Nick visits Adam The Young and the Restless
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At home, Chelsea calls Connor in and informs him they are going to visitor Victor. He’s not enthusiastic. She sends Nick a text to ask if he’s found Adam.

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Connor and Chelsea visit Victor The Young and the RestlessConnor and Chelsea visit Victor at the ranch. The mustache apologizes for confusing him with his apparent death. He offers to make up for the pain that’s been caused. Victor gives him a toy and sends him to the kitchen to see the maid for a treat. Chelsea lays into Victor for letting her son suffer. She doesn’t condone what Adam did to him, but she also can’t let her son pay the price. Victor wishes that things could have been different, and the family heal, but it looks like Adam will never return. She doesn’t think her son will be able to accept that. The Newman offers to do whatever he can to help. She explains that she will try to convince her ex to return. This is a surprise for Victor, but she insists that Adam has been a good dad. Connor returns and his mom takes him away.

Adam and Nick talk Connor The Young and the RestlessNick shows up at Adam’s. He guesses that Phyllis tipped Nick off and doesn’t want to talk. Nick strolls in and the brothers bicker until Nick explains that Connor is in trouble and needs him to come home. The kid is upset because his father walked out on him. Adam is sorry the kid is hurting but sticking around would have hurt him more. He’s sure Nick’s happy about that too. Nick insists this isn’t about him, it’s about Connor. It’s hard for him to beg Adam to return to Genoa City when it’s the last thing he wants. Nick explains that the kid has been misbehaving, even hit a kid and locked Christian in the garage. Although this is disturbing, Adam thinks his son is better off without him but Nick insists it is his responsibility to fix this. All of this is upsetting for Adam, but he still refuses to return. They go around in circles, repeatedly talking about history repeating itself. Eventually, Adam has had enough and asks him to leave. Before Nick can exit, Chelsea calls to say that Connor jumped off the jungle gym and now he’s in the hospital. His arm is broken and she’s terrified. Nick tells his brother what happened. Adam shakes his head.

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Traci and Jack prepare for their mom The Young and the RestlessAt the Abbott house, Traci and Jack prepare for their mom’s visit. She notices how anxious he is. He’s eager to know what the letter to Stuart might mean. Dina arrives and recognizes the china as Jack pours her tea. He starts flipping through a photo album with her and Traci reads a letter she wrote to Mr. Brooks. Dina starts to sob and says it was a wonderful and terrible night. When they ask her to explain, she clams up and demands to go home. Jack takes her back to the home and then returns. He kicks himself for pushing things too far. Traci reassures him. She’s been looking through boxes and found invitations to the senior prom afterparty. There is a note on it from Stuart to Dina. They guess that whatever happened between them was at a party in the house.

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Esther bickers with Jill The Young and the RestlessEsther corners Cane and Jill at Crimson Lights to discuss the will. Jill explains no one can legally contest the will until Chance gets involved. They have been looking for original pages from the document and will be meeting with a forensic examiner. Cane tells them about getting knocked out and then given the pages and a note from Chance. This seems fishy. Amy Nelson, (played by Caroline Clements), the examiner, eventually arrives. She explains that the will giving Devon the inheritance was printed on different paper and Katherine’s signature was forged. The original will has been authenticated. The fortune was left to Cane, who doesn’t understand why. Jill tells him that Katherine believed in him. They feel bad for Devon, especially if this was all Tucker’s handiwork. But he deserves to know the truth and Katherine’s wishes need to be respected.

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