Jack sits down at home, and checks his watch, wondering what time it is in Paris. He calls Sharon.

Nick sits in the lobby of Noah's hotel, remembering the kiss from yesterday. Sharon walks in and just then her phone rings - it's Jack. He hears Nick's voice and is surprised that he's in Paris, but Sharon tells him it's not a good time to talk and hangs up. Sharon turns to Nick and asks him not to bring up what happened yesterday. They wait for Noah to return from his group, but the tour leader tells them that Noah left the group the night before, saying he was meeting his parents! He tells them that Noah left the group with Eden. Nick and Sharon are flabbergasted at this news - Nick threatens to sue! Sharon and Nick discuss this development and Nick assures her that he's just on an adventure and that they will throttle him when he shows up. Just then, Nick gets a call that Noah is in jail!

Jack throws the phone across the room after talking to Sharon and realizing she is with Nick. John suddenly appears and warns him to make sure he's getting angry at the right person - he's only got himself to blame. Jack contends that Sharon has no place to get on her high horse about him lying - if he hadn't heard Nick in the background she wouldn't have told him! Jack wonders why Sharon is avoiding his calls, and John urges him to call again and let her know how much this marriage means to him. Jack is sure that if he does that she'll feel crowded.

Nikki knocks at Victoria's door. It opens and Victoria is aghast at the sight of her mother's stricken face. Nikki tells her that Katherine was in a car accident and that she is dead. Victoria gives her mother tea while Nikki talks about finding Katherine, and how her eyes were open. Vikki says she is sorry that she had to go through that. Nikki explains that she and Jill knew Kay was drinking again, but that she thought it would turn out okay. She laments that she was too wrapped up in her own drama to realize what was happening with Katherine. Victoria tries to assuage her guilt, but Nikki says she has reason to feel responsible - she talked Jill out of having the police start searching for Kay right away. "Maybe it is my fault!" Nikki begins to sob, "First Sabrina, now Katherine. All that blood is on my hands!" Victoria holds her.

At the Chancellor Mansion, Esther and Jill hold each other briefly in shared grief, they discuss with disbelief that Katherine is gone. Cane comes into the room as Jill nearly collapses. He catches her in his arms and says he'll take care of trying to get a hold of Billy.

Sitting in Crimson Lights with Lily. Billy answers his cell phone when it rings. He tells Cane that he's sorry - he realized just recently that his phone has been turned off all day. He asks if something is wrong in Hong Kong, but when he hears what Cane has to say, his expression drops. "Oh no."

In Paris, Ashley and Victor decide to get out of bed and go get croissants. As they walk along and marvel at the beauty of the city, Victor stops and asks Ashley if she'll stay there with him. When they return to the hotel room, Ashley, who has picked up a newspaper along the way, becomes strangely silent. When he asks her what is wrong, she holds up the front page - a headline says that Victor confessed to murder in a diary! Ashley tells Victor that he needs to go home and take care of this, and that the reason she came to find him was to take him back to those who love him in the first place! Victor says he didn't write a journal, and he has no intention of ever setting foot in Genoa City again!

Alone in the living room, Cane thanks Chloe for helping him look after both their mothers. He confides in her what a childhood fantasy it was for him coming there and how Katherine, especially, embraced him and was there for him - and now she's gone. Chloe says she is sorry and moves to give him a hug. As they hold one another, Lily walks in and stops dead in her tracks. Billy is right behind her. Chloe goes over and tells Billy she is sorry about his grandmother, giving him a quick hug, then turns to Lily and thanks her for coming and gives her a hug! Lily is speechless. Jill comes into the room, and Billy rushes into her arms. When they finally sit down, Billy tells his mother he doesn't understand - Katherine hadn't had a drink in years. Jill blames herself, wondering if the recent pushing she'd been doing had driven her to drink again. Chloe approaches Esther and they share a heartfelt moment as Chloe reaches out and acknowledges Esther's pain. They embrace. Lily speaks quietly to Cane, saying she is sorry for his loss, and that she understands what it's like to lose someone so important.

Nick and Sharon arrive at the Parisian jail and try to understand how Noah got into this trouble. Noah is stunned to hear that Eden hasn't returned to the hotel yet. The police explain that they are looking for her. Noah tells his parents what happened, and the police officer vouches for him, saying they have an ongoing problem with hoodlums in that cemetery. Just then, Eden rushes in and flies into Noah's arms. He sheepishly introduces her to his parents. Nick's only remark is, "So you're the girl that was dancing with my son at that party." Nick decides he'll go back to Genoa City with Noah and Sharon. They question Eden about her parents, but she tells them that her father is in jail and her mother's dead. Nick says he's sorry to hear that, and she finally tells him that Michael Baldwin is her brother. Nick gives him a call.

Michael is on the phone at home. As Lauren listens, he explains to the caller that he won't comment on a diary that is a fake. He says they have petitioned the court to have the publishing of it stopped, and to have it authenticated. He hangs up, and tells Lauren that he is at a loss - he's no longer the attorney for Victor! Suddenly, the phone rings again. Lauren looks at the caller ID and sees that it's Nick. She wonders if perhaps he's found Victor. Lauren puts him on speakerphone, and they listen with amazement as Nick relays the whole story of Noah and Eden's little adventure on the field trip. Michael asks to speak with Eden. She gets on the phone and Michael begins to tear into her about what could have happened and what would he have told Lowell if something had happened to her. Eden starts to cry and Lauren pokes Michael telling him to be nice. Michael sighs and says they are glad she's alright and tells her to listen to the adults in charge of her. She hands the phone back to Nick.

Jack's telephone rings and he answers it. Billy tells him about Katherine's death and asks him to pass the news on to Sharon if he doesn't mind. Jack hangs up, shocked, and John whispers to him that he needs to cherish the people he loves - that's why he has to call Sharon and tell her how much she means to him!

Back in the Chancellor living room, Esther tells a story from Katherine's past. It's about Derek Thurston, Katherine's husband at the time, and Colonel Austin, who was madly in love with her. The Colonel didn't like the way Derek was treating her, so he challenged Derek to a duel! She notes that Katherine acted outraged, but secretly loved the attention! Jill sobs, "Katherine, are you really gone?"

Still in the police station, Sharon takes a call from Jack. He breaks the news that Katherine Chancellor was killed in a car accident. Sharon thanks him, telling him she'll call him later. Sharon then tells Nick and Noah, who rushes into his mother's arms. Nick calls his sister, who says she's with Nikki and that she was with Jill when they found her. "She's in pretty bad shape, Nick."

Phyllis is at the tackhouse with the nanny. She takes Summer up to bed, telling the nanny she can go and she'll pay her for all of the days they agreed upon. Suddenly, the phone rings. Phyllis answers, asking why Jack is calling her so late. He tells her about Katherine. Phyllis, in turn, calls Michael and Lauren and tells them about Katherine too.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Jack that she trusts her husband. Jack says he's not sure she would if she'd seen what he's seen!

Sharon tells Nick how much it meant to her that he showed her around Paris.

Phyllis has a breakdown.

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