Devon Amanda Cane and Jill discuss will The Young and the Restless
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Nick and Adam arrive at home where Chelsea cries and updates them on Connor. Connor asks Adam if he can live with him The Young and the RestlessAdam is eager to see his son, but she insists on straightening a few things out. She lets him see his sleeping child. Connor wakes up and his dad assures him that he loves him but left because he thought he’d be better off. He sees he was wrong and promises to stick around to be the dad he deserves. “Let me live with you,” Connor requests. Adam says it’s Chelsea’s call. She agrees to let him stay with his dad. The kid happily runs off to pack. Nick isn’t happy. Chelsea insists this is temporary. After Adam leaves, Chelsea and Nick are in shock. He paces and wonders how she can be going along with this, but he’ll support her. She insists on taking her son to Adam’s alone. Chelsea makes her son stop to say goodbye to Nick on the way out.

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Chelsea drops Connor off with Adam and Phyllis The Young and the RestlessPhyllis is at the penthouse spying on her partners at The Grand Phoenix with her computer. Adam shows up and informs her she has to leave. She’s shocked to learn that Chelsea and Nick are letting Connor move in. Phyllis is happy for him and reminds him that she’s his only friend in Genoa City. He plays with a football. She tells him he has a lovely kid who thinks he’s ‘aces’. Chelsea arrives with Connor and his luggage. Phyllis tells Connor to listen to his dad and exits. The kid goes up to check on his room. Adam promises to make sure their son behaves and he will be the kind of father he deserves. After she leaves, Connor comes down and they play videogames. Adam assures his son he never stopped loving him. He signs his cast and says they will be inseparable.

Chelsea goes home and tells Nick she had to do this, or she would have lost her son forever. He promises that will never happen.

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Jill and Cane discuss Devon The Young and the RestlessCane and Jill are at The Grand Phoenix and spot Amanda striding by. Cane thinks they should tell her what they’ve learned but Jill disagrees. She calls Devon about the will, but he refuses to discuss it. Jill explains they have proof it was falsified. He hangs up. They wonder what his conscience is telling him to do. Moments later, he sends a text asking them to meet.

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Mariah checks in with Sharon The Young and the RestlessMariah walks into Crimson Lights and tells Sharon about the person she just signed. She brags about it and Sharon encourages her. Mariah wishes her mom was looking happier. They chat about the family and then Mariah asks about her relationship with Rey. Sharon hasn’t heard from him for a while and is reluctant to call. He arrives and promptly interrupts them. The redhead makes an excuse and takes off. Sharon wonders if Rey has changed his mind about another date. He hasn’t so they decide on one before Mariah can do it for them. As they make plans, he gets a call and has to leave to take it. Mariah returns and her mom tells her she thinks she and Rey have a real shot at something. Meanwhile, Elena runs into Nate and they talk about her long work hours. She admits she’s avoiding home because of the will situation. After she gets a text from Devon, they take off.

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Amanda Jill and Cane tell Devon about will The Young and the RestlessCane and Jill arrive at the penthouse. Devon welcomes them and brings in Amanda. This doesn’t go over well. Jill still doesn’t believe she works for Chance. Devon demands irrefutable proof. Cane hands him the paperwork and the forensics report on the documents. Amanda demands an apology due to Jill calling her a liar before. Jill and Cane reassure Devon about how much Katherine loved him. They know that the decision Devon has to make is moral, not legal. Once they are gone, Elena and Nate arrive and Devon vents to them about Katherine picking Cane rather than anyone she was even related to. He never understood why Katherine gave it to him. now he doesn’t know what to do. Nate wonders what Neil would say.

Cane and Jill go to Crimson Lights and wonder what Devon will do. She wonders if Cane will let this go if Devon does nothing.

Phyllis runs into Amanda being shifty at The Grand Phoenix. “Say ‘hello’ to your new neighbor,” Phyllis tells her.

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