Jack wanders around the Abbott living room, leaving Sharon a voicemail message. He cuts it short as the doorbell rings. Adam comes inside saying, "Heather called. The FBI wants to interview me about the diary!" Jack tries to reassure his panicking sidekick, saying that if he stays calm, they can't prove anything! He reiterates that Adam should say that he found the diary, and that Jack helped him get it published. Jack then quizzes Adam on how he will answer detailed questions. They establish that Adam will say he found the diary at the Ranch, in the garbage! Jack continues to pepper Adam with questions, cross-examination style. Adam answers admirably and Jack pats him on the back. He reminds him that the diary has been authenticated, and Adam says if it turns out the authorities think it's forged - he's as much in the dark as anyone!

In France, Sharon gets a call on her cellphone from Nick, who is wondering about Noah. Sharon tells him that she just got in and Noah is busy with tour groups. Nick laughs and says he's still there too, but there's been no word on his father. They agree to meet and take Noah for some sight-seeing the next day. Nick mentions that he is on the left bank, and Sharon says she is too. They decided to have coffee. When she spots Nick outside the cafe, Sharon runs to meet him. They sit down and she tells him he doesn't look so good. He says he is exhausted, and worries that he may not be able to find his father.

Behind the counter at Crimson Lights, Kevin tries again to reach Katherine about the money. He reaches Marge, who has Katherine's phone, and who is drunk in a bar. She mumbles a bunch of gibberish and hangs up on him as he begs her not to!

Inside Jimmy's Bar, Jeffrey sits silently watching as Marge takes the phone call, then struggles into her coat as a horn honks outside. She leaves, getting into the car with Katherine, who chastises her, saying, "You were supposed to be home packing, Marge." Marge tells her she is a good friend, and Kay says she can thank her by staying sober! Katherine says her family will be trying to reach her and asks if Marge still has her cellphone. Marge has passed out in the passenger seat and doesn't answer, but the cellphone is back on the bar where she left it! They arrive at Murphy's place and it becomes evident that Marge does not have the phone. She remembers leaving it on the bar and suggests that they stop to get it on the way to rehab. Katherine tells her it's not important. Kay then calls home to say she's alright. Suddenly she realizes that the money she withdrew to pay for the rehab is missing. Marge tells her some guy named Kevin kept calling her cellphone saying something about money. Katherine is relieved! Marge, meanwhile, has cleaned herself up and is ready to go. Katherine gives her the scarf she is wearing to put around her neck for luck. They go out the door together for the 'most important journey' of Marge's life.

Jill and Nikki fret and worry as they can't get Katherine on her cellphone. Jill picks up the phone in the Chancellor living room, saying, "I'm calling the police and reporting her missing!" Nikki looks on with seeming disapproval, then reaches to take the phone away, telling her not to embarrass her mother, who could walk through the door at any moment. Nikki says they need to check everywhere first. Esther offers to stay at the house while they go looking. Jill spits that if anything happens to her mother, it will be on Nikki's head! Nikki heads out to search the grounds and returns without a clue. Just then, Katherine calls from Murphy's house. She explains that she is helping a friend and doesn't want to say where she is - she asks Nikki to tell Jill that she will take the tests at the doctor's office tomorrow. Nikki hangs up and tells Esther that she sounds fine!

Jeffrey arrives to meet Gloria at Crimson Lights. He tells her that it's a good time to get the stocks from Katherine - he just saw her and she's lit up like a Christmas tree! He tells her to call Katherine and get her over there. Inside, Kevin continues to leave messages on Katherine's phone about the money. Amber has come in and overhears. She asks him to explain, but he says, "Butt out, blonde one!" Jill strides past and approaches Jeff and Gloria, saying, "Have you seen Mrs. Chancellor?" Amber turns to Daniel and says that something is going down! Outside, Jill is stunned when Gloria says that Jeffrey just saw Katherine drinking in a bar! Nikki phones Jill's cellphone just then, saying that Katherine is fine, but Jill says it's not true. "Meet me at Jimmy's bar!" Inside, Kevin tells Daniel to calm Amber down, but Amber won't be put off - she insists that Kevin was saying something about Mrs. C! Just then, the phone rings. Kevin answers and it's Katherine. He asks why she hung up on him, but she doesn't answer - just thanks him for holding on to her money. Amber nudges Daniel to listen in. After the call, Kevin dons his coat and asks Daniel and Amber to watch the coffeehouse while he goes to Katherine's house. They notice he's hiding something under that coat, and are both more suspicious than ever!

Ashley strides through the streets of Paris, heading for Notre Dame, where she has a hunch that Victor might be found. As she consults the prayer card that Victor dropped earlier, she becomes more convinced that he might be at Notre Dame. Looking up at the church, she tearfully prays that Victor be healed and that he be brought back to her. Suddenly she turns - Victor is standing and watching her!

On the school trip, Noah tells Eden that all the touring so far has been lame! Eden agrees as they make fun of the group they are with. Eden confides in Noah that her mother was born in Paris. She then tells him that she is dead. She says she really wants to feel the city, and walk where she walked. She tells him about the cemetery where Jim Morrison and Edith Piaf are buried. Noah responds that maybe his mother will take them there tomorrow. Eden says, "You want to bring your mom?!" She laughs mockingly and gets up and walks away. She then returns to tell him that she is blowing off the rest of the tour to see the real Paris, asking, "Wanna' come?"

Nikki and Esther arrive at Jimmy's bar where they meet Jill, Jeffrey, and Gloria. Nikki protests that it wasn't Katherine in the bar - she spoke to her on the phone and she was perfectly sober! Esther chimes in that she knows the signs and Kay is not drinking again! Jeffrey pipes up and says if they don't believe him, he'll prove it. They turn to the bartender, who has just picked up Katherine's vibrating cellphone, it's Amber, and he blurts, "Stop calling, she's gone!" Jeffrey holds out a photo of Kay and asks if he recognizes her. The bartender confirms that she's been in regularly. They are all flabbergasted - even more so when the bartender hands them her cellphone, and Nikki realizes that it's really hers!

John shows up in the Abbott Mansion after Adam leaves and asks his son if it was all worth losing Sharon. Jack protests that they are working things out. John replies dubiously, "Really? From 4000 miles apart?"

Phyllis arrives in Paris and lets herself in to Nick's hotel room. She looks around and calls out, smiling at the thought of surprising him.

Outside the Chancellor Mansion, Kevin knocks at the door in the pouring rain, but gets no response. Suddenly he decides that he can't return the money and leaves. In the same pouring rain, Katherine and Marge drive toward the house to get the money. Suddenly they swerve off of the road!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis leaves Nick a note in his hotel room which reads, "Surprise! I'm here! Meet me at the Pyramid de Louvre!"

Sharon tells Nick she has always wanted to see Paris, and he says they'll do just that, then!

Victor speaks to Ashley!

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