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At the Grand Phoenix, Abby tells an employee Halloween is extra-crazy – she’s going to crash in an available suite. Across the way, Rey gifts Sharon with jewelry and asks her to say the night doesn’t have to end. They walk off holding hands and end up making love in a suite. In her suite, Phyllis grumbles she doesn’t need Adam’s $2 million dollars. She dozes off and dreams that Sharon is her nervous secretary and she runs Newman Enterprises. Phyllis arrives to her office, where her portrait has replaced Victor’s and Sharon scrambles to meet her requests. Phyllis gives a press conference, and, in her bed, she smiles. Back in her dream, the Abbotts are shown into Phyllis’ office.Phyllis mogul dream Young and Restless She fires Kyle for breaking her daughter’s heart and turns down Jack’s pitch. Next, the Newmans fill the office. Phyllis lectures about what she’ll expect from them but realizes none of them are looking at her – she’s invisible. The Newmans discuss Phyllis’ tragic downfall – she’s destitute and living on the streets. Nick suggests helping her out with funds from the Newman Foundation and they all laugh uproariously. Phyllis awakens with a start. She makes her way downstairs to ensure the employees can see her.

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In Sharon and Rey’s suite, he dreams he and Sharon team up to steal jewelry from the ranch and Sharon tries to seduce him there while the Newmans are at the gala. Rey's dream on Halloween Young and RestlessThey hear a noise and Sharon leaves – she’ll meet him at the designated spot. The dream jumps to Rey in Lola’s apartment, where she tells him Sharon didn’t show up at the meeting spot. Adam arrives to let Rey know that Sharon used him and they’re together. Sirens ring out. Rey realizes Adam tipped off the cops. Adam snarks, “Someone had to take the fall. Tough break” Rey awakens, heart-pounding. He gets up to look out the window and shakes his head at himself.

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Arriving at home, Lola thanks Kyle for being a good sport at Mariah’s party. Talk turns to Theo and the possibility he’s Kyle’s cousin. They cuddle up to watch TV and Kyle dozes off. He dreams that Theo has turned the Abbott Thanksgiving into a tequila party and is trashing the mansion. Kyle's Theo nightmare Halloween Young and RestlessTheo takes Lola to the kitchen and Abby appears to gush to Kyle about the fab party and complains about him being with the food truck girl. Kyle and Lola are about to leave when the mention of Summer’s name causes trouble. Lola screams at Kyle to get over her and Mariah appears to defend her. Jack arrives, furious, and tells Theo he’s out, but Theo has had him declared incompetent – he’s going to live with Dina. Kyle awakens as Theo roars that the party will go on for eternity. Kyle fills Lola in on his nightmare and she takes him off to bed.

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At home, Nick flips through TV channels in his robe and yawns. He falls asleep and dreams his mom and sisters are crying around a casket. Nikki tells him Victor’s dead – he knows why. Nick drops a knife from his hand and protests, “I didn’t kill him.” Phyllis appears and Nick asks why she’s mourning his father. He’s bewildered, so approaches the casket, opens the lid, and sees Adam’s corpse. His father appears as the others clarify it was Victor Jr. who died. Chelsea appears and announces Connor will use the name Victor from now on. Pleased, Victor says he’ll be his father. Nick protests as everyone talks about how much they loved Adam. Rey enters to arrest Nick for killing Adam as Sharon says she saw everything. Nick awakens with Chelsea over him. “It sounds like you were having a nightmare.” Chelsea apologizes for falling asleep at Adam’s. Nick says, “You’re here now.” There’s no place she’d rather be.

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Abby screams Halloween Young and RestlessIn Abby’s suite, she dreams she’s the main character in a sitcom taking place at Society, complete with a laugh track and Kyle, Lola, Theo and Mariah making digs at her. Abby reminds them she’s the boss, but they mock her – she’s the hostess. Abby awakens as they continue making jokes about her. She paces her room and realizes she’s in her hotel. “Thank God! It was all a dream. Happy Halloween!”

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