Adam arrives at Heather's office and he asks her to get him out of this meeting with the FBI. She says that isn't going to happen - even she had to answer questions, since he told her that he was the one who sold it! She warns that they'll want to know all about Jack Abbott's role in this. Adam remarks that he shouldn't be so nervous - they only want to know where Victor is, and he has no idea. Heather again asks what he is going to say about Jack - it's obvious they were working together - they were joined at the hip. Adam sighs and says that he told Jack when he found the diary in the trash. Heather warns him not to leave anything out when he talks to the FBI. Just then, the agent arrives to speak to him. Heather leaves the room. Adam answers the FBI's questions and signs a statement. As he is about to leave, he sees Detective Gil bringing in Frank Ellis (the forger) in handcuffs!

At the Chancellor Mansion, Jack is expressing his condolences to Esther. He goes to leave and encounters Phyllis at the door. He asks to speak with her for a moment privately, and wants to know if she knew that Nick was in Paris with Sharon. Phyllis simply says, "Yes," and pushes past him into the house, saying she needs to spend some time with Esther.

In Paris, Victor pleads with Ashley, who is preparing to leave soon, to stay with him - he wants them to be together! Ashley says she wants that too, but she can't stay, she has commitments! He tells her that he'll do whatever she likes, but he won't return to Genoa City. They discuss it further, and she suggests that he reconsider going home to clear his name. He says the only thing he needs to know is that she thinks he's innocent. She tells him she is going back to Genoa City and she'd like him to go with her. He says goodbye to his 'sweet Ashley' and walks away.

Karen asks Neil if he wants to talk about Katherine's passing. He leans against the bar in Indigo and says she just didn't deserve to die like that. They discuss how generous it was of her to pay Ana's tuition. Neil notes that it makes you realize how fragile life is - that's why they shouldn't wait. Karen seems puzzled, and Neil explains that he wants them to be married! Karen admits she is afraid of marrying him and leaving him a widow - he's already been through that! Neil says he's scared of not having her in his life. "You've gotta' grab life and hold onto it!" Karen grins. Just then, Ana, Tyra and Detective Gil come in - they've been out for ice cream. Gil has to leave, and gives Tyra a gentle kiss as he goes. They all sit down and Karen says she thinks Tyra and Gil are a good match. Neil warns her to go slow, she hardly knows him. Tyra says she's just worried about him finding out that Ana's not her daughter. Karen looks uncomfortable as Neil again asks Tyra to be cautious. When Tyra leaves the table, Karen tells Neil that she thinks he's being too protective - Gil is obviously a great guy! Neil assures her that it's his duty to look out for Tyra and Ana - they're his family! Karen then tells Neil that she doesn't want to waste anymore time either - she agrees to marry him and they embrace!

Daniel cradles Amber as she lies in bed, devastated over the loss of Katherine. He tells her that Katherine once told him she saw a little of herself in Amber. Amber says it's true - she used to be a little wild too. He asks what she thinks Katherine would say right now. Amber admits that she would tell her to quit wallowing. Suddenly she has an idea. She tells Daniel that she has all of the information on the publisher that wanted to print Katherine's book - she'll do it for her, in her memory! Amber gets on the phone with the publisher and is saying that Katherine's memoir deserves to be published. She pretends to have another publisher on the other line and puts them on hold. Daniel shows Amber the sketch he just finished of Katherine. Amber loves it. She then goes back on the line, telling the publisher that they'll need to act fast!

Jill is meeting with the funeral director to plan the service for Katherine. Nikki enters and suggests a poem, but Jill cuts her short. "I think I'm a better judge of what my mother would want. We don't need your help, thank you, Nikki." Nikki sighs, and they get to talking about the flowers. Again, Jill coolly tells her she's made arrangements with her own florist. Nikki then suggests "Amazing Grace" as the music for the service. Jill abruptly says, "Nikki, I'm Katherine's daughter, not you!" Suddenly the funeral director asks if they'd like to have a viewing - it might help bring them closure. He opens the casket, and Nikki tearfully remarks that she doesn't look like herself. Jill says she should have died in her sleep. Nikki apologizes for butting in earlier and assures her that she's there if she needs anything. Jill thanks her and Nikki leaves. Jill kneels beside the casket, saying, "Can you ever forgive me for letting you down?" Jill tells her mother that she realizes she treated her terribly these past few months. She notes how impatient she's been, and how she didn't notice that she was drinking again. She remembers how good Kay was to her after Ji Min died, and how she wasn't there for her when she had the chance to return the favor. She says she knows that in spite of all the things they put one another through, that she loved her, and says she thanks her for that. "I love you, Katherine."

