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At Nick’s house, Chelsea relays that Connor refused to go to school this morning and tried to lock himself in the bathroom. Nick wants to help – she doesn’t have to do it alone. He’ll do whatever it takes to make their boys safe and happy. Chelsea debates taking Connor out of school. Nick’s against it. They agree he should talk to Sharon again and Nick sends her to work. She thinks it will be a rough day.

At Crimson Lights, Rey tells Sharon that Mia and Arturo had their baby…he’s officially an uncle. On the patio, Chloe and Billy run into one another; it’s the anniversary of the day they said goodbye to Delia. They’ve spoken to their therapists and agree they have to honor Delia by making the most of their lives. Inside, Sharon admires the photo of Rey’s nephew. Rey reflects that he thought being a father was something missing from his life, but he parented his brother and sister. Sharon learns he also came to ask her on another date. Sharon declines; they went down this road and it didn’t end well.Sharon Rey date Young and Restless Rey wants to try again. They muse about what they miss about living together. Nick arrives and a woman tells him the New Hope building has been a blessing. Tammy, a councilwoman, (played by Gillian White) asks Nick if he’d consider replacing a councilman who’s stepping down. Sharon interjects, “You’ve got my vote.” Nick will consider it. He asks Sharon about talking to Connor. She agrees, and Rey will call her later.

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In the Abbott living room, Jack wants to make Jabot the centerpiece of the book, but leave out some of the turbulent episodes. Traci feels if they want to talk about triumphs, they also have to address the tragedies. They reflect on the anniversary of Delia’s death, before talk turns back to the book. Jack feels it should be left open-ended for Kyle or Abby to continue. Traci wants to start with their parents falling in love. Jack takes a call that Dina’s been hurt and leaves.

At Grand Phoenix, Kevin whispers to Chelsea that her green is in the laundry and warns she needs to be on top of it as well as him – he doesn’t want either of them to end up behind bars, especially him.Chelsea Kevin talk money Young and Restless She explains it’s a security fund and she probably won’t even use it, but thanks him. Chloe arrives and Chelsea hugs her. They talk about Delia. Chloe says it’s still really hard, but a part of her lives on in Connor. Chelsea opens up about her son’s difficulties. She takes a call from Nick and suggests he and Sharon start without her. Later, Esther arrives; Kevin wanted Chloe to be surrounded by people who love her. Chloe knows where they should go.

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At Nick’s house, he calls Connor out to see Sharon, who has a building set. Connor agrees to make something with her and asks Sharon about his dad while they play. He complains he lied; he said he’d never leave him again. Sharon knows he loves him very much. Chelsea arrives and Connor yells that she’s a liar too. After Sharon goes, Chelsea tells Nick she’s scared – she looked in Connor’s eyes and saw Adam. They hear something break and Connor yells.

At Society, Jack tells Dina she had them worried, but it’s just a sprain, and explains this is Abby’s restaurant. Dina remains silent, so Jack talks to her about the book. He mentions her dating John and she murmurs, “Such beautiful eyes.” She goes on to say he was so smart and became a newspaperman, then smiles, “Dear sweet Stuart.” Dina confirms she loved John, but Stuart… She then becomes confused and wants to go home.

At Jabot, Billy takes a call from Victoria – he’ll see her and the kids later – then gets a text from Victor saying they need to talk about the night he tried to kill his son.

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At the Abbott house, Jack updates Traci on Dina mentioning Stuart, a newspaper man. Traci wonders if she meant Stuart Brooks – he was in the picture from the country club. She gets the photo out and declares if there’s a connection between mother and Stuart Brooks, she’ll find it.

At Chancellor Park, Billy gets a text from Jill, who had to go, but left a gift for Delia. At her tree, Billy joins Chloe, Kevin and Esther. Jill has placed a ribbon with Delia’s name around the tree. Jack arrives with Traci and they all embrace. Chloe and Billy remember Delia loved people and Jack speaks on why the tree is a fitting symbol of who she was – her real gift lives in all of them. They all join hands. Billy says, “We love you Dee-Dee.”

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