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At Grand Phoenix, Abby questions Phyllis’ desire to change the security software and doesn’t trust her. They bicker until Phyllis tells Abby if she doesn’t like her, she’ll have to suck it up. Abby asks, “Just you, or you and Adam?” She won’t let the two of them screw her over. Phyllis snarks if she was going to do that it wouldn’t be through security upgrades, and adds Adam’s out of Abby’s league. She’ll tell the security folks they’re moving ahead. Phyllis crosses the room and greets Amanda Sinclair – she’s heard a lot about her. They chat about amenities until Phyllis brings up Chance.

At Jabot, Victoria paces as she talks about how loyal she’s been to Victor and the company. Billy realizes Victor’s stepping back in as CEO. Victoria reveals she found out from a reporter. Billy tells her to resign from Newman and come to work at Jabot. Outside the office, Summer dials Theo’s number.

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At Society, Theo ignores Summer’s call, then thanks Devon for meeting with him. He tells Devon that Mariah’s great, but she’s ignored his advice on how to build Power Communications’ roster and he had to explain protocols; she doesn’t have the instincts yet.Lola Theo kitchen Young and Restless Devon warned Theo about gunning for Mariah’s job, and informs him, “You’re out.” Theo argues it’s up to Mariah, but Devon says it’s not, and clarifies, “Your ego and your ambition have become serious liabilities. You are no longer employed by any division of Hamilton-Winters in any capacity.” Theo joins Lola in the kitchen and she teases him by putting ketchup on her fingers and nearly making him pass out again. They laugh together, then Lola is irked when she thinks he’s pushing about Kyle.

Jack and Kyle arrive at Jabot and spot Summer. Jack takes a call and Kyle makes a plan to meet Summer at Grand Phoenix later. In the office, Jack and Kyle learn Billy is trying to convince Victoria to join the team and get up to speed. Jack and Billy agree that Victoria shouldn’t be in a holding pattern at Newman. Jack leaves them to it. Victoria won’t make an impulsive move and exits. Once alone, Kyle tells Billy that bringing Victoria in isn’t his call to make – they’re equals. Billy’s unfazed by his objections, and calls Kyle an ‘up-and-comer’ and a ‘kid’. Kyle seethes, “Don’t ever call me that again.” Billy takes a call in the CEO chair and tells Kyle to close the door on his way out.

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Summer arrives at Grand Phoenix and confronts Abby for lying about Victor’s death. She walks out and texts Kyle, “Change of venue.” Devon arrives and spots Amanda with Phyllis, who is telling the lawyer she’d like to contact Chance. Amanda can’t help her. Devon joins Amanda, who accuses him of telling her about Hilary to get her guard down. Nate listens as Devon warns Amanda he has limits. Amanda Devon limits Young and RestlessAmanda rejoins Phyllis and thanks her for not mentioning her resemblance to Hilary. Phyllis glances at her phone and replies she prefers to do the last thing anyone expects. Later, Theo arrives looking for Summer. Abby says she gave her attitude and walked out. Theo calls but gets her voicemail. Nate joins Abby and he’s judgemental about Victor’s scheme. She wouldn’t want him to compromise his principles more so suggests he leave. Theo overhears and offers to lend Abby an ear. He’s the last person she’d want to vent to. Nearby, Nate confronts Amanda about making it personal with Devon. She feels Devon did that and needles about him lying for his patient.

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle updates Summer on Victor ousting Victoria as CEO and feels Billy would love to give her his job – he’s acting superior and called him ‘kid’. Summer defends Kyle and they rehash Billy’s bad judgement in the past. They both feel like outsiders and deserve better. She teases he can take her on his rise to the top. He says, “Try and stop me,” then leaves. On the patio, Billy would like to work with Victoria again, but senses she doesn’t feel the same. Victoria can’t get caught up in his enthusiasm. Billy will drop it for now and just support her.

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Kyle joins Lola in Society’s kitchen. He can handle anything at work as long as he has this, and kisses her.

In Vegas, Adam is stunned to see Phyllis sit down at his poker table and say, “Deal me in.”

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