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At the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea leaves Nick an apologetic voicemail. Abby, who was talking to Simon, walks over and tells Chelsea a handsome guest was looking for her – he won’t be leaving until his business is wrapped up. Abby’s stunned when Chelsea offers up her share of the hotel. Nick appears and Abby assumes she’s joking about buying her out. Nick chortles that Chelsea loves it there. Talk turns to Nick running for council and once alone, Nick asks Chelsea why she missed his press conference.Nick and Chelsea apology Young and Restless Chelsea rambles she was putting out fires then suggests she should stay in the background of his campaign. Nick can’t do it without her. Nearby, Abby updates Rey that Adrian checked out this morning…and didn’t pay his bill. Rey offers money but she won’t take it. Later, Abby brings a reporter over to interview Nick and Chelsea. Nick goes on about giving back to his community and Chelsea zones out as she spots Simon watching. When Nick sees the reporter out, Simon gives her 24 hours to get him the money her dead husband owes him. Chelsea need more time. He gives her 48 hours. Chelsea phones Kevin – she needs his help.

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At Kyle’s apartment, Jack has the results of Theo’s DNA test – he’ll share them with Kyle first. Jack relays Theo is Dina’s grandson. Kyle snarks that his father should go tell him the good news, they can celebrate together. Lola intervenes as Kyle warns Jack will regret pursuing this. After Jack leaves, Lola thinks Kyle was harsh – he’ll have to deal with the news about Theo. Kyle complains his whole family will be turned upside-down by the opportunist. Lola argues he should keep an open mind. Kyle hollers, “Give me a break, Lola,” after she insists Theo’s trying to become a better person. She yells about Kyle treating her like a fool and slams into the bedroom. After, Kyle and Lola agree this shouldn’t come between them. He admires her big heart but wants her to keep her eyes open. Lola reminds him he owes someone else an apology.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah’s pleased to see Sharon got flowers from Rey and hear that their date didn’t end until this morning.Mariah worries about Adam Young and Restless Sharon explains how ‘not-boring’ Rey is, and Mariah warns her to keep it PG. Mariah’s behind the pairing but worries Adam will mess things up for them again. Sharon argues it’s different this time and Rey even urged her to help Adam’s son. Mariah invites Sharon to a get-together she’s having tonight. She’s surprising Tessa for their anniversary and Sharon thinks she’ll love it. Mariah marvels at being in a healthy long-term relationship.

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At the Abbott mansion, Theo marvels at being related to the Abbotts after becoming friends with Kyle. Jack says Kyle needs time to process. Theo asks where they go from here. Jack figures they’ll work through it together. There’s something Theo would like to do as soon as possible – he’d like to meet his grandmother. Jack warns she won’t be able to give him answers. Theo knows his dad would want him to have the chance he never got. Soon, Dina’s there sipping tea and Jack says, “This is Theo Vanderway.” Dina begins to cry, “Did you say Vanderway?” She adds, “Eric is that you?” Dina and Theo meet Young and RestlessTheo goes along and says, “Yes it is.” She asks, “Do they love you? Your parents?” Theo says they do, very much. Dina and Theo both get teary. She says, “I wish I…” then gets tired. Theo thanks Jack sincerely then listens as Jack reminds Dina he’s her son. Later, Jack returns from taking Dina home to find Kyle there with an apology. Kyle says it won’t be long until Theo starts asking for things. Jack relays he already did – he wanted to meet Dina and it went well for both of them. Kyle’s skeptical and still doesn’t trust Theo. Jack says he’ll have to find a way to accept this – Theo is family now and Jack will ensure he feels welcome.

In Society’s kitchen, Rey tells Lola their dad left town but stiffed the Grand Phoenix. Lola can’t believe he did that to Abby and grumbles she has enough to deal with. Rey asks what else is going on. Lola mentions Kyle has family drama as she sees him off to meet Sharon. Theo arrives and Lola asks how he’s feeling. Theo doesn’t want to put her in the middle, but she insists. He tells her about Dina thinking he was his dad – he felt a connection with her; it was amazing, then it was gone. He felt like he lost something he never had. Theo thought he knew who he was, now he’s not so sure.

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Rey joins Sharon at Crimson Lights and asks her out again. Sharon invites him to Mariah’s party. On the patio, Mariah tells Tessa she’ll see her tonight by phone, then starts texting people.

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