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At Society, Jill talks to Cane by phone and says this doesn’t make any sense – Chance has to be somewhere. Cane updates her that Adam was with Phyllis. Jill advises Cane to use her.

In Vegas, Cane answers his door to Phyllis, who complains he didn’t answer her text. Cane smirks as she observes ‘hard-to-get’ isn’t his style. Phyllis thinks they can help each other but fishes to find out what ‘bomb’ Chance dropped on his family. Cane asks why she’s so interested in Chance. Phyllis thinks she can use Adam’s association with Chance to get him back to Genoa City. Cane gets a text and makes her leave. The text is from Chance, who can’t meet in public, it’s too risky – he’ll give Cane a time and place to meet; he should come alone.

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Elena arrives at home to find Devon on the laptop researching Amanda Sinclair. She suggests he hire someone to investigate her, but he won’t do that. He discovered the statute of limitations ran out on challenging the will, so it can’t be enforced. Elena feels he can just ignore Amanda and the will insanity then. Devon can’t. He marvels that Amanda has no Internet presence whatsoever, and explains he’s having Tucker’s assistant flown out.Devon and Elena discuss will Young and Restlesss Elena can’t understand why he’s bothering. Devon explains if Katherine really wanted her money to go to someone else, he’d want to honor her wishes. Elena wants him to take a break, but he refuses. She leaves and Jill arrives. She updates a skeptical Devon on Cane’s trip to Vegas. She understands why he doesn’t trust Cane, but wonders what happens if these are really Katherine’s final wishes. Devon accuses her of wanting to ensure there’s no hard feelings if Cane is really the billionaire. Jill walks out as Amanda arrives. Devon’s snarky when she asks about her disappearing client. He thinks she suspects they’re both being played and is wondering what she’s got herself into. Amanda says he has no idea what she’s thinking and exits.

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At the ranch, Victor learns Nikki invited Nate over with questions about his last exam. Victor relays the news that he’s walked away from the CEO position at Newman. Nate muses it’s the end of an era and Nikki feels he made the best possible choice for him and their daughter. Nate goes, and Nikki wants to know how Victor really feels about retirement. Victor loathes the idea; Newman was the embodiment of all his dreams. He has no qualms about Victoria, but always thought he’d leave the building feet first. Victor doesn’t know what he’ll do with his time. Nikki can’t wait to see what he’ll get up to next; she’ll be by his side. Victor jokes, “Do I have to play golf now?” Victor learns his PR team released the announcement and reflects what a mistake it would have been to hand the reins to Adam. When Nikki steps out, Victor phones someone to call off the surveillance of Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria asks about Billy’s therapy session before revealing that she’s now the permanent CEO of Newman Enterprises…though she feels a little guilty celebrating. Victoria shares news Young and RestlessIt was like watching a part of her father disappear. She asks if Billy’s happy for her. Billy insists he’s thrilled, but admits he’s disappointed she won’t be coming to Jabot. Victoria glances at her phone and tells Billy to come with her. Later, Elena complains to Nate about Devon focusing on Amanda and the will. She worries it’s because Amanda looks like Hilary. Nate reassures her. He thinks Devon’s probably wondering about Tucker’s possible role in it. Elena remarks that Devon does so much good with the money, but she’s concerned about him. Nate feels it will all be settled soon.

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In Chancellor Park, Victoria reveals she asked Hannah to bring the kids; this is the stuff that counts. Billy kisses her – she’s right.

In Vegas, Cane updates Jill that he’s meeting Chance to get answers. Jill understands Devon being upset but feels they must respect Katherine’s final wishes – if the new will pages are the real deal, they have to decide whether to cross that bridge or burn it down.

In an industrial area, Cane calls out for Chance. Someone approaches and hits him over the head, knocking him out, and drags him away.

In a Grand Phoenix suite, Billy and Victoria toast and talk about sneaking off to steal time together…just them and their wildest fantasies. They make out.

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