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At the Grand Phoenix, Abby complains to Rey about her cancelations then debates with him about whether Phyllis and her security system helped. She wonders how to ensure nothing like this happens again. Rey explains Simon Black was one step ahead of everyone. Abby crabs about Chelsea being hooked up with the guy and wants information that will help her get Phyllis out for good. Rey can’t help. Kevin appears and Rey asks him to answer Abby’s questions about security. He leaves and Kevin asks after Chelsea. Abby says she’s not there and she’s not a fan right now. Kevin presses. She wonders why he’s so concerned about her. Kevin calls her paranoid.

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At Adam’s penthouse, Phyllis pours herself a drink despite Chance and Adam trying to get rid of her. Chance guesses she followed him. Phyllis rolls her eyes, “Get over yourself, Cloak and Dagger.” She wants to talk about saving her hotel and alludes to ‘threats from within’. She thinks Chance knows who she’s talking about. Adam urges her to make her point. Phyllis is reluctant due to his relationship with Chelsea, but asks Chance if her business partner is a liability. Phyllis questions Chance Young and RestlessChance wouldn’t tell her if he knew. Adam advises her to direct her questions to Chelsea and insists she leave. Phyllis knows his tricks and has seen things…because of that, she knows he hasn’t changed at all. After she’s gone, Chance worries that Phyllis picked up on something in Vegas. Adam is certain she knows nothing, but Chance points out it wouldn’t be good for them if she ever found out what really happened. Adam will handle Phyllis. Chance agrees she’s his problem for now but warns Adam to ensure she doesn’t become ‘their’ problem.

Victoria enters her office to find Billy in her chair – he’s done work for the day. Billy and Victoria kiss Young and RestlessVictoria still has a video conference. She remotely closes the door as he moves in to kiss her. Billy keeps trying to canoodle as he’s turned on by her business talk and Victoria decides they need to mix it up a little. She locks the door. After sex, Billy asks if it was okay to come and surprise her. Victoria loves that he’s exciting and unpredictable, it’s what makes him the love of her life. Victoria does her conference call, then Billy calls her a star and starts kissing her again.

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At the ranch, Jack and Nikki discuss the hotel ordeal. Victor appears – he’s texted both of his sons to ask about Connor but hasn’t heard back. Jack offers to call them, but Victor says that won’t be necessary. Jack and Nikki turn their thoughts to Nick’s campaign. Victor thinks they have their work cut out. They read the latest articles and Nikki complains about Chelsea associating with criminals. Jack thinks their best option is to ride it out. Victor listens, then interjects they should be concerned about the damage to Nikolas, not his campaign. The Mustache exits and Nikki confirms to Jack he never wanted Nick to run for office. Talk turns back to strategy. Jack doesn’t want to give up.

At Nick’s place, Chelsea frets as she listens to Nick tersely assuring a reporter by phone that he’s continuing his campaign and will put out a statement. Afterward, he says this is out-of-control and warns it will get worse – the police are going to want to know about her connection to Simon Black. Chelsea feels bad Young and RestlessNick marvels that the press has forgotten all about him impersonating JT. Chelsea encourages Nick to lash out at her. He won’t. Chelsea decides she’ll confess to the media to get them off his back. Nick warns she could go to jail and it would only fuel concerns about his judgement. He assures Chelsea they’re in this together and hugs her. Chelsea worries he’ll drop out and pleads with him not to give up on his dreams. Later, Nick tells her he’s decided. He calls Jack, who is still with Nikki and Victor, and informs them he’s dropping out to focus on his family.

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Kevin’s leaving Grand Phoenix when Phyllis stops ‘Agent Fisher’. She saw the tape of him and Chloe dressed up as feds and thinks there’s a connection between Simon Black, Chance Chancellor and Chelsea – she wants to know what it is. Kevin claims they were dressed for a costume party, but Phyllis knows that’s a lie – he knew something was brewing. Kevin suggests she knew too but kept quiet because she wants to take back the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis remarks on his imagination and walks off. She joins Abby and reminds her the security system saved her butt yesterday. Abby still thinks she’s up to something and the system is a good place to finding what it is. Phyllis needles about Chelsea damaging their business and stalks off.

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