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Nikki joins Victoria at Newman Enterprises and notices the portrait’s been repaired. Victoria thinks her father respects her more now and says this feels like a whole new beginning. Nikki gifts Victoria with a new handbag in thanks for convincing Victor to step down. She reassures Victoria about her own health, and talk turns to Adam being gone. Victoria notes it doesn’t mean he’s out of their lives. Nikki won’t live in fear and says Adam can’t touch them if they don’t let him.

Billy arrives at the ranch and Victor offers him a little liquid courage. Billy declines. Victor says Adam accused him of trying to run him down with a car. Billy won’t deny it was him and regrets what he did. Victor grills Billy Young and RestlessVictor explains it led to Adam messing with his medication. Billy describes what happened to him after Adam came back. Victor questions if he’s cured. Billy won’t act on his hatred of Adam again, and wonders what Victor intends to do. Victor mocks him when he says he won’t let Victoria down, but is impressed he took responsibility. He tells him if Adam deserves another chance, so does Billy. “Use it wisely.” Billy replies, “Can I get that drink now?”

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At Society, Theo asks Abby how she’s doing. She isn’t interested in talking to him. He was just trying to be friendly. Abby snarks she has plenty of friends and heads to the kitchen where Lola is light-headed. A food smell makes her nauseous and Abby asks if she might be pregnant. Lola protests they’ve been careful – a baby’s not on their agenda. Talk turns to Abby’s fight with Nate. She thinks he needs to understand her family is part of the package. Later, Lola spots Theo who compliments her special and jokes. She feels faint, so he helps her sit, then calls Kyle. He soon arrives and Theo explains she nearly passed out. Kyle thanks him for looking after her. Theo tells Kyle he’s been an ass and misses being friends. Kyle says maybe they can grab a beer some night. Outside, Lola tells Kyle they need to stop at a pharmacy.

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In their Grand Phoenix suite, Devon tells Elena everything about her is sexy. They undress and kiss on the bed. After sex, Elena gets called to the hospital but doesn’t have to go right away so they make out again. Downstairs, Nate runs into Amanda, who plans to relax.Devon and Elena sexy time Young and Restless Nate decides to join her. He answers questions about himself while they shoot pool, then asks about her decision to be a lawyer. He wants to hear about some of her cases and she accuses him of spying for Devon. Nate concedes they all want to know more about her – can she blame them? Amanda insists she has nothing to hide and leaves when Abby appears. Abby apologizes for the way she spoke to Nate. He’s sorry too, but the issues are real. They rehash the situation with Victor and Adam. Nate feels they have different perspectives and are too far apart. Abby suspects he’s ending things. Nate tells her to take care of herself and walks out.

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At home, Lola marvels that they were just talking about what their baby would look like and now they’re taking a pregnancy test. Kyle grins; they’ll roll with it. He hugs her but looks worried. When the timer goes off, Lola checks and it’s negative. She’s relieved…and disappointed. Kyle feels the same. They embrace. Kyle has a night cream crisis and leaves as Lola assures him she probably just has the flu. Once alone, she looks at the pregnancy test and sighs. Theo texts to see if she’s okay. She assures him she is. He texts her to look outside the door – it’s chicken soup. Lola smiling, texts him her thanks.

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Billy drops into Victoria’s office and says he just had a drink with her dad. Victoria wants to hear about it. Billy warns she may need a drink herself. They feel all the bad stuff is behind them now and they’re stronger together.

Amanda is questioned Young and RestlessAmanda arrives at Crimson Lights and Elena asks why she’s still in Genoa City; it’s disgusting what she’s doing to Devon. Amanda can’t wait for this case to be over – she never should have let that old jerk get her into this. Devon emerges and says she can’t mean Chance, so who is she talking about? Amanda covers that he sounded like an old jerk on the phone and excuses herself.

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