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Nate arrives at Society and tells Abby he wants to talk about how quick they were to walk away from each other. Abby thinks the problem is the way they see each other. Nate observes she was too easy to dismiss the pain Victor’s lies caused. He had to lie to Devon and Elena and put his career on the line. Abby understands, but will always be loyal to her family. She can’t always feel her morals are being tested, and he can’t throw away his conscience to be with her. Nate leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Devon is snarky as Jill informs him Cane is coming back with the original will pages. She thinks it’s suspicious Tucker’s out of touch. Devon agrees and whoever’s behind this is using his absence to further their plot. He spots Amanda and confronts her. He figures she’ll try to pressure him to give Cane money so she can collect. Devon reminds her she doesn’t have a case. Amanda acknowledges it’s up to him whether or not he hangs onto the money, but thinks she upsets him because she looks like his late wife. She’s sick of them and walks out. Jill tells Devon it’s time he considers the possibility the pages Cane has are real.

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Rey arrives at the Grand Phoenix to find his father chatting up a blonde at the bar. Adrian joins Rey who remarks on him having the gall to stick around and hustling wealthy women. Adrian updates him that his new son-in-law came through for him in his time of need. Theo overhears.

Kyle and Lola hug Young and RestlessAt home, Lola takes a call from Rey, who informs her Adrian’s at the Grand Phoenix and Kyle gave him money. She disconnects and confronts her husband, “You gave my deadbeat father money?” They argue as Lola complains Adrian is living it up at the Grand Phoenix and didn’t leave town. They agree their families both have drama. Kyle assures her Adrian won’t stay.

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Still at the hotel, Rey takes Adrian to task for hitting Kyle up for money. Adrian wants to be a father to Lola. Rey counters, “Yeah, because she hired a rich guy.” He warns him not to break any laws and walks out. Nearby, Theo, done listening, takes a call from Summer. He has an unexpected opportunity but will meet her later. He introduces himself to Adrian as an old friend of Kyle’s and offers to buy him a drink. Adrian complains about not being able to see his kids after their mother kicked him out. He talks about Lola being determined and taking Tae Kwon Do. Theo talks about Kyle’s upbringing and mentions he had a couple tough years with Jack. By the door, Nate runs into Cane, who explains he thought he hit a dead end in Vegas, but apparently didn’t…though he’s not sure how he feels about it. Amanda arrives to meet Cane and he hands over the will. She’s exasperated he didn’t talk to Chance. Cane advises they get the document authenticated. Amanda feels it’s too late and she has a bad feeling she’s being used. She warns Devon won’t budge even if they are real and advises Cane to let it go.

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At Jabot, Kyle talks to Summer about Billy. She urges him not to let Billy get to him. Talk turns to Kyle’s house-hunting. Summer’s stunned to hear he’s looking in good school districts because they want kids, but helps him pick out good ones. He thanks her. She thanks him cheerfully but looks unsettled.

Lola arrives at Society, where Abby tells her it’s really over with Nate, who expects her to adhere to his moral code of conduct. She needs to be with someone who accepts her for who she is. Abby updates Lola Young and RestlessLater, Theo finds Lola in the kitchen and works Tae Kwon Do into the conversation before saying he wants to fix things with Kyle. Lola warns showing up in her kitchen isn’t the way to do it. They walk into the restaurant and Theo tells her she’s a nice person; he doesn’t know many of those. Talking to her made him feel good. Summer appears and he says, “There’s my date.” Lola assures him they’re good. Summer talks to Theo about Kyle and Jabot, then apologizes. She reveals he’s looking at houses near good schools. Theo’s fine with her working with Kyle.

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Kyle arrives at Grand Phoenix and Adrian greets him, “Hello son!” Kyle tightly informs him his presence in Genoa City is hurting Lola. Adrian pleads he’s trying to heal the rift.

At home, Lola and Kyle are narrowing down the list of houses when he mentions the one Summer liked. She understands why they liked it, but it’s not her.

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