah believes Theo deserves a second chance – she got one. Kyle has a feeling in his gut telling him not to trust him. Mariah points out Billy’s refusing to let Kyle live down his mistakes and he’s doing the same thing to Theo.

At Crimson Lights, Summer learns Ashley asked Theo to work with her in Paris. Summer thinks Genoa City would be boring without him, but wouldn’t hold him back. She suggests a long-distance relationship could be fun and feels it’s a rite of passage for the Abbotts. Theo doesn’t consider himself an Abbott and wonders if it’s a test or if it will change him. Summer thinks he would earn a good paycheck and wouldn’t have to be so hungry. Theo likes being hungry; it gives him his edge. He teases about the two of them having a going-away ‘party’. Summer asks him to let her know when he decides. Alone, Theo watches as Nate and Amanda enter and Lola comes in and greets them since Nate saved her life. Theo hears Lola say she and Kyle couldn’t be happier and looks disheartened. On the patio, Amanda practices her closing statement to Nate, who’s very impressed. Nate tries out his statement and Amanda wants him to sound more passionate. Inside, Theo tells Lola he’s getting calls for money from people who’ve heard he’s related to the Abbotts. Lola can relate due to her father. Theo asks what she’d think of him if he took an opportunity offered by the Abbotts. Lola encourages him to embrace the opportunities and hold onto who he is.

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Summer joins her mother at Grand Phoenix and mentions Theo’s opportunity. Phyllis thinks Kyle should be the one to go – him and Lola. Summer argues and Phyllis takes issue with her defending him when he’s done horrible things to her. Summer walks out. In the lounge, Chance is scanning the hotel’s security system. Abby wonders why he asked her, not Phyllis. He thought she’d be more receptive to the idea. Chance learns the software was reinstalled overnight and worries that someone had a backdoor into their wi-fi system. Abby’s furious and will handle it. Chance leaves and Phyllis strolls over. Abby tells Phyllis she found out something very interesting…about her.

At home, Kyle massages Lola’s shoulders and tells her he’ll ease off on Theo and give him a chance. Lola’s glad. They kiss and head to the bedroom.

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At Society’s bar, Theo tells Ashley by phone that he’s in.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda is optimistic about the outcome of Nate’s trial and touts Victor Newman coming through. Nate will never forget how passionately she spoke on his behalf. She believes in her client. Nate takes a call – he’s keeping his medical license. They hug.

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