Victor hands over Newman Enterprises to Victoria Young and Restless
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At home, Kyle and Lola look at houses online but can’t find one they like. Talk turns to Jabot so Kyle fills Lola in on his issues with Billy. Lola feels they need to sit down and establish boundaries. Kyle concedes Victoria would be an asset – if he tries to push her out it seems he’s putting his ego ahead of the company. Lola muses Billy’s shown his true colors and suggests, “Use it to your advantage.” If Billy pushes Kyle out it will backfire on him because Jack won’t be happy. Kyle muses about giving Billy enough rope… Lola thinks Kyle will come out smelling like a rose.

In Society, Victoria only got two hours sleep; she just keeps imagining a future without her dad and his precious legacy. Billy asks if that involves coming to Jabot. Victoria isn’t interested; it would be a step back. She will stand her ground with her father.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor is horrified to see the letter opener sticking out of his portrait. Victoria arrives and tells him they need to have a conversation. Victor remarks on the statement she made with her ‘gift’. Victoria realizes he’s waiting for her to apologize and return to her position as COO – it’s not going to happen. She’s there to lay out her terms. Victoria has learned from him; he’s her hero. Victoria lays out terms Young and RestlessShe says he’s given her everything but the one thing that matters most – that chair. She’s ready to be the permanent CEO. Victoria feels she belongs there and if he refuses to acknowledge that, he can consider their relationship over. If she walks out, she’ll start her own business and come after him with all she’s got. She warns he’ll spend every hour of every day fighting her and he’ll lose. “Those are my terms. Take it or leave it.” Victor digests the ultimatum and tells her, “You’re your father’s daughter. I’m proud of you.” He places his hand on the CEO chair and says, “This is yours.” Victoria is shaken. He means it with all his heart. They embrace. Victoria thanks him for entrusting her with his legacy. Victor tears up as he hands over the reins of the company.

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Mariah meets Theo Young and RestlessAt Crimson Lights, Theo thanks Mariah for meeting him. She notes the early hour – this must be serious. He’s decided to leave Power Communications. Mariah asks why he quit. He says it wasn’t a good fit. Mariah smirks – she knows Devon fired him for trying to throw her under the bus. Theo sighs that Devon overreacted. Mariah used to be like him, but it was lonely – he should get a clue.

In Vegas, Phyllis needles Adam about the name ‘Spider’. Adam is tired, but Phyllis wants to know what he has planned; she wants in. Adam’s not planning anything and touts the advantages of living there. Phyllis understands it’s enticing to disappear, but he’s Adam Newman. She says, “Pack your bags, we have unfinished business.” It’s not what he wants. Phyllis still wants revenge and reminds him they were a good team. Adam broods in Vegas Young and RestlessShe assures him Victor won’t make Michael press charges. Adam has no desire to interact with her or anyone about anything other than cards. Phyllis proposes one game of five-card draw, if he wins, she’ll leave, if she wins, he gives her answers. As she deals, Adam suggests she move to Vegas. Phyllis has a child in Genoa City and mentions Connor. Adam says Connor’s better off without him. They show their hands and Phyllis wins. She wants to know everything, starting with Victor. Adam describes their confrontation before he left town. Phyllis thinks it was genius playing on Victor’s sympathies; his defenses are lowered now, and Adam can swoop in on Newman Enterprises. She’s there to help any way she can. Adam insists he’s out of the revenge business. Phyllis is unconvinced. Suddenly, Cane comes to the door. Phyllis muses, “This is interesting.”

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Summer meets Theo at Society and gets up to speed on his firing. Theo shrugs it off, but Summer feels if he can’t work for Devon, he can’t work for anyone. “Get over yourself, Theo.” She tells him life’s not one big social media feed. Theo thinks that’s ironic coming from her and snarks that apparently, he’s not as evolved as the new improved Summer. Kyle and Lola arrive. Lola crows to Summer that Kyle’s going to take charge at work. When she’s in the kitchen, Kyle confirms he knows what he wants, but it may not be as easy as Lola thinks.

At Jabot, Summer advises Kyle to go find his dream home with Lola and not get too caught up in work. She did, and regrets it.

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