Phyllis grill Adam Young and Restless
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In Adam’s suite, he marvels at Cane’s arrival. Phyllis reveals she overheard Cane say he was going to Vegas. Adam thinks she could have a side-hustle as a P.I. Phyllis explains Cane is looking for Chance Chancellor. Adam wishes him luck – he can’t help him. He goes to lock up his winnings and Phyllis tells Cane she’s very interested in why he’s looking for Phillip IV. They spar verbally and Cane asks what she knows. She saw Riza Thompson and Chance talking in Vegas before, then got in touch with Riza – she’s not chatty. Cane thinks she should help him, but she’s nobody’s lackey. Adam reappears and advises that Chance doesn’t want to be found.Cane wants Phyllis' help Young and Restless Cane warns people, or cops, are going to start asking about their connection since Chance dropped a bombshell on his family before disappearing. Phyllis can’t understand Chance being involved in something shifty. Adam’s had enough. Cane leaves, but Phyllis refuses. She asks if he’s been in touch with Chance and whether he was a part of the bombshell he dropped on his family. Adam denies knowing anything – he’s done with Genoa City. Phyllis won’t let this go.

At Nick’s place, Connor shouts at Nick and Chelsea and runs out of the room. Chelsea explains she was called to pick him up from school as he was being disruptive – things keep getting worse.Connor greets Sharon Young and Restless She calls Sharon to come and talk to Connor and she agrees. Chelsea thanks Nick for recommending her as the conversation turns to Adam causing hurt wherever he goes. She feels she let Connor down. When Sharon arrives, she counsels that Connor may have anxiety about others leaving him too. Connor appears and Nick and Chelsea leave. Sharon and Connor chat. He likes her. Sharon shares Faith is also confused, embarrassed and upset about being lied to. Connor denies being upset.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea is heartbroken Connor won’t talk to her. Nick reassures her it will get better.

Chelsea and Nick rejoin Sharon at their place, and Sharon reports progress, though Connor’s still holding back. Chelsea’s encouraged to hear he was calm, but Sharon cautions about repressing emotions. They debate if Connor’s becoming like Adam. Sharon feels they can break the pattern. Chelsea goes off and Nick thanks Sharon. Later, Chelsea tells Nick that Connor claims they’re all over-reacting, but he’s suffering. Chelsea is left picking up the pieces now that Adam’s gone. Nick assures her they’ll do whatever it takes to help him.

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At Jabot, Kyle and Summer go over business. He asks her to get the face cream to influencers and not to run it by Billy. Talk turns to Theo. Summer admits her advice to him was a little harsh. Kyle sighs that Theo took on too much but is determined to prove he can do it all. Summer reveals Theo was fired by Devon. Kyle tells her she’ll be disappointed expecting Theo to change. Summer counters they’ve had some lovely talks lately. Kyle thinks he’s playing her – he’s too scared to open up for real. “You deserve more.”

At Society, Theo tells someone by phone he’ll send a contract. Lola notes he’s power-lunching by himself and advises he can’t use the place as his office. Theo tells her Devon fired him. She’s sorry. Theo will use it as motivation and supposes her success was also built on proving people wrong. This seems to strike a chord. Theo swigs a drink and theorizes that he zigged when he should have zagged. They debate Mariah’s qualifications. Theo muses he also knows how to schmooze the brass. Lola laughs at his take on manipulating and asks if he digs himself out of this hole, will he be able to resist digging the next one? Lola gives Theo advice Young and RestlessTheo switches to coffee on Lola’s advice and she talks about his pattern of crossing lines – like saying he wished he’d met her before Kyle – for some reason he wants to keep tanking his life. Theo jokes she sucks as a shrink, but she warns she can read him. When Kyle shows up, he bristles at Theo’s presence. Theo snarks about Kyle being joined at the hip with Summer lately. Kyle threatens to throw him out. Theo remarks on getting to know Lola better the past few days as he exits. Outside, he watches Kyle and Lola kiss.

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At Crimson Lights, Lola wonders about Theo’s firing and Kyle asks, “Who cares?” Lola suggests Kyle cut him some slack; this could finally make him grow up. They decide to go upstairs and continue their ‘conversation’ from this morning.

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