In Paris, Victor pulls back from embracing Ashley and looks in her eyes before kissing her. They head for Ashley's hotel room and once inside, continue their halting, but passionate kisses. Soon, they hit the sheets and make love. Afterward, Ashley tells Victor that she's thinking how surreal life is - two days ago she was in London just living her life! Victor tells her that being with her in this way has made him feel alive again. They discuss how all of the memories, both good and bad, have made them who they are - all steps to bring them to this moment! Ashley tells Victor that when she's in his arms, there is no place she'd rather be! Victor gets up and makes to leave, but Ash asks him, "You're not leaving are you?"

Making her way through the streets of Paris, Phyllis stops to try to call Nick on his cellphone, but the service isn't working. She's frustrated, but continues walking happily through the streets looking all around her as she goes.

Sitting on a bench with Sharon, Nick pulls his cellphone out of his pocket, explaining that it felt like it was vibrating, but there are no missed calls showing - he says the cell service isn't very good in Paris. They decide to continue their touring. They discuss what they wanted to be when they were younger and growing up. Sharon says she wanted to get a higher education, and Nick says he only knew he didn't want to be like his dad! They walk everywhere, taking in all of the sights of Paris, smiling and pointing.

Chloe has arrived at the Chancellor Mansion, and Esther tells her daughter that she knows all of the signs of Katherine drinking - how could she have fooled her? Cane comes into the room, and they discuss the search and that they haven't yet been able to reach Billy. Cane holds the distraught Esther as Chloe looks on. Esther then turns her focus to Chloe, urging her to eat, but she says she's fine. Cane says he'll take some tea. When Esther leaves the room, Cane thanks Chloe for trying, and Chloe laments that she doesn't know how to show compassion. Cane disagrees - if she didn't care she wouldn't be there right now. He tells her she can learn to be caring - he wasn't always capable of it either! Chloe tells him that he's pretty okay sometimes.

Jill and Nikki continue driving, puzzling over where Katherine could be - it's like she's dropped off the face of the Earth! Nikki agrees, saying she's starting to get a really bad feeling about this!

At the car wreck, the headlights dim and go out. Everything is still.

Amber and Daniel arrive at the Chancellor Mansion. They ring the doorbell and Chloe lets them in. Amber tells her and Chloe that it isn't like Mrs. C to go missing like this. Chloe informs her, as Cane cringes, that she actually got drunk and went out on a tear! Amber is flabbergasted, but Cane says it's not so unbelievable - Jill told him she had a relapse a few years ago as well. Esther suddenly yells from the other room - she says a fax just came in and it's about Mrs. C! She calls Jill and Nikki in the car and tells them that a fax came in from a drug and alcohol rehab center - they are wondering why she didn't show up at the agreed upon time! Everyone is stunned!

Noah tells Eden, as they sit at the cemetery in Paris, that his dad once went to jail too - before he was born. Eden insists that her dad is a great guy - he would never intentionally hurt anyone. Noah says that there's hope he'll get out then. Eden says she feels that he's trapped and being held there for something he didn't even do - and she feels pretty alone without him. They find Jim Morrison's grave and stand beside it. She says her favorite thing that he ever wrote was "The End," and Noah says he loves it too. Noah removes his scarf and puts it around her neck, she smiles. Noah opens up about how he sometimes visits his sister's grave. Eden says she's sorry - it must be hard. Noah muses that Cassie's supposed to be in college, but she's not - she's just gone. Eden gets choked up. Noah then tells her that his parents broke up after that as well. Eden says they've both lost a lot. They look at each other intently, then kiss. Noah jumps up and acts nervous afterward. Just then, a group of teenage boys looking for cigarettes and money show up. Eden and Noah wind up in a scuffle with them. Noah takes a hard punch, but just then a security guard hollers. The boys disperse, and Eden runs, but when Noah stops to retrieve Eden's necklace, the security guard nabs him.

Still in the car, Jill and Nikki discuss with disbelief the fact that Katherine was about to check herself into a rehab facility. Suddenly they notice a car that has gone over the side of the bridge!

Cane calls Katherine's AA sponsor, and they all stand in the Chancellor living room, worried and helpless. Suddenly the phone rings. Cane answers, indicates to the others that it's his mother, and listens. He then tells the group that Jill and Nikki have seen a car that went off the highway and through the guardrail. His voice breaks as he says it appears that it may be his grandmother's car! Chloe moves to comfort Esther.

Nick and Sharon are standing and watching a carousel go around, when Sharon starts to cry. She explains that she was just thinking about Cassie - it would have been amazing to have brought her there. Nick gives her a hug. They continue walking and Sharon thanks him - she probably wouldn't have seen all of this if he hadn't offered to take her around. They stop and Sharon shivers. He offers her his coat. She looks at him, and after a moment, Nick begins to kiss her. Just then, Phyllis comes along from the other direction. She can't believe what she is seeing and stumbles away from the scene in shock! Nick and Sharon have stopped kissing, and although he admits it just felt right, Sharon tells him that she has no intention of having an affair with him, not after what they've meant to one another, or how hurt she was when he chose Phyllis. She runs off.

Phyllis returns to Nick's hotel room and removes all trace that she has been there, including the note asking him to meet her at the Pyramid de Louvre.

Nikki and Jill search around the site of the wrecked car. Nikki calls out for Katherine frantically. It isn't long before they find what appears to be Katherine's body lying dead beside the automobile. Nikki strokes her head and sobs. Jill begins to cry as well.

Amber bursts into anguished sobs in the Chancellor living room, as Cane takes another call from Jill, and tells them all in a choked voice, "She's gone." Esther is devastated and collapses into Chloe's arms.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley shows Victor a newspaper article claiming that he admitted to murder in a diary!

When Sharon speaks to Jack on the phone, he hears Nick's voice in the background. He winces, and says, "He just happens to be in Paris?"

Nikki tells Victoria that Katherine was in a car accident and she's dead.

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