Phyllis comes in to find Jack waiting for her in the tack house. He says he knows she keeps a spare key under the pot outside. He asks if she thinks anything is going on between their spouses. Phyllis flatly denies having any such idea, but Jack says she may not be so sure if she'd seen what he has! He describes the embrace he witnessed at the Abbott Mansion, and tells her that if he has picked up on the vibes between them, he's sure she hasn't missed it! Phyllis tells Jack to go to a shrink, but not to bring this trash to her house. "Get out before my husband gets home!" She slams the door behind him. Once he's gone, Phyllis finally lets it all out, screaming and overturning furniture, until winded, she lets the tears fall.

Outside the tack house, Jack takes a frantic call from Adam, who tells him to meet him at Crimson Lights right away - he's just seen Frank Ellis being brought into the police station in handcuffs! Jack is suitably shaken and agrees to meet Adam immediately! When he gets to the coffeehouse, Jack says that he's found out that Frank was brought in on an unrelated charge, but Adam worries that he might try to work out a deal using them as leverage. Adam also warns Jack that they have another problem - his wife's been talking to Heather! Adam warns Jack that he hopes he can trust his wife!

Paul arrives at Heather's office and she is beaming, saying she has big news! He notices her ring, and asks, "Is that what I think it is?" She starts rambling saying that she is indeed engaged to Adam and she really loves him and that if he wants a father/daughter relationship he'll have to accept this. Paul cuts her off and, smiling, tells her that he's very happy for her. He gives her a hug, and prepares to leave. Adam comes in as he's on the way out the door. Paul tells him to take care of his daughter. Heather smiles and tells Adam that her father has given them his blessing! They kiss, and Paul watches unseen, looking concerned.

Sharon, Nick and Noah arrive at the Abbott Mansion, and Noah is told to go upstairs and contemplate what he did in Paris. Once alone, Sharon gives Nick a hug and tells him that she wants him to know how much it meant to her that he took the time to show her around Paris. Nick leaves. Jack comes in soon afterward and Sharon asks if he has sent flowers for Katherine. He says he has, and asks if she would like something to eat. She says she is going to unpack and coolly goes upstairs.

Nikki returns to the funeral home to say her own goodbye to Katherine. Alone with the casket, she speaks of how she was the mother she never had, and that if it weren't for her, she wouldn't even be there to say goodbye - she would have drank herself to death! Nikki says she regrets so much that she just kept piling her own problems on to Katherine, and didn't realize what was going on with her. Nikki gasps as she says she will never see her again. "I love you."

Nick returns home to find the door locked. When he calls out, Phyllis answers, clad in a black negligee. She asks him how Paris was, and he replies, "Forget Paris. I'm just so glad to be home!" He and Phyllis begin to kiss avidly!

In Ashley's hotel room, she has just finished packing when Victor turns up at the door. She says, "Please tell me you have decided to come back to Genoa City with me."

Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor Mansion and Jill is appalled to hear that Amber has made a deal with a publisher to print Katherine's memoirs. Jill tells her to undo it right away, but Amber argues that it was something that Katherine so keenly wanted! Jill curses her for bringing this to her at such an inappropriate time, and throws them out, telling them she wants every copy of that manuscript!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis says to Nick that the one thing she doesn't doubt is their commitment to one another. "Right?"

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, J.T. draws Victoria and Nikki's attention to Ashley, who has just appeared in the doorway. "Look who's back in town!"

Jack receives a visit at home from Agent Dillon of the FBI!

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