In the car, Marge urges Katherine to turn back because of the weather, but Katherine wants to keep going so Marge can't change her mind about rehab. Suddenly, another set of headlights appears and Kay swerves off the road.

Jill and Nikki speak to the detective at the Chancellor Mansion. They ask him for discretion while trying to impress upon him how worried they are about Katherine's whereabouts. He says he'll do his best and leaves. Jill snaps at Esther when she offers her a sandwich, and they all try to put their heads together to decide where to look next. They check Katherine's cellphone and find that Amber was the last person she called. Nikki goes to call Amber, but Jill warns her not to use Kay's phone to do it - Amber might blab that she is drinking again and Chancellor's had enough bad publicity lately! Nikki sighs and uses her own phone. She reaches Amber, who tells her she hasn't seen Katherine, but she phoned Kay's cell and a man answered, saying, "She's gone." They realize it was probably the bartender at Jimmy's. They next decide to try Kevin - he's Katherine's 'pet project'.

Outside Crimson Lights, Kevin takes the bag of money out of his coat and replays in his mind how he went to Kay's home to return it and found no one there, and their phone conversation where she made him promise to keep this a secret! He remembers how he considered leaving the money at the house, but decided to take it with him when he left. He tucks it back inside his coat and goes inside, where Amber and Daniel are still speculating about his strange behavior. Daniel asks straight out if the money was really a bank deposit. He snaps at them, and tells an inquisitive Amber that Jana is gone for the night as well. Amber turns to Daniel and asks, "What if Kevin did something to Mrs. C?"

In the hotel room in France, Phyllis can't get Nick on the cellphone, so she leaves him a note telling him that she's there - and to meet her at the Pyramid de Louvre. She sets out for the photo shoot for Restless Style.

Sharon and Nick stroll on the streets of Paris. They note how different it is than Genoa City. Sharon conveys how enamored she is of all things Parisian. Nick tells her that he will spend the day taking her around to see the place! Sharon is skeptical, but he stresses that they are friends, and he needs something to take his mind off his father anyway. She asks, "Are you sure?" He says of course and off they go. They start by getting something to eat in a nearby restaurant. Nick notes how happy she seems - it reminds him of how in awe she was when she first saw the Ranch. Sharon notes she shouldn't have acted that way, that's why Nikki took her for a gold digger! They discuss Noah, and Sharon says that he's such a sweet kid - she's sure any girl he falls in love with, she'll like her! They discuss his father and share a laugh over how long he's had his mustache! The mood turns somber as they talk about his being missing, and Nick says he hopes if Ashley finds him, she can get through to him. She says that Victor has disappeared before and they'll get through it just like those other times. They leave the restaurant to go see some sights.

Outside Notre Dame, Ashley spots Victor and runs to him saying, "Thank God you're okay!" She embraces him, but he pulls her away and asks what she is doing there. Ashley explains how she came to be there, and asks if he is at Notre Dame to seek solace. He asks her, "What if I told you I'm as guilty as sin?" She says she knows he's not guilty. He asks how she knows. He says she knows him - and that he wouldn't kill a man. Ashley notes that Nikki thinks he might have killed Walter Palin, but she knows different. Victor mentions that Nikki is responsible for all of this. Ash notes that Nikki said if Victor did kill Walter, he had every reason in the world to do so! He tells Ashley that he has to go - he's dead inside. She counters that if that were true, he wouldn't be feeling so much pain! She begs him to stop walking away from her, and go with her for something to eat. He reluctantly goes along with her. Once they are seated in a cafe, she urges him to take one bite of his food - for her. He does. Victor tells her she can go now. She replies, "You're welcome." He tells her again to leave, and that no one must know that she saw him. She tries to impress upon him how many people love him and care about him. He gets up and leaves the cafe.

Amber and Daniel discuss the phone call from Nikki. Amber tells him that Nikki and Jill are looking for Katherine as well, and that they say she lost her cellphone. Daniel smirks, "Well, that's so logical, that you definitely shouldn't believe it!" Amber rolls her eyes at him. He warns her to stop fixating on Kevin and Katherine, but Amber notes he has a checkered past. Kevin comes out from the back and Daniel asks why he is in such a bad mood - does it have anything to do with his meeting with Katherine? Kevin snaps that the meeting never happened - and he doesn't want to talk about it! Just then, his phone rings and it's Nikki asking if he's seen Katherine. He tells her that he was supposed to meet her at her home, but she wasn't there. When Nikki asks why, Kevin moves away from Amber and Daniel for privacy before telling her that it was about computer stuff. Nikki lets him go. He goes back out to the counter area and Amber asks if the call was from Mrs. C. He tells her to listen to Daniel and stop asking questions! Kevin then sighs and apologizes for being a jerk to Amber. Daniel and Amber leave, and once outside, Amber says they need to find Katherine - she still feels something is wrong. Inside, Kevin is in the back room getting intimate with Katherine's cash again. "Where are you Mrs. Chancellor?"

Phyllis arrives at the photo shoot and meets all of the people she will be working with, including the model and photographer. Phyllis asks if any of them have seen Nicholas yet, but they have not. The model changes into a red dress that Phyllis is very pleased with for the cover. The shoot gets underway as Phyllis looks on. When the shoot wraps up, Phyllis says her goodbyes to the crew and the model, and sets out to walk around for a while.

Eden and Noah are in a bookstore discussing authors and books and she tells him that in writing or life you have to start with one true sentence! As they continue to look at books, Eden confides that her father told her that her mother was a big reader - she imagines her mother doing just what they are right now. They leave the store and head to the cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried. She mentions her father again, and she upsets Noah by telling him that he can't meet her dad. She then has to confess that the reason he can't meet him is that he's in jail.

Back at the Chancellor Mansion, Jill says this calling around is ridiculous - she's going to get her and bring her home! She dons a jacket and Nikki follows suit. Jill tells Esther she must stay there in case she comes home, and then she will coddle her and make her feel safe so she'll stay. Jill and Nikki head out the door. Esther is frantic.

Katherine's car is in the trees alongside of the road they were driving on. Everything appears to be still, but then a blood-covered hand reaches to grasp the dashboard.

On a boat, Sharon and Nick discuss how serene it all seems. He jokes that even the graffiti is better there! He thanks Sharon for letting him see it all again through her eyes. She says she used to see movies about Paris and dream of seeing it all with him. There is an awkward moment, but then Nick takes her hand.

Ashley chases after Victor, yelling, "Wait! I understand. " He stops and they discuss how much love he had for Sabrina. Victor begins to talk about how she was carrying their child, and how nothing he did could save her when she was in the hospital. He speaks of how completely alone he feels now, more so than when his mother left him at the orphanage as a little boy. Ashley asks if that's it then. "If you give up, what will happen to me? I'll never be able to walk with you again." As she tears up, he takes her face in his hands and repeats that he feels so alone. But he embraces her impulsively, which leads to a kiss. He seems to cling to her.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Jill and Nikki drive together as they search for Katherine. Nikki says she is starting to get a bad feeling about this!

When Sharon says she's a little chilly, Nick puts his arm around her!

Phyllis, strolling by herself, turns suddenly and sees something...

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