Michael sits by Lauren's beside while she sleeps. He kisses her hand and she awakens, startled, thinking something is wrong with the baby! He has just seen him, Michael tells her. The boy has jaundice and his lungs are under developed. Lauren starts to panic; wanting to see him but Michael kisses her and calms her down.

In the waiting room, Gloria and Phyllis agree the baby seems stronger now and Nick enters the hospital, bringing clothes for Phyllis. She relays that everyone is doing okay, but the baby is so frail. They go on a walk.

Michael enters the waiting room looking for the nurse. Lauren's fever is up. Later, the doctor tells Lauren that she has a Staph infection. She tells Michael she can feel Sheila's presence.

At the Winters' home, Neil arrives without Devon. Dru is alarmed, but Lily tries to calm her, thinking he'll be back soon. Neil and Lily agree that they shouldn't hover over him. She gets a call from Daniel, and goes to meet him at Crimson Lights. Dru is upset to hear that word is out that she is taking a leave of absence and that she can't work from home. The two work on dinner together with Dru promising to keep quiet when he comes in. He stops, wondering if Devon could have run away

At the mansion, Jack, Sharon and Mr. Kim drink to their future and success. They discuss how Mr. Kim will continue to count on his help in running Jabot. Sharon and Mr. Kim tell Jack that John is proud of him. Mr. Kim finds Sharon charming and intelligent, and jokingly offers her a position with Jabot, but Jack tells him he wants Sharon with him!

Mr. Kim gets stomach cramps and Sharon and Jack take him to the emergency room. They discuss work to keep Mr. Kim's mind off of his pain and they wait as he is examined. They see Nick and Phyllis who had been discussing how Noah was a preemie! Jack and Sharon, listen as Nick and Phyllis pass on the details of the baby's birth. Nick is surprised to hear that Jack was entertaining the man who purchased Jabot. Phyllis blows a gasket when she finds out that Mr. Kim has given them the go ahead to open new spas overseas. She feels she should have known about this before! Jack explains it's done and they're there waiting for Mr. Kim who has extreme stomach cramping.

At Crimson Lights, Lily gets a text message from Devon. She asks him to come there to talk. He arrives and orders a coffee, by reading Jana's lips. He doesn't tell Jana he is deaf, because he doesn't feel the need! When asked, he tells Lily and Daniel that it wasn't scary walking around alone but he feels like his other senses are heightened!

Back in Lauren's hospital room, a nurse terrifies her when she comes to check her vitals. She thinks the nurse is Sheila, so Michael has to calm her down.

Later, they bump into Gloria and Michael. Michael asks that Jack leaves them alone, then goes to see the baby. Mr. Kim comes out of the room, telling the two he has to stay overnight, and Gloria gives him her best as well.

Michael visits his son, telling him he is the most beautiful baby in the hospital and he needs to get strong so they can take him home! The doctor meets him, sharing the boy is stable and may not suffer any long term effects if he continues on this path! Michael takes a few photos of the baby with his cell phone, for Lauren! He talks to Gloria. Lauren's fever is down. Gloria apologizes for her part in this, and he tells her there is more than enough blame to go around. He tells her he appreciates her being there with him. He goes to get coffee as she stays with Lauren.

Nick and Phyllis congratulate Michael on his newborn and he starts smiling! It finally has kicked in that he's a dad!

Back at Neil and Dru's place, the two set the table and dance with some romantic music on the stereo. They're thrilled when they hear Lily call to explain that she's with Devon and they're on the way home! Neil and Dru get close and start to kiss when Dru breaks down crying! They're happy to see Devon when he and Lily come home and they have dinner, and Devon shares some news with them. He has decided to move out!

Sharon and Jack arrive at his home. She tells him that being at the hospital is usually difficult for her, after Cassie's death. Being with him has made it easier this time!

Nick and Phyllis arrive at home, concerned for Lauren and Michael. She wonders how they can deal with all that has happened and Nick tells her that she and their child is his future, and they'll face whatever life brings them. They make love, realizing that they better get some quality time in, because soon they can't make love (says the doctor.) They decide to go away and elope!

An emotional Gloria visits her grandson, introducing herself through the glass and the incubator. She talks to him, telling him they've been so worried about him. She reminisces with the baby, sharing her thoughts on Michael when he was first born. She tells the baby that he'll be just fine!

Lauren is thrilled to see the first pictures of her son. He tells her about what it's like when the boy cries and how precious it is.

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