Chelsea panics Young and Restless
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At the ranch, Nikki catches Victor sneaking candy for breakfast. He may also watch The Price is Right. Nikki mentions things getting very busy soon as she rushes off.

At Nick’s house, he tells Chelsea it’s a big day today. She thinks he looks confident and sexy and starts undressing him. “I’m taking your clothes off councilman.” Nick can’t be late for his press conference. She relays they’re not having sex; she’s just removing his Italian suit which sends the wrong message – he needs to be his ‘down-to-earth’ self. Nikki refuses request Young and RestlessChelsea worries about their pasts holding him back. Nick reassures her and they agree to meet later. Nikki appears and is thrilled Nick’s decided to run for city council. Chelsea leaves and Nick asks his mother to help manage his campaign. Nikki responds, “Absolutely not.” She’s honored but feels the Newman baggage and her connection to Newman Enterprises would negatively affect his chances. Nick insists; she ran for office before and her advice would be indispensable. Nikki will only help unofficially. Nick persuades her to come to the press conference.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda is on the phone and learns ‘he’ is still in the same location. She disconnects as Nate arrives and reads the letter from the medical board. Amanda asks to hear his version of events again, then instructs him to never tell that story again to anyone but her. She questions whether his relationship with Abby played a role – she doesn’t see him as the type who would throw everything away over a woman. Nate becomes angry and irritated. Amanda notes she provoked him deliberately and learned he’s not afraid to defend himself. Nate explains he was reluctant when Victor proposed the plan but decided to go along with it. Abby didn’t directly encourage him; he was convinced there was a threat to his patient. Amanda zeroes in on him putting his career on the line for a man’s life – that’s what they’ll sell…hard. Nate offers to talk to Devon, but Amanda feels he should focus on Victor. Nate’s afraid of what he might say to him. Amanda will do the talking – Victor’s his best chance at winning. By the check-in desk, a man named Simon Black, (played by Jeffrey Vincent Parise), introduces himself to Chelsea and addresses her as Chelsea Boudreaux.Simon and Chelsea panic Young and Restless Chelsea doesn’t recall meeting him. Simon informs her she has something of his and he’d like it back. Chelsea’s mystified, but Black explains he and Calvin were colleagues, but when he went to collect his final obligation – from the storeroom – he found it empty. Chelsea looks panicked then plays innocent.

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At Society, Victor spots Kevin, who congratulates him on faking his death so well. They spar about their past arrangement and Chloe and Adam returning to town. Kevin assures him Chloe won’t go after Adam again. Kevin gets a call, says, “Dammit,” and rushes out. Amanda and Nate enter and Victor remarks on her resemblance to Hilary. Amanda notes if anyone’s come back from the dead, it’s not her. Victor heard about the medical board’s decision and is keen to help Nate. Amanda’s pleased and wants him to give a statement, but Nate blurts out how much he regrets getting caught up in his scheme.Nate and Amanda discuss his outburst Young and Restless He goes on that Victor can’t move people around like pieces on a chessboard and complains that he let Adam walk. He was just his doctor who signed on to protect him and now he could lose his license – Victor rose from the ashes unscathed, but he could lose everything! Amanda stops Nate. Victor knows the damage he did and informs Nate he’ll take the blame for it all. After Victor leaves, Amanda chastises Nate; that could have been disastrous. Outside, Victor makes a call to find out everything on Amanda Sinclair.

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At Crimson Lights, Nikki coaches a nervous Nick, who goes on about finding out who he was and being different from his family, starting with when he bought the coffee house. He wants to wait for Chelsea to arrive and wonders where she is. Nikki questions if she’s truly happy about him running for public office and urges him not to wait on her. Nick starts the presser and announces his candidacy as Nikki looks on proudly. After, Nick’s disappointed Chelsea never came and senses something’s wrong.

At the Grand Phoenix, Simon notes Chelsea’s circumstances have improved since Calvin’s demise and muses life can be short. He isn’t buying her act and will be in touch. Kevin arrives and Chelsea tells him she needs the money all back. Kevin can’t do that – the money’s gone. Chelsea freaks out. Kevin says the Feds were investigating the bank and seized all the accounts. Chelsea gasps, “The government took my money!” She hyperventilates.

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