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In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Simon pulls out his gun as Abby offers him the contents of the hotel safe. Simon says it’s not nearly enough. Abby suggests he negotiate with Chelsea, who reassures Connor. Upstairs, Chance locks Phyllis’ suite and she opens her laptop while grilling him about Katherine’s will. He has a theory who hired Amanda, but wants her to stop talking. He takes a call and needs to see the lobby. They watch Simon barking orders to Abby, who goes to the computer to lock down the upstairs guests, while Chelsea tells Adam to let her handle this.Chelsea calms Connor Young and Restless When Simon moves away to address Adam and Chelsea’s whispering, Abby asks him to ease off. Chelsea works to assuage Connor’s fear. In Amanda’s suite, Cane informs her the elevators aren’t moving; they’re trapped. She’s very much on edge. Cane asks, “Where were you locked up and who put you there?” Amanda tells him she’s going to take a drink and he can mind his business. In Phyllis’ suite, Chance decides they have to call for reinforcements. Simon, Abby, Chelsea hostage Young and RestlessDownstairs, Chelsea tells Simon she can wire him the one million dollars from her mother, but he doesn’t trust her and takes their cellphones. While he’s busy, Abby pushes the panic button. Upstairs, Phyllis updates Chance on Abby’s actions, and texts her they got her message. Chance, meanwhile, looks at the hotel’s schematics.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick’s glad to have Jack in his corner for his campaign and wonders why Chelsea’s not there yet. Jack coaches Nick Young and RestlessPaul and Rey enter and announce the debate has been canceled due to a hostage situation at the Grand Phoenix. Nick blurts that Chelsea and Abby are there. Paul talks to Chance by phone and gets up to speed. Chance wants Paul to speak to the hostage-taker. Paul relays the information to Rey, who tells Nick that Abby, Chelsea, Adam and Connor have been taken hostage.

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In the hotel lobby, Abby answers the phone and puts Simon on with Paul. Upstairs, Chance asks Phyllis to text Abby again. Downstairs, Abby discreetly moves to her hidden cellphone. In the suite, Chance instructs Phyllis to tell Abby they can see her and ask for her help. They see her nod. On the lobby phone, Simon wants his demands met and puts him on speakerphone so Paul can hear everyone is okay. Paul suggests Simon surrender but he’s not keen and gets in a scuffle at gunpoint with Adam before pulling Connor away from him and Chelsea. He and Connor will go on the jet. Chelsea frets as she tells Adam this is about Calvin’s money. Adam vows to get her and Connor out of there, whatever it takes.Amanda paces Young and Restless Simon tells Paul he has thirty minutes before people start dying…starting with the little boy. Upstairs, Chance gets the elevator override key from Phyllis, who will be his eyes. She understands she’s not to call him or leave the room. He exits. In Amanda’s suite, she tells Cane there are cops outside and worries about the press zeroing in on them. He guesses she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s there. Amanda doesn’t live her life for public consumption. Cane warns her old life will catch up with her.

At Crimson Lights, Nick hollers at Paul and Rey. Paul tells him to calm down and assures him they have a plan. “Let us do our jobs.”

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At the Grand Phoenix, Chance gets into the duct system through the elevator. In the lobby, Adam wants Simon to take him instead of Connor – he’s higher profile and knows how to get away with a crime. He offers to give Simon a whole new life if he walks out of there with him. Upstairs, Phyllis gets a call from Chance and updates him on everyone’s position in the lobby.

In Crimson Lights, Nick follows Rey and Paul after they tell him they’re moving in on the hotel now.

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In the Grand Phoenix duct system, Chance texts Abby, “Get ready.” Abby tells Simon that Adam can pull off everything he’s claiming. Simon grabs Connor and is done talking. As Simon aims his gun at Adam, Abby screams, “Stop!” and Phyllis tells Chance, “Now!” Chance drops from the ceiling, punches Simon and the authorities swarm in. Nick runs to Chelsea as Adam holds Connor. Upstairs, Amanda assures Cane she’s fine. He exits and she exhales. Downstairs, Paul and Chance shake hands over the good bust. Jack checks on Abby as Chance says she was pivotal. Phyllis appears – the real work was behind-the-scenes. Chelsea promises to answer Nick’s questions later and joins Connor and Adam in an embrace.

